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Year Thirty-One


Welcome to the Thirtieth Reunion of Team Avatar ending the Hundred Year War! As often as usual, the reunion was at Zuko's home in the Fire Nation, and normally this would be where the adults all got together to discuss progress---or gossip---or whatever it was that old people did at a time like this? So, as the adults went off to complete these tasks, this left their children to themselves---all lifelong friends who looked forward to this annual meeting of their very own---well they used was just a sort of dull reunion for them now?

Now, most of Sokka and Suki's children were already grown and out of the house, already starting lives of their own in far off places, but the couple still had a son---Koda, he was only fifteen years old, and under the strict watch of his warrior mother, he would NOT be moving away early like the rest of her babies did---because after all, Koda was her last little baby to raise. Koda was forcibly dragged to the Fire Nation, where he would spend time with his cousins and other children just like he used to, or else! Meanwhile, Bumi was eighteen, Tenzin was ten, and Kya was already twenty-three---she didn't even live at home, but she too was forced to come over to the reunion---and she wasn't ordered by her parents, no----she was begged to show up by the Princess of the Fire Nation herself! Honora was twenty years old, still living within the palace---she was a Firebending Master, a strong ambassador, a marvelous fighter---but in all honesty, the most fun thing Honora had to do in the Fire Nation was burn down the suitors that came to marry her (something that Bumi came to make sure would never happen!) Honora and Bumi started dating behind her father's back the day he came and rescued her from her prison! The key words here being "behind Zuko's back" meant that the Fire Lord was still allowing suitors to see Honora---quite frankly he didn't like the idea very much either, but Ursa insisted upon it.

Fanon PD- Boredom


The six children of Team Avatar sat outside in the quiet... Bumi and Honora kept their distance, and Honora and Kya already caught up on their friendly gossip; Bumi and Koda had a brief stick war, Lin beat up Tenzin, now he was meditating and----as for the rest of them......nothing.....?

"I'!" Lin sighed gruffly.

"Seriously!?" Koda agreed, "Come on guys, there's got to be something that all of us can do?"

"I already suggested fighting?" Honora shrugged, "But, as your babysitter, my father told me that under no circumstances are we to play Redemption."

"Whoa, wait---Babysitter?" Bumi scoffed with a laugh.

Lin jumped up and the ground shot up under her feet so she was eye to eye with the impressed sneer of Honora... "Look here, sweetness!" Lin pointed, "We don't need a babysitter!"

"Because the last time you four were left alone without supervision turned out so well?" Kya argued.

Lin almost touched her cheek before stomping her stepstool back into the earth... "Well fine then old lady," she snickered, "what do you want to do?"

"Oh no," Kya chuckled, "I already said we could throw a party, but no one else wanted to sing or dance."

"Blech!" Lin gagged.

The group all sighed as everyone sat in despair. Tenzin peeped through one of his shut eyes and saw how everybody was sulking in boredom---even Bumi, and he could turn anything into something fun? Tenzin looked around now and noticed Honora resting her head dully on her fist, a large red glare shinning around her left eye. He looked to the other side of the backyard and noticed the glass orb towering from the garden---the sun reflecting the colors onto Honora's face.

Honestly, Tenzin could care less if he did anything else other than meditate, he enjoyed this silence, and he hated fighting ever since Lin got hurt the last time they played a violent game. But, everyone else was hopeless if they didn't occupy themselves somehow... he had to do something? So, Tenzin flew over to a nearby bush, picked a handful of dark berries, and instantly squished the blue juices all across his forehead.

Fanon PD- Berries

"Tenzin, what are you doing over there!?"

"Tenzin, what are you doing over there!?" Kya scoffed curiously.

He turned around to face them, revealing on his head, that there was a poorly drawn arrow dripping down to his eyebrows. Everyone watched in utter confusion, as Tenzin ran over to Honora and ordered her to close her eyes. She gave him a weird look out the corner of her eye, but reluctantly she shut them and Tenzin crushed a red fruit all over the side of her face! Princess Honora squealed and shot to her feet in shock, hustling over to the pond to wash her face off as everybody scolded Tenzin. That's when Honora noticed the family resemblance too...

"Wow Tenzin," Lin grinned, "Even I wouldn't have juiced the Fire Lord's kid. That took guts!"

"That was completely uncalled for! What has gotten into you?" Kya snapped.

"Not funny bro, NOT FUNNY!" Bumi added.

Koda almost chuckled, but he too tried to scold his cousin by saying, "Yeah, what were you thi----"

A bright blast of fire torched the grass at their feet and everybody looked over at Honora. She had her hair tied up into a tight bun and she had gotten rid of her crown and the dressy part of her robe. Needless to say-----that now everyone was even more confused....

"Avatar, I have come to capture you to restore my honor!" Honora bellowed in a deep voice.

Tenzin jumped up onto an Air Scooter and laughed playfully, "You'll never catch us Zuko! Team Avatar is always one step ahead of you!"

Honora and Tenzin gave everyone a look...until finally Lin pounded through the awkward silence, her hair covering most of her face and her eyes blindfolded as she proudly yelled, "I have trained the Avatar to Earthbend, Zuko! Now he is truly unstoppable, feel free to come and get your royal butt whooped!"

"Ha ha!" Honora scoffed in her low tone, "We shall see then, Toph Beifong----well, you shall sort of see!? I guess?"

"No one makes blind jokes of Toph but me!" Koda announced, "Sokka, the non-bender of Team Avatar who is a wiz with my boomerang! Now who has meat?"

Kya finally put out the fire with her Waterbending and everyone noticed her braided ponytail and hair loopies. She hugged Tenzin until he was completely squished and then she stated, "As long as Aang has hope, and he has the rest of us! The Fire Nation will never get their hands on him!"

Fanon PD- Dress Up

"I must capture the Avatar to restore my honor!"

"I must capture the Avatar to restore my honor! And NO ONE WILL GET IN MY---"

"Tea?" Bumi offered.

Everyone blinked and looked over at Bumi who had covered himself in white bison fur, and he was wearing Honora's robe, stuffed to the seams in puffy leaves.

"Who are you supposed to be?" Lin wondered.

"Silly Toph," Honora smiled, "You of all people should recognize my beloved uncle, Iroh! Who SHOULD NOT OFFER ME TEA while I am capturing the Avatar!"

"Tea goes well with all occasions, Nephew!" Bumi cackled.

"ARG! Can we not do this in front of everybody Uncle?" she groaned.

"Only when you realize that tea cools quicker than the eyes can take notice, will you finally fulfill your journey, Prince Zuko."

Honora bent over and whispered in her normal voice, "What!?"

He cleared his throat and rephrased---"Zuko, are you so busy yelling that you have not noticed your own destiny running away under your nose?"

Honora pondered before looking back and sure enough, "Team Avatar" had run off into the palace gardens. She gasped, but then laughed, and her Zuko impersonation returned, "Come uncle, I must capture the Airbender and fulfill my destiny!"

She ran off hastily and Bumi merely hustled to keep up, losing his stuffing with every wobbled step.

"He's coming," Lin sensed, "What should we do now Aang?"

"I say we stay and fight!" Kya ordered.

Fanon PD- The Plan

"Okay! Here's the plan!"

"No," Tenzin pointed out, "There are better ways to win this battle without fighting, we need a plan!"

Everyone looked to Koda and he looked around and back wondering, "What?"

"Sokka!" Kya bellowed, "You're the strategy guy---"

"Uhhhhh," Koda thought hastily....

"They're almost here!" Lin alerted impatiently, "What's our move, ponytail?"

"Okay! Here's the plan!" Koda exclaimed, "Toph, you box us all in the garden and make it a maze so Zuko and Iroh have no choice but to find us....everyone else retreat into the trees and get ready for some serious pranking!"

"Aye aye!" they all chuckled, going off to do as planned. Lin shot up wall after wall of rock, a large platform appearing before Honora and Bumi had time to reach their location.

"What!?" she scoffed, "What is this?"

"Oh Nephew!" Bumi called, "It seems we are now test subjects in one large maze."

"Will it lead me to the Avatar?" Honora pouted grumpily.

"All mazes lead it's followers through the path to their destinies..."

"Man Bumi," Honora smiled normally, "You're getting a little too good at your Uncle impression?"

"Onward then," he bowed, allowing Honora to take the lead, before he shuffled inside with her. The maze suddenly closed up and the two had no choice but to continue.

"There they are," Lin whispered... "I'm up first, I'll lead them to Aang, you guys go set up your traps!"

The other kids ran off through the tunnels and Lin buried herself deep in the earthy pathway of the maze. She waited and listened, and when Honora and Bumi were steps above her, Lin burst from the ground, cackling deviously as she bent two rocks towards Honora.

Fanon PD- Honor


"Whoa!" the two of them shouted, Honora pulling up a large wall of fire to stop the small rocks. She jumped through the flames and got ready for combat, but Lin was nowhere to be seen...In fact, the pathway was shorter now than it was before, and Honora realized that Lin escaped and she had changed the path of the maze around to her whim.

"Uncle!" Honora screeched, "The Avatar and his little friends are trying to fool us while they emit their evasive maneuvers! We need to find them before they all escape!"

"Quite right," Bumi nodded, adding... "But, you seem tense? Would you like a calming cup of tea before we leave, Zuko?"

"I DON'T NEED ANY CALMING TEA!" Honora exploded, "I NEED TO CAPTURE THE AVATAR! Now let's move!"

The two wandered around the maze some more before becoming ensnared in a large net that shot them straight into the air!

"I believe we have stumbled into another trap, Prince Zuko?" Bumi wondered.

She growled and roasted the net, sending them plummeting back to the ground. Bumi landed face first and the remainder of his leaves blew right out from under his robe. Honora brushed them off her shoulder as she landed professionally to a stand.

"Stop playing around Uncle, we must be on the right track! This is Ko---I mean, Sokka's snare...The Avatar must be close!"

"The time for playing is over!" Bumi's uncle tone shifted and he stood up proudly, no longer full of leaves, "After working out in prison for many long weeks! I am now buff and ready to signal the White Lotus to defeat the Fire Lord!"

"Defeat the---No, Uncle, you traitor, we are supposed to capture Aang, not the Fire Lord?"

"It is the right thing to do nephew....and when you realize that, I will be waiting!"

Honora gruffed and ran away to capture Tenzin; meanwhile, Lin appeared and took Bumi to the end of the maze now that he had switched sides to "Team Avatar".

Now near the pond, the maze grew larger and Honora burst out into the open, ready for anything...

"I know you're here!" she warned.

Suddenly, a large whip of water came and shot Honora off her feet only to see Kya Waterbending at her from the center of the pond.

"If it isn't Katara?" Honora scoffed... "Protecting your boyfriend are you? No matter, not even a Waterbender such as yourself can stop me from restoring my honor!"

"Is there no peaceful way to end this Zuko?" Kya pleaded, "I know that there must be good in you somewhere? Deep----deep, deep down?"

"You may be right?" Honora gruffed uncertainly...

Kya bent her way across the water and let down her defenses... "I knew one day you could be trusted!"

"One day..." Honora mumbled... "But not today!" She yelled, tripping Kya into submission... "Come out come out Avatar!" Honora called, "I have your girlfriend at my disposal----come out and FACE ME!"

Fanon PD- The Many Roles of Bumi

"Sorry Zuzu...but, the Avatar is no longer your concern...he's mine now!"

"Sorry Zuzu..." a feminine voice interrupted, "But, the Avatar is no longer your concern...he's mine now!"

Honora and Kya gasped and looked over to the trees where Bumi came out, hands on his hips his face covered in make-up. For a moment, the ladies were struck off guard, then all they could do was laugh uncontrollably...

"Uh, the deadly clutches of Azula here...a little help?" Tenzin gruffed as Bumi yanked on the collar of his shirt.

"Katara, it seems we now have a common enemy..." Honora huffed.

"It would seem so, Zuko?" she replied, "Together then?

"I am now on your side---I will save the world from the tyranny of my sister and my father! It is what Uncle would have wanted...wherever he vanished to?"

"Proud of you, Nephew!" Bumi hollered in his Iroh voice before switching to his Azula hiss again... "Come and get me!" He ran off, dragging Tenzin behind and just when they were about to vanish, Lin stomped them both sky high.

"Feel the rath, Princess Psychopath!" Lin snickered.

Tenzin wriggled free and gently blew Bumi back a few steps before running over to be with the group. Katara, Sokka, Aang, Toph, and Zuko---all fighting together as Team Avatar...Bumi sighed and shrugged in his Azula tone, grinning all the while as he stated, "Well, I know when I am outmatched...You will find my father hiding at the end of the maze...good luck you hopeless peasants!"

Bumi turned and bolted away, Honora calling, "After Him---I mean her!"

They ran and ran, Lin leading the way seeing as though it was "Toph" who created the series of elaborate walls... Soon, the entire group stumbled out, right back where they started...and everyone gave a grouchy glare to Lin.

"What? No one expected it to be a circle?" she shrugged deviously.

"Look, it's the Fire Lord's chamber!" Honora pointed.

Bumi had somehow caught fire to a straight line of grass and he waited patiently in a long robe and Honora's crown...his facial expression was toneless and full of displeasure... "Well, well, well...Look who finally found the Fire Lord?"

"You're going down, Ozai!" Koda snarked, "Aang is going to take you D-O-W-N!"

"Finally mastered all four elements have you? No matter?" Bumi rose, and removed the robe... "I am the Phoenix King, more powerful than all! Especially a child! Our battle will be, prepare to die, Avatar!"

"I'm ready to face you Fire Lord Ozai..." Tenzin frowned... "Firebend!"

Nothing happened......

"AHEM! I said----FIREBEND!" he repeated strongly.

Fanon PD- Defeating Phoenix King Bumi

"I'm ready to face you Fire Lord Ozai..."

"Oh!" Honora laughed, shooting a ball of fire at Bumi.

He jumped out of the way and shouted, "Firebend right back at ya!"

Honora ran over and shot a blast of fire at Tenzin, but he blocked it with a puff of air and retaliated by screaming "WATERBEND---No more fire in the yard!"

Kya snickered, but she rose a large wave of water into the air and then released a shower of rain from the skies---soon everyone was soaking wet, waiting silently under the smoke from the dead fires...

"Now EARTHBENDING CUFFS!" Tenzin ordered, and Lin shot up two columns of rock and tied them around Bumi's hands...Tenzin mimicking her motions as he did with everyone else's forms.

By now, Honora, Kya, Koda, and Lin were only watching as Tenzin ran up to his brother and placed a hand on his forehead and his chest... then he stated sternly, "Fire Lord have abused your Firebending and your I'm taking away your bending---for good!"

"Noooo!" Bumi exclaimed dramatically before making some weird spirit-whooshing sounds and rolling his head back, tongue drooping out of the side of his mouth, and Lin released the cuffs, giggling as he collapsed to the ground.

"Team Avatar is the winner!" Koda cheered, the other kids joining along before they started laughing at their game. Meanwhile, the parents all watched from the balcony of Zuko's palace and all had wide, proud smiles on their faces... "I wasn't that much of a jerk, was I?" Zuko wondered.

"It's still better than Ember Island?" Katara shrugged.

Aang grumbled and added..."I'm a little concerned about Bumi's acting skills though?"

"Well, I thought they were perfect!" Toph chuckled amused.

"I don't!" Azula scoffed... shocking everybody that she was even standing behind them in the first place...

Fanon PD- Team Avatar

"It's still better than Ember Island?"

"Azula, what are you doing here?" the Fire Lord gruffed.

"Enjoying the show Zuzu..." she smiled, turning to Aang, "but that Bumi kid of yours needs to brush up on how to be Azula...he didn't get my wickedness captured at all!" They all stared at her with condescending frowns and Azula hoped over the railing and fell two-stories to the ground... "I'm going to go give him a little lesson!"

"Aang!" Katara punched.

"I'm on it," he rolled his eyes, soaring down to the ground to catch Azula...

Toph and Sokka exchanged directional glances and she ran off the edge of the balcony, hollering, "Can't let Twinkle Toes have all the fun!" Sokka laughed soon behind her.

"They're acting like children..." Katara scoffed, folding her arms deliberately as she and Zuko watched from above.

"Ummm...." Zuko started in an eager tone, but Katara shot a hand over his mouth and sighed, "I know...let's just go..."

He clapped and shot over the side, Katara sliding after him on a path of ice... Time to show those kids how you really play a game of Team Avatar!

Fanon Trivia

  • Happy 30 Year Mark Team Avatar!
  • Many Princesses are forced to marry by a certain age---Honora however, is merely in the process of rejecting suitors.
  • "Redemption" was last played in Year Twenty-Seven and Lin got hurt---ending the game and also ending Tenzin's playful Airbending shenanigans---until this year that is...
  • Costumes can be made out of the simplest of materials---whether it be scrap clothing, or berries and Bison Fur.
  • In this year, we see just how alike the Teen Team Avatar is with the Original Team Avatar, in both personality and strategy.
  • Lin's Earthbending has improved dramatically---if she is able to create a tall maze of rocks and already is perfectly able to use Seismic Sense. A similar maze-technique was used by Toph to train Aang, in the ATLA episode: "Bitter Work".
  • Note: This game is surprisingly familiar, isn't it---or is it just me?
  • Alright...Bumi is starting to get WAY to much out of his impersonations...Aang has a right to be concerned. It's Melon Lord all over again!
  • The game was based loosely on the ATLA series altogether---but the end was based solely on The Series Finale.
  • Fanon Funfact: This would have been the year that Amon was born.

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