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Up at the North Pole, things were starting to get ugly... You see, Princess Yue's Father had just passed away, and with Yue gone physically from the world, the people started to argue who would end up being their leader. Many warriors and friends of the council attempted to fill the position, but none so far have been up to standard, not even Sokka's Son-In-Law. One nasty candidate started lashing out and getting more and more people to join in his rage, eventually causing an uproar and also creating the first ever Civil War between the citizens of the Northern Water Tribe. Radicals and groups of all sorts started to argue until gradually this war of words turned deadly and people started to take action against their brothers. Some people were even starting to believe they could rule in other lands, not just the North Pole, and this is when things started spiraling out of control. In an instant, the precious utopia was struck with war and Yue immediately sent a wire out to her father in Republic City---when he received her news, Sokka and Suki were both appalled and called Aang the moment they found out.

"War?" Aang exclaimed..."What do you mean they're at war?"

Fanon PD- The Call

"It's time to send out the United Forces."

"My daughter says the lack of leadership has caused an uprising," Sokka stressed, "This isn't good, Aang we need to send in some people to deal with this, before the Water Tribe gets out of hand!"

"What did Dad say?" Katara interrupted.

"He's with me on this one...he said we should try to convince them to surrender first and if nothing works out, we turn to force. Not only could this battle spread into the upper Earth Kingdom, but if not handled, it could even hit Republic City."

"What are you going to do, Aang?" Suki added, "We should try to keep this a secret so there is no calling in the council...We're following whatever you decide to do."

The phone went silent for a few moments as static brushed across the line. Aang sighed and gave one look to Katara before replying..."It's time to send out the United Forces."

Miles away, the Fire Lord was filling out some boring paper work, when a servant handed him the phone---the red phone to be exact---the one used for serious emergencies.

"Zuko here," he answered sternly.

"Zuko," Aang stated, "It's time."

"Aang, what's happened?"

"The North Pole is at war---brother versus brother---we need to step in and resolve their feuding, find them a new leader, and put an end to this madness... I need a blockade as well, to prevent soldiers from crossing into Earth Kingdom territory."

"I'll call Bumi and have him scramble the Forces..." Zuko frowned, hanging the phone up at once. He dialed the number and was instantly connected to another line on an island off the shores of the Fire Nation.

"Private Bumi here, sir," Aang and Katara's son replied, "What's the problem?"

Fanon PD- The Call 2

"I'll call Bumi and have him scramble the Forces..."

Zuko told Bumi what was happening and then told him that the United Forces were about to go out on their very first public mission. Bumi gasped, half a laugh of excitement erupted within him before he pretended to act all serious again and called down the watch tower to his higher officers, "We're heading out!"

"Father, what's with all of the commotion?" Honora demanded to know as her father headed swiftly to a war balloon with the palace soldiers.

"The North Pole is at war---right under our noses..." Zuko sighed, "Aang and I are going to settle things peacefully."

"Then why are you bringing them?" she pointed hastily, "Why did you call the United Forces?"

Zuko stopped and placed a hand on his daughter's shoulder, "Honora, sometimes even peace requires a little fighting---they're coming to ensure we stop this Civil War before it spreads to the other colonies. Stay here and watch over the Fire Nation, I expect nothing less from my ambassador."

"Yes father," she bowed, but then quickly wrapped Zuko in a hug and frowned, "please be careful."

"Always..." he shrugged and immediately left for the warzone.

"Aang, I think I should be going---these are my people, my sister tribe..." Katara argued.

"You, Toph, and Suki are the only ones I trust to keep Republic City in order. There is a pile of work that needed to be done today and you are the only ladies that can get it done..." Aang urged.

"The world needs their Avatar---" she gruffed.

He kissed his wife and smiled, "I'll make it up to you dear, I promise."

"You bet your arrows you will!" she scoffed, "but...go---hurry the world needs you."

"I love you," he waved.

"I love you too," she sighed solemnly, "Be careful---and no---no going into the---"

"I know the risks..." he stated with concern, and then turned to ride away on Appa.

"And just how do you plan on fixing this?" Suki complained, "The men of the Water Tribe are the most stubborn warriors ever---I should know, I married one of them!"

Sokka grabbed a sword and a lowly boomerang that for years has just been hanging on the wall as a tribute to the one he lost in battle.

Fanon PD- To War

They took off towards the Water Tribe to settle this feud-

He readied himself as Appa's growls echoed through the sky and Sokka kissed his wife, saying, "As leader of the Southern Tribe...I can convince my brothers to cease fire long enough to find a worthy successor---or at least Arnook's will. Yue's father had to have a back-up plan---I fear someone's hidden his final words from the people."

Aang landed and they kissed farewell as Sokka climbed aboard the Sky Bison. Suki waved at the three of them and with one final glance to her husband, Suki stressed, "You be careful. And, protect Yue if you see her."

"She doesn't need my protection Suki---she's a Kyoshi Warrior---" he grinned, and then they took off towards the Water Tribe to settle this feud.


"Keep those engines at full power!" a man shouted.

"Private!" another bellowed.

"Yes, Sir!?" he saluted.

"We're coming up on the Northern shores, alert all Waterbenders to the deck at once, have them dodge us through the ice!"

"Right away Sir!" he ran off.

"You other soldiers, you prepare for battle---and you all know the routine, as many casualties as we can avoid, avoid them! At all costs----this is simply a peace mission."

Bumi held tighter onto his sword as the rocky ship began jerking across the sharp seas of the North. Already the air in the ship had gone cold and every man on board could see his breath in a white fog above his face. In Bumi's other hand was a photo, a small picture of Honora and he looked at it with a worry that he may never see her again, before shoving it in his pocket and grimacing to form a smile.

"Who's ready to take out some Waterbenders!?" he chuckled.

A long silence was Bumi's only reply until a fellow soldier replied, "We all are---" He too was shaking in the slightest, but his calm smile reminded Bumi of a hopeful outcome, and the young men readied for battle as soon as a large thud stopped the ship abruptly.

"Ready----" the commanding officer called, as two other men prepared to open the warship's door.

"One..." Bumi started, shifting into seriousness in a flash.

"Two," his friend added, gripping tighter onto his weapon.

Fanon PD- The Civil War

As soon as the soldiers saw the white glow of snow, they rushed out of the ship and started taking down warriors left and right-

"Go, go, go!" the officer bellowed---the doors opening to let in the swift blizzard of snow and smoke. Outside, shouting and clashing could be heard all around---the screams of brother against brother, sister versus sister---a blood battle of pointless virtue. As soon as the soldiers saw the white glow of snow, they rushed out of the ship and started taking down warriors left and right. The Earthbenders of the United Forces remained on board, where they controlled the catapults of the ship; the Waterbenders were all over the field and also protecting the waters from homeland warriors; the Firebenders were at the line for war and also in control of the fire cannons on board the deck of the ships; then the non-benders were equipped with shields and weapons, sent in with Bumi's fleet. War quickly overwhelmed the new recruits---they had trained for this for years, readied themselves for exact situations such as this, but no one can truly be ready to be in war until they've finally realized what it was they had gotten themselves into. Still, Bumi and his fellow officer bravely led the other soldiers forward, taking the initiative to put a stop to this battle with or without the other troops.

A warrior came and froze Bumi's legs to the ground---he struggled to break the ice loose, but the angry soldier came in for the attack and Bumi got ready to fight like a pole stuck in the sidewalk. Suddenly, a blast of fire swarmed the man's face; he was immobilized (un-injured) and he fell to the snow in defeat as Bumi's friend came to the rescue.

"Firebending, huh?" Bumi laughed.

He rushed over and melted the ice at Bumi's knees until he was free...all the while explaining, "So I pretended? Can you blame me, I wanted to see some field work before staying on board the ship to work the big guns."

"Face it, non-benders have all the fun, right?" Bumi chuckled.

"Right..." his friend smiled, and they shook hands before Bumi sent his sword into the roof of a building, causing an avalanche of snow to fall upon the small army that was about to attack them.

"This is crazy, Bumi!?" he gasped.

Laughing like a mad man, Bumi patted his back and replied, "But, you have to admit, Lee, it is a little fun?"

Fanon PD- Lee and Bumi

"Firebending, huh?"

Lee shot another blast of fire at a target and smirked, "Okay, it may be a little fun...let's cut our way to the palace with the others."

"Hey, Look!" Bumi exclaimed, pointing into the sky as a Sky Bison landed a few blocks away... "It's my Dad---he must be here to fix things?"

"If anyone could, it would be the Avatar?" Lee agreed, "You must be proud."

"Oh yeah," Bumi grinned, "Always proud..."


Aang ordered over the violence, "Sokka, you go inside and try to find the council, find the will, and I'll try to calm things down out here."

"Zuko's War Balloons are arriving," he pointed, "You two be careful, it's a madhouse down there."

They gave each other a Water Tribe handshake and firmly separated to go do what they came for.

Aang rushed over to a group of fighting soldiers, and jumped into the snow, bending a wall of water between the soldiers. They stopped and looked over towards the brightly colored man and instantly started murmuring, "The Avatar----it's the Avatar---"

"Enough of this pointless fighting!" Aang shouted, "There is a calm way to settle this, and violence is NOT the answer!"

"What are your orders, Avatar?" a United Forces General asked.

"The United forces are to apprehend the Water Tribe soldiers and take them to the courtyard to await Sokka's reading of Arnook's will."

"But, the will was lost?" a warrior argued.

"If anyone can find Arnook's will, it's Sokka," Aang assured, "Now, please, remain calm and issue everyone to the palace."

The United Forces lead the warriors away and Aang sighed with relief that at least some of these soldiers were willing to listen to reason. In haste, Aang continued over to the next section of battle and hoped that this would be as easy as it was the first time.

Fanon PD- The Northern Council

As the feuding continued, Sokka rolled his eyes and walked down the hall into the records room-

Meanwhile, Sokka found the council arguing within the palace and they all stood when they saw him rushing over to them.

"What's going on here?" Sokka wondered.

"Arnook's will has been stolen---" one started.

"We believe by one of the council!" another accused.

They all started bickering again and Sokka groaned, "Enough! Enough! Where would this will usually be?"

"In the records room..." a member replied, "but, it's been scoured from head to toe and nothing was found..."

"Mind if I take a look?" Sokka wondered.

"It's a waste of time, but go if you'd like...we have more pressing issues to deal with!"

As the feuding continued, Sokka rolled his eyes and walked down the hall into the records room---it was covered brick to brick by papers and documents, stretching as high as the tall ceiling could reach. He groaned and dropped his sword at the sight...before he started digging through the paperwork one little piece of scripture at a time. This was going to take a few minutes...

Zuko landed on the icy mountains of the North Pole and he and the Fire Nation Soldiers struck through the heart of the city, taking out any quarrelling tribesmen along the way. Zuko took out his swords and deflected oncoming attacks from the Water Tribe men and shot out a few strikes of fire to melt their fort.

"Hey!" a woman hollered nearby. Zuko heard her distressed call and headed towards the voice to see a group of warriors surrounding her against the corner of a building. He was about to proceed to rescue her, but the woman grabbed a series of icicles hanging from the gutters, and tossed them over at three of the warriors before whipping out two fans made of silver and beating the remainder of them to the ground.

Fanon PD- Yue the Warrior

"Water Tribe's greatest warriors---more like Water Tribe's greatest chumps!

"Ha! Take that losers! You should see your faces!" the woman mocked, "Water Tribe's greatest warriors---more like Water Tribe's greatest chumps! You've just been beat by a girl---feel the scorn!"

"You must be Yue...It's been a while, I hardly recognized you?" Zuko interrupted.

Yue jumped and gasped towards the familiar voice, but regained her cool attitude and swallowed back her dignity, while fanning herself nervously... "What gave me away, Fire Lord?"

"You sound just like your parents..." he chuckled, "Alright, where can I find some answers around here---Aang and your father should be here somewhere?"

A loud explosion of snow formed in the distance and Yue shrugged, "I take it that Uncle Aang is that way."

Zuko readied his swords and stated, "Come on Yue, let's put an end to this outbreak."

"I tried to ask nicely," Aang apologized. Meanwhile, an armada of soldiers were frozen in one massive wall of frozen wave.

"Aang!" Zuko called.

"Zuko, Yue," he greeted, "I was just solving the world's problems...all in a day's work for the Avatar?"

"Where's my father?" Yue asked.

"Sokka's trying to locate Arnook's will, so we can find his original successor...I'm trying to calm everyone down long enough for them to find out who that is."

"The United Forces and my Soldiers will handle them," Zuko replied, "I fear Sokka may be in over his head in paperwork..."

"What makes you say that?" Yue wondered.

"As Fire Lord, I know a lot about royal documents---let's just leave it at that."

"Even though this is a horrible misunderstanding," Aang started, "This Civil War is

Fanon PD- Well, it's true...

"Well, it's true..."

quickly resolving itself, don't you agree?"

"Yeah---" Yue shrugged, "Uncle Aang, save the speeches for later, we still have some documents to locate."

"Right, let's get going if it's all the same to you---?" Zuko agreed impatiently.

Aang frowned defiantly and followed behind the two like a stubborn child, "Well, it's true...."


Sokka was up to his neck in books and documents, but nothing seemed to be leading him in the direction of Arnook's will. Soon, the document chamber grew dark and candles dimly lit the frozen library---it must be nighttime now. With a groan, the frustrated councilman tossed a mountain of books into the floor and sighed hopelessly.

"Who am I kidding, I'll never find anything in this place!?" he complained, "These people really need a personal organizer..."

Sokka held his face in distress until a misty voice echoed throughout the chamber, "Sokka..."

He shot up and looked around but there was nobody near him and he took a breath that became visible in front of his nose; the room went cold and the candles all burned out, turning the chamber into a room of pure darkness.

"Sokka..." the voice called again.

"I must have fallen asleep from boredom?" he stammered in denial, "I-I'm dreaming...I'm hallucinating under an avalanche of books---yeah, that must be it?"

Timidly, Sokka turned around but halted as soon as he noticed a single beam of moonlight coming through the sky roof. It struck him off guard for only a moment before he snorted and started walking towards the door. He was inching around the light and made it almost to the door when a sharp yell made him halt at the doorknob.

Fanon PD- The Moon Spirit

"Y-Yue---You haven't changed a day---"

"SOKKA!" the smooth caller screeched louder.

The Councilman shot around into the light again and saw the young Moon Spirit waiting there for him.

"Y-Yue---" he gasped breathlessly... looking to her for the first time in years---and after processing it, all the stunned Councilman could think to say was, "You haven't changed a day---"

"Sokka, this is my doing..." Yue's foggy voice echoed.

"Wh-what?" he pondered quietly, "N-No..."

She continued, "I was my father's successor, but I became Tui's instead---I can show you to my father's will---so you may stop my people from fighting."

"O-okay...Yue..." he agreed still trying to learn if this was all an illusion.

She melted into moonlight again and a single streak traveled through the records room until a large book on the highest bookshelf was covered in white beams and fell feet down onto the floor. Sokka hurriedly picked it up and the page opened to reveal an old bookmark in the seam, on a page containing an image of Tui and La. The Bookmark was Arnook's will---and his successor was---

"No....."Sokka almost laughed, "Yue, you can't be serious...."

"Sokka!?" Aang's voice called.

Sokka looked back, but the beam of light had vanished...he cleared his throat and replied, "I'm over-here, just follow my voice!"

"Dad!" Yue smiled, immediately giving her father a hug as Zuko and Aang rushed over to him.

"Did you find the will?" Zuko asked.

"Yeah...but there's a small problem---" he frowned, "A really big, small problem."

Aang took the paper and read it aloud, "In the time of my daughter's passing, I leave leadership of the North Pole to the most worthy successor I know, my former, future son-in-law, Hahn."

"HAHN!" Sokka exclaimed, "Can you believe that! HAHN?!"

"It's been over thirty years Sokka," Aang stressed, "People change..."

Sokka growled gruffly, debating arguments with every passing step as the three men started climbing over piles of paperwork to leave the room.

Fanon PD- I Remember You

"I remember you..."

Yue followed close behind, but a bright light distracted her and she turned to look over her shoulder. Standing in a beam of moonlight was the Moon Spirit, Princess Yue...she just stood there smiling at her and a chill shot through Sokka's daughter.

"I remember you..." Yue gasped.

The Moon Spirit smiled as though she were saying farewell to a friend, and in an instant Princess Yue was gone.

"Yue, come on, my rookie son-in-law is looking for you!" her father called.

"C-Coming!" she stammered, before quickly scrambling over piles of papers to join her family, "---And will you please stop calling him that!?"

"Alright, now everyone settle down!" Aang called... "Son, is everyone here?"

"Yes sir," Bumi saluted.

"As you can see, the lost will of Arnook has been found, there was no conspiracy, no hand in the making that was trying to take control of the North---Arnook chose his successor and left leadership to him in this will..." Everyone waited silently and watched the Avatar as he read the parchment. The candidates that longed for this position, the ones who sent the city into chaos, and the people who believed they were worthy----well, they were all just disappointed, because the new ruler of the North Pole was none other than, "Hahn."

A few murmurs echoed before Hahn stood and came to the stage. Sokka glared him down the entire time, but Aang happily handed him the will and shook his hand before leaving the stand.

"Well, this is a big surprise----" Hahn laughed, before pointing to the sky "Arnook, thank you for the position, I'll do my best to fill your shoes, and I'm sure my family is very grateful too." He gestured to his wife and their two newborn babies in the crowd. "Now, hopefully this will stop all of the childish fighting and we can come to grips with the fact you people obviously cannot function without a leader."

Sokka was about to say something, but Aang slapped his hand over his brother-in-law's mouth and Zuko shrugged, "He has a point buddy?"

Fanon PD- Chief Hahn

"Well, this is a big surprise!?"

"---So, I guess, you may all return home, and we can begin cleaning up our city tomorrow morning."

Everyone eventually drifted away---they weren't happy, but they weren't freaking out anymore either. After everybody was gone, Hahn turned to the three old faces, and shook each of their hands, saying, "Did you know about this Avatar?"

"It was a complete shock..." he laughed.

"A COMPLETE SHOCK!" Sokka amplified.

"Sokka, are you still mad at me for the acts of a boorish teenager?" Hahn snickered.

Sokka sunk into his shoulder and stuck a finger in Hahn's face, "People like you don't change, will not convince me otherwise!"

"Oh, gentlemen, might I introduce my wife and my sons..."

She walked up and greeted them, "Hello Fire Lord, Avatar, and---um---"

"Councilman Sokka, Republic City chairman and Leader of our Sister Tribe in the South," Hahn introduced. Sokka gave him a funny look and Hahn laughed, "I've always been in touch with the greater powers of the world, and you Sokka have a lot of power---me, I just spent my entire life looking for my one true love and I found her four years ago, gracing me with her lovely healing abilities...she's all the power I ever needed."

"Oh you!" She blushed before explaining, "Thirty years ago, on the day the Fire Nation Attacked--- I was helping Yugoda in the Healing Hut, when they brought Hahn in for treating. He was tossed from the tower of a Fire Nation ship and narrowly escaped the might of the great Spirit, La---for years after he required constant physical therapy and the concussion he earned that day brought out this change in him---Ugoda said it was the most incredible head wound she'd ever seen. Only recently did we discover that we were soul mates"

"What!?" Sokka exclaimed, "You're telling me one crash to the head and you're Mister Nice Guy?"

"Pretty much?" Hahn chuckled, patting Sokka on the back as the Councilman tried to pull himself together.

"Avatar, please meet our sons, Tonraq and Unalaq..." Hahn introduced, "They were born eight months ago---they're going to be great young citizens one day, don't you agree?"

"Great...he's spawned..." Sokka muttered to himself; meanwhile, Hahn's wife handed one baby to him and the other one to the Avatar.

"They're cute, I'll admit it," Sokka awed reluctantly, Zuko smiling over his shoulder.

Aang felt an odd shock crawl across his tattoos and he swallowed before laughing timidly... "Which one am I holding, Hahn?"

Fanon PD- Baby Tonraq

Aang felt an odd shock crawl across his tattoos-

"That's the oldest of our sons, Tonraq," he grinned.

"Is something wrong?" his wife added.

"No," Aang waved, "I was just curious---I can never tell twins apart."

"Not true Aang, you can tell Koko and Sukka apart famously," Sokka argued.

"I---I meant identical twins, now let's drop this subject."

As Aang admired the baby, Zuko cleared his throat and added, "Plus you're the only one who knew Lo from Li..."

"Enough...It's time we all go home I think---Good luck to you Hahn, and you have a lovely family---Sokka come on, I'm calling Appa, and I will leave with or without you."

"But I just traded babies," he pouted, "Can't I go home with Zuko?"

"I'll give him a ride?" Zuko offered, "Honora can handle the Fire Nation for a day."

Aang groaned in annoyance, "Alright----fine----I'll see you at the next meeting, so long, goodbye..."

"What's his problem?" Zuko wondered.

"Aang's always had odd mood swings---it's one of the reasons he and my sister were made for each other," he played with the baby a little before adding, "Oh and by the way, Oogie..."

Now that the civil dispute of the North was under control---no one was killed, and everything was back on track---everyone was ready to get on with their lives. Meanwhile, Aang and Appa flew back to Air Temple Island and Aang just stared at his hand---it was something he'd never felt before, something odd and indescribable? Aang needed to meditate, to see what in the world might have just happened---but, for some reason, the Avatar believed he would never truly find his answer---but still, that jolt was unnerving---it was worth looking into.

Fanon Trivia

  • This is the first time a Telephone or a Telephone Conversation has been illustrated in the Fanon.
  • Bumi has now been working with the United Forces for a little over a year, and he is responsible for matters between his father (the Avatar) and the Fire Lord, concerning the United Forces.
  • The Civil War of the North was caused because Arnook, the Tribal Chief, passed away and had no successor to his reign, due to the fact his daughter Princess Yue sacrificed her mortal life to become the Moon Spirit.
  • Bumi's military friend, Lee, will become a very important character later on in the Fanon.
  • Yue has been in all sorts of training classes her entire life...she has trained in Kyoshi Warrior-style fighting, as well as Southern Water Tribe-style warfare, making her a lot tougher than she appears.
  • Princess Yue became like a Fairy Godmother to Sokka's firstborn daughter, and throughout her entire life has been keeping an eye on her. This will be stated again in the next year.
  • Hahn was last seen being hurled overboard a Fire Nation battleship. According to his wife (who was a healer's assistant to Yugoda) he suffered a harsh hit to the head, utterly changing his personality into that of a well-mannered, and all around kind man.
  • Let it be known that Sokka really, REALLY does NOT like Hahn.
  • Unalaq and Tonraq are twins that play a pretty large role in LOK. Tonraq will eventually become the father of the next Avatar, and this causes a chain reaction to spike in Aang's spiritual senses.
  • Sokka still has the Oogies...but, he might have forgiven Hahn from the actions he committed in their adolescence.

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