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Year Thirty-Four


So... word spread all over the coast---people claiming they saw the Avatar's Wind Buffalo, and they saw the Fire Lord's Warship---some even saw massive Battleships that were sailing North, and the people demanded an explanation...mostly Republic City---they demanded to know what had been going on behind their backs. When the press got ahold of such news, the Council and Aang were bombarded with protestors, rioters, and curious reporters left and right...the Fire Nation did the same to poor Zuko. People started complaining that their Avatar was keeping secrets and then every grave was dug then and there as rumor upon rumor crept across the streets, consuming the whole world. In fact some citizens were in terror knowing that the Avatar had built an army---some thought Zuko made it for another world conquest---Republic City gradually started turning as chaotic as the North Pole did last year, so Aang had no choice but to confess what had happened to the world at a press conference held outside the Republic City Courthouse.

Fanon PD- Press Conference

"Now... I know some of you are scared and upset, but I can assure you there is absolutely nothing to worry about..."

"Settle down..." Aang motioned, speaking as clearly and calmly into the microphone as he could.

The citizens were in an uproar, asking questions, snapping photos every which direction... Aggravated, Aang sent out a flush of wind that trailed down the stairs and blew everyone's feet back a step. They got quiet and looked back to the podium only to see the Avatar tug on his collar and clear his throat, adding, "Thank you... Now... I know some of you are scared and upset, but I can assure you there is absolutely nothing to worry about..."

"But we saw the War Ships!?" someone bellowed.

"We saw you leave the city!" another added.

Aang retaliated ushering over towards Sokka, "The Councilman and I left for the North Pole to meet with Fire Lord Zuko. The Ships you saw were part of a secret militia known as the United Forces."

"Did you create the United Forces?" a reporter woman butted in.

"Are they a plot to achieve world power?" another yelled.

"No," Aang halted, "The United Forces are a peaceful army created by the Fire Lord, The Earth King, and myself to protect peace all over the world and ensure no wars break out among the people again!"

"Then why keep the military a secret!?" that same woman accused.

"To avoid corruption, we kept them a secret---and to avoid a public panic, we kept the missions they have completed undisclosed from the entire world," Aang eased, "The Fire Lord admits that his very own guards are facing spies and corruption, and we all remember the Airship Tragedy thirteen years ago---the Metalbending Police Academy suffered great losses all because of the fraud officers posing as police..." Toph shut her eyes calmly, but continued standing her ground with the other officers to drive back the crowd if they got a little too rowdy. In the meantime, the crowd all mumbled and sighed in remembrance before Aang could continue, "The reason we traveled to the Northern Water Tribe was because the people were suffering from a war created entirely of rumors and speculation---it only took a few radicals to cause an entire serene nation to plummet into the filthy effects of war, and they were out of control."

The people gasped, and others screamed questions that blended together so Aang couldn't comprehend them all.

"In a non-violent manor, the United Forces, the Fire Nation, and I all stopped the war and your very own Councilman, Sokka, resolved the chaos and brought the nation back to order---the mission was kept in the shadows to avoid public panic, and that is pretty much all I need to tell you. There are no conspiracies, no wars brewing; everything is completely under control and at peace between the other nations, I can assure you that much!"

As the gossip grew, Aang added, "A treaty between the Water Tribes, the Earth Kingdoms, the United Republic, and the Fire Nation states that the power of the military will be kept under the protection of Fire Lord Zuko and the Fire Nation."

The crowd outburst in shock, screaming things like: "ARE YOU CRAZY!? THE FIRE NATION SHOULD NOT DICTATE OUR ARMIES!?" and such like that.

"The leaders of the world agreed and this treaty of peace will continue---The United Forces will be governed by the Fire Lord and nothing else has changed. The United Forces will remain a peacefull army and that is that!"

The crowd started shouting and bellowing out more comments, as soon as the Avatar waved his hand and stated, "No further questions."

Fanon PD- Go Home


Aang and the council retreated back inside as Toph and the Metalbenders shoved the group away from the courthouse, Chief Beifong shouting, "ALL RIGHT YOU GOT YOUR ANSWERS! EVERYONE GET BACK TO YOUR LIVES OR YOU'LL BE SPENDING THE NIGHT IN A PRISON CELL! GO ON! MOVE IT OUT FOLKS! NOTHING TO SEE!"

Of course the citizens of the United Republic began realizing just how little they were compared to the superior government of the city and the world...however, Aang was able to keep things in the balance and the people trusted him not to do anything that would ultimately be against keeping peace and order in their lives. As long as Avatar Aang was around, everyone agreed to stay calm and remain at together, following Aang no matter what he decided to do because after all, who knew better than the Avatar?


Long ago, a baby was born in the Southern Water Tribe, she was said to have been born very healthy under the light of the full-moon, and was named after the Moon Spirit who must have been watching out for her. Little did the family of this baby realize, that their new daughter was terminally ill in a way that no one could see physically, and soon, this baby was going to die. The Moon Spirit, however came on the night this baby was born and met the her face to face to touch the quiet infant with the gentle tip of her hand before vanishing into thin air. The child was truly healthy now, and she was given a chance by the Moon Spirit that was taken away from Princess Yue many years before. The young infant grew to realize her connection with the moon over time---she recognized a familiar face every time she passed the statue on Yue Bay, she knew that even in her own name the spirit and she were connected. Princess Yue was Sokka and Suki's daughter's spiritual guardian---her godmother in many ways---she watched and protected the small girl for twenty-eight years, kept her healthy and on the right path...
Fanon PD- Yue's Son

Princess Yue had performed one more act of magic by giving life to Yue's son-

She helped Yue get the life she once dreamed about as a child, and now---now she had one more miracle to bestow before the Moon Spirit could really give her everything.

Yue remembered seeing the spirit as a baby, and as an adult, Yue came one last time to see her face to face. That was a year ago---and now Yue had a baby of her own...a child born to the Northern Water Tribe---a baby boy with a full head of white hair and bright blue eyes. Princess Yue had performed one more act of magic by giving life to Yue's son---one that she never would have had without the help of the compassionate Moon Spirit. Both she and her new son owed the Moon their lives which she had so generously saved...and for that reason, Yue and her husband named the boy Kue as a reference to the powerful moon and all she has done to bless their family.


Meanwhile, far, far away in the Earth Kingdom at Rainbow Falls, Kya met back up with her old friend Lyric. It is said they were more than just friends, and that they actually dated when she traveled with the nomads, but if that were true, no one has confessed. In all honesty, Kya fessed up to him about her little Bloodbending trick a few years back and it was too much for him to continue their relationship---you know, if there ever really was one?

Today, Kya attends the wedding of her best friend---a lovely service matching Lyric and a fellow nomad girl in holy matrimony. Meanwhile, Kya brought a guest, her newest boyfriend (much to her parents' dismay) a Swamp Bender named Luke. He wasn't the sharpest wheel on the wagon, but he was kind of cute---plus Kya had an awful knack for going out with men who would make her parents concerned...for example: Lyric the Hippie/Nomad, Luke the Swamp-Person, that crazed Lau kid, who for some odd reason chose vegetables over having a girlfriend? Y-yeah...just boys in that nature. And, for some strange reason, their names always started with an "L"?

Fanon PD- Lyric's Wedding

"Kya, one day you will find all that you are looking for..."

After the wedding, Kya caught up with her old Nomad pals and spent the evening dancing, singing, and drinking Love Potion water all night long until it was finally time to head back home. Lyric had earned a nat similar to his father's now that he was going to continue on Chong and Lily's music business with his new wife; it seems Lyric had found his place in the universe and already everything was going smoothly for him. Kya stopped to say her last goodbye's to Lyric and he gave her his old hat and smiled at her, saying... "Kya, one day you will find all that you are looking for..."

She blushed and replied, "Thanks Lyric---I hope one day I can be as happy as you are----Don't forget to tune your guitar..."

"Don't you forget to enjoy your journey..." he replied, before they hugged and Kya climbed aboard a Sky Bison and left the Nomad-Life Behind.

"Pasang," Kya sighed, "I sure am going to miss Lyric...I---I wonder if he and I could have ever---" she stopped herself and exclaimed, "Holy Cripes! We forgot Luke!?"

They flew back to Rainbow Falls and picked him up, but the dim boy was so busy being distracted by colorful flowers that he didn't even notice she'd left---plus he wasn't exactly sure where they were and why they were here in the first place. On the way to the Swamp People, Kya explained it again before dumping him and wishing him well in his life. It was okay though because poor Luke didn't even know that they were dating---it was a shock to him that outweighed the pain of a break-up. What was Kya thinking? She knew rocks that had more brains than that guy?

"I know my journey DOES NOT lead me to the swamp!" Kya scoffed... "Maybe I can try the actual Water Tribe next, surely my cousins know a few decent gents in their neighborhood---What do you think Pasang?"

The Sky Bison roared unenthusiastically and Kya sighed as they continued their travel back to Republic City.


"Okay Tenzin, time for a different lesson today."

"Father," Tenzin sighed, "Why did we take a boat over to Republic City? Where's Appa...where's Oogi?"

"That is up to you to decide," Aang laughed, pulling a single white slab of chalk out of his pocket, and drawing a circle around his son's feet.

"What is this?" he asked curiously.

"Today's lesson," Tenzin's honoree father replied... "You may not step foot outside of that circle, and I want you to find our Sky Bison...they're hiding somewhere in the city."

"But, this place is HUGE!?" Tenzin complained, "H-How do you expect me to find them from right here?"

Aang smiled and shrugged his shoulders, causing Tenzin to sulk in aggravation before he got an idea and shot ten feet into the air within his boundary. He soared high above the street, but even then, Tenzin still could not see over the tall, Republic City skyscrapers.

"Nice try son," Aang clapped, before tossing some small tool towards his son... "Here, have a hint."

Fanon PD- The Bison Whistle

"A Bison Whistle?"

"A Bison Whistle?" Tenzin pondered, "This is the easiest lesson ever?" he blew one ferocious breath into the whistle, but nothing happened; Tenzin tried again...and again, but the whistle could not be heard past the first few miles of buildings and loud city noises. Tenzin continued trying the whistle until his dad started to chuckle and Tenzin let out one great sigh before asking... "Alright Father...what's the secret?"

"The secret, my boy, is sound..." Aang smirked, explaining further... "Sound is a wave that generates by vibrations in the air. The vibration can be instrument...a string...a voice? This will create a disturbance in surrounding air molecules, and they each compress into a smaller space, raising the air pressure in that region and in result, they push each other around creating sound itself..."

"Sound is just another form of Airbending?" Tenzin wondered.

With a grin, Aang nodded and folded his arms after motioning for his son to continue...

Slowly, Tenzin pieced the clues together and came up with a solution..."Sound is just a vibration in the air---so...if I can get enough air into one space---the sound will amplify!?"

Tenzin sucked back a huge breath of air and in one massive blow, he let the roaring sound of the whistle spread across the entire city. In no more than a few seconds, Appa and Oogi flew over and Aang applauded his young son on a job well done.

"That was so cool!" Tenzin exclaimed in excitement, before gathering his seriousness again and shrugging... "I mean---you know...that was a valuable lesson, Sifu Aang."

His father rolled his eyes and grabbed Tenzin around the chest before laughing as he gave his son the noogie of a lifetime. Laughing, Tenzin broke free of his father's grip and went over to pet his Sky Bison before a tiny "Meow!" struck him off guard.

Tenzin looked behind Oogi and saw a tiny cat waiting in the middle of the street....behind it were more and more animals...even the very abusive shouting of passengers in wagons pulled by Ostrich-Horses---the traffic jam was terrible, and the amount of animals in one area looked like a living nightmare!

"Uh....Uh...Dad!?" Tenzin called timidly.

Aang stopped his laughing for once and peered behind his own Sky Bison only to see the massive mob of animals blocking the harbor.

"Did you know this would happen?" his son eased as the citizens hoped angrily out of their vehicles to attack the Airbenders.

With a blush, Tenzin and Aang backed away from the hostile mob and the old Avatar shrugged, "Now that you mention it...I honestly forgot about this little detail..."

"Should we stay and clean everything up? Admit our mistake and apologize?" Tenzin asked.

Fanon PD- Run For It!

"But this isn't one of those times.... RUN!"

"Normally son that would be the right thing to do..." Aang laughed unsurely, as the crowd drew closer, "But this isn't one of those times.... RUN!"

"What?" his son scoffed, turning only to see Aang bolt off and fly away on Appa. Tenzin stared back as the crowd set their targets on him, tossing blunt objects towards his face in an angry, terrified, Tenzin and Oogi shot away from Republic City and caught up to their fathers that were rolling through the clouds with laughter.

"Father!" Tenzin shouted over the wind, "That was completely irresponsible!"

"Let Toph deal with the mob," he laughed, "She'll kill me for it later, anyway...but just don't tell your mother!"

"Of course father, my lips are sealed," Tenzin started in a respectful manner, before getting a devious smirk and stating, "---If you can beat us to the island!"

In a second, Tenzin and Oogi were off and Aang let out a single chuckle knowing he had rubbed a little fun off on his uptight, serious son. "Come on buddy," he chuckled, "This is one race we cannot afford to lose! Yip Yip!"

Fanon Trivia

  • The location of Aang's speech was in front of City Hall.
  • The Great Airship Tragedy happened thirteen years ago, causing one of the largest losses in Republic City history!
  • This is the first time we've seen Officer Saikhan since Toph's Flashback, back in Year Twenty-Five. He wears an eyepatch due to his injuries sustained back in the Great Airship Tragedy.
  • Yue's son was named Kue, as a reference to Kuekuatsu, the love of the Moon in Wolverine Origins.
  • Fanon Funfact: This would have also been the year that Tarrlok was born.
  • The Singing Nomads Chong and Lily became one of the wealthiest couples on the planet after a renowned producer bought the rights to turn all of their music into records. They're filthy rich, yet continue to live the lives of simple nomads.
  • Aang may be a serious Avatar and an old father, but he is still just as honoree as he was when he was a kid...especially to his serious young son, Tenzin.
  • "Soundbending" is a rarely seen Airbending maneuver.
  • Aang should have learned his lesson when dealing with those Zoo Animals back in the ATLA episode, "The Tales of Ba Sing Se".

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