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Sokka's youngest daughter, Kanna, married Teo's son, Lugh, shortly after they finish restoring all of the Air Temples, as well as Roku's Island. Nearly every artifact they found was donated to the museum built beneath the statue of Avatar Aang on Memorial Island. Now, Kanna and her husband are experiencing their greatest challenge yet! Deep, deep within the sandy depths of the Si Wong Desert, the "Knowledge Seekers" were tracking down the forgotten library of Wan Shi Tong! Modern technology is making the journey in and out of the desert all the simpler than it was in past years...and with the help of the local Sandbenders, the architects will soon feast their eyes on all the knowledge in the known universe!

Months went by and finally the groups' tedious tracking and planning paid off, for they finally uncovered the tip of the Great Spirit's Library! With the window exposed, the crew of spelunking architects began their preparation to go explore the inner area of the long lost, buried Library.

"My father said that Wan Shi Tong asks for knowledge in exchange for his wisdom...does everybody have their pieces of knowledge?" Kanna asked, strapping hers safely into her backpack.

Fanon PD- Wan Shi Tong's Re-Discovered Library

"The spirit's had nearly forty years to get over it, Lugh! Honestly---how long can the big guy hold a grudge?"

"Yeah, but your father also said that Wan Shi Tong hated him and tried to kill both him and his friends before sinking the library!" Teo's son exclaimed.

"The spirit's had nearly forty years to get over it, Lugh!" Kanna laughed, "Honestly---how long can the big guy hold a grudge?"

"I don't like this..." he replied, tightening the rope onto his belt loop.

Kanna started lowering the rope into the small window leading to the underground library...all the while she snickered back at her husband, saying, "You know...for someone who blew out the vision in his eye trying to create photography---I would expect you to be a little less of a turkey-chicken!"

"Hey love birds?" a fellow archaeologist interrupted, "We need to get in there and back before the sun goes down, or we'll all freeze near to death---let's get a move on!"

"Rather freeze than have my bones picked clean by a giant owl?" Lugh mumbled.

"Don't forget regurgitated!" Kanna sassed singsongingly as she stepped into the hole and disappeared below the sand.

It was quiet for a long while, and soon the other members of the crew got nervous and Lugh called into the window, "Kanna!? Are you okay down there!?"

The rope tugged twice and Kanna's voice echoed back up the hole, "I'm fine!" she hollered, "Gosh! You guys should see this place, it's huge!"

"Well, here we go ladies and gentlemen...into the library..." Lugh ordered, as one by one, they each started climbing through the window into the forgotten wonder below.

Inside the library was downright amazing! Walls of books and novels as far as the eye could see! There were a few piles of sand around the place, but somebody had taken the time to carve them into neat, fancy little sculptures? Kanna's crew lowered down further into the library, until her feet hit the walkway and she immediately unhinged herself from the rope. Gasping gleefully, she started looking around, not even waiting for the other members of her team to surface. She started reading the titles of any books she could grab until a wheezing cough made her jump back, screaming into a sand sculpture of a Tigerdillo.

"S-sorry young lady," the old prospector chortled, "Didn't mean to scare you..."

"W-who are you?" she stammered as he helped her back to her feet.

"Forgive me," he laughed crazily, "It's been so long since I've seen another human, I've forgotten my manners--- I am Professor ---um...Professor---huh?" He chuckled, "Odd? It's been so long---I don't seem to remember my own name? No need for it in the Spirit World, is there now?"

"Spirit World?" Kanna wondered, "Professor, are in a library---buried underneath the Si Wong Desert? You have been here all this time, do you realize that!? How are you still alive?"

"You do not need to eat or sleep in the Spirit World little lady," he grinned, "Simply absorb all of the knowledge you can!"

Kanna looked around and gasped, "The Library---it's some sort of portal now, a portal to the Spirit World? This is INCREDIBLE! No human has ever willingly been able to go into the Spirit World to date! Ah! This is a remarkable discovery indeed!"

The old professor smiled up at the sky just as a large shadow cast over his face...Kanna felt a chill run up her spine and turned around only to see the massive Knowledge Spirit in the flesh...Wan Shi Tong!

She was too stunned to talk, but luckily the Spirit spoke before she had the chance, "Who are you? And, what do you think you are doing here? Go back the way you came!"

Fanon PD- Professor Zei

Kanna felt a chill run up her spine and turned around only to see the massive Knowledge Spirit in the flesh...Wan Shi Tong!

Baffled, Kanna choked on her words before bowing and presenting her tablet of knowledge... "Great Wan Shi Tong..." she said, "I present you with this token of wisdom...if you will accept it?"

"What do you think you are doing?" the Great Owl asked again.

"I---I am presenting you with an offering, in---in exchange for access to the Library?"

"No one is allowed in this Library---humans are greedy and ignorant liars---these facilities are closed I will tell you once more to leave or there will be grave consequences."

"B-but..." Kanna argued, "No! Great Spirit, I have spent years devoting my life to research and knowledge! I am the leader of the "Knowledge Seekers", a group whose sole purpose is to bring history back into our world!"

"You stole my assistants' title?" the Spirit pondered, "That is contemptible."

"Please...don't send us away now," she bowed, pleading and pledging all at the same time... "I promise we will not abuse your vast knowledge as my father may have done so rudely in the past."

"Your father..." Wan Shi Tong repeated... "Who is this father of which you speak?"

"His name is Sokka, Great Spirit....he is the Republic City Councilman, and Leader of the Southern Water Tribe."

He was quiet for a long while...the first thing he finally asked in return was, "---Republic City?"

"Kanna!?" Lugh called distantly... "Kanna, where are you!?"

"More infidels?" the owl scoffed... "You've brought an army to steal my wisdom?"

"Wait---wait!" Kanna redirected... "It is said that you know ten thousand things---but ever since you went away, thousands and thousands of new things have appeared in the world---millions of new inventions and cities---and if you allow the library back into the real world you can learn---"

"I have already allowed one too many humans lenience in my treasured sanctuary---no more will I allow myself to be fooled by human lies..." Wan Shi Tong's voice rose, shaking the walls of the library, as he grew fiercer... "If you humans will not cease trying to abuse my power---then I will annihilate all of my life's work from this retched world once and for all!"

"This is a little bit extreme don't you think?" Kanna quivered, as she stumbled back towards the entrance.

"It is the price I must pay---no mere mortal should know of this much wisdom---they are not worthy of it!"

"Crimety!" she exclaimed, grabbing the hand of the senile professor as they ran hastily back towards the exit.

Meanwhile, the entire structure of the Library started to quake and the archaeologists began climbing back the way they came, all screaming, "It's a cave in! We have to get out!"

"Not without Kanna!" Lugh bellowed up at them. He unhooked his notch in the rope and ran towards the loudest of thunderous rumbles...books and statues started crashing all around him, but he kept searching on...

"Lugh!" a voice screamed distantly.

"Kanna?" he searched. Then, through the black hallway, Kanna and the professor appeared in haste and ran towards him. Happily, Lugh waved and called, "Where have you been!? The Library is caving in!"

Fanon PD- Time Bomb

The walls were vanishing---literally vanishing like a blast of starlight; they were disintegrating right into thin air...

"It's not caving!" Kanna huffed, as their running intensified... "It's disassembling!"

"Wha---" he started, but Kanna dragged him behind her too as she kept on running.

"Come on!" that same crew member shouted...he held tight onto the rope and held out his other hand to help everyone escape.

"Professor Zei," Kanna screamed, "you go first!"

"Zei?" he pondered, gasping, "Zei! My name is Zei, I am the head of anthro---"

"Yeah, yeah, old timer!" the man yelled tugging on the rope as he tied the end to the old professor... "Going up!"

"Going uh----AH!" Zei screamed as the other crew members pulled him out of the library.

Kanna, Lugh, and their companion looked back at the library as they waited for the rope to come back down... The walls were vanishing---literally vanishing like a blast of starlight; they were disintegrating right into thin air...the panels of the floor soon started to follow.

"This isn't good!" Kanna screamed.

"Oh now who's the turkey-chicken?" Lugh sassed in terror.

"Can it you two, ropes a-coming!" he grabbed it and tied it across Kanna.

"No wait...Sud, send someone else out!" she protested.

He tugged the rope and replied, "No time, hurry, Go!"

"Lugh" she gasped....kissing him with tears in her eyes before the rope swiftly started shooting back towards the surface. Kanna yelled and looked down at the two of them as they soon became tiny dots below her...all too suddenly, a loud screech echoed across the room as a large, glowing owl sped onto the bridge. He swooped up like lightning and snapped the rope between his beak, causing Kanna to fall back towards the impacting ground.

"Kanna!" her husband shouted.

"I got her!" Sud yelled, shooting right into the air on a block of earth, dragging Lugh right along with him.

"You're an Earthbender!?" Kanna shrieked, "Why didn't you just do this bef----"

"Nah, that wouldn't be very fun, would it?" he laughed.

"Oh that's're insane, and we're all about TO DIE!" Lugh bellowed.

"Cool it mechanic!" he ordered over stifled laughter, "We're not out of this yet!"

Fanon PD- Sud's Sacrifice

Sud revealed a hidden cable underneath his shirt and in a flash, he shot the two archaeologists right through the window with it-

Sud revealed a hidden cable underneath his shirt and in a flash, he shot the two archaeologists right through the window with it. They landed roughly back on land, as Kanna spat up sand, coughing, "Oh, now he's a Metalbender too?"

"Look!" Lugh pointed, "The Library!"

The outer wall of the vast structure was starting to turn that starry blue---the same way it did before things corroded into spirit dust! Lugh ordered everyone to quickly evacuate and they all started running as far away as they could get! All except for Sokka's daughter, who looked hastily around before grabbing a long piece of rope and running right back towards the chaos.

"Kanna!" Lugh bellowed, but it was too late, she jumped right back into Wan Shi Tong's Library, and disappeared beneath the bright light....

Kanna dove into certain doom, only to see Wan Shi Tong attacking her friend...he was fighting back using his Metalbending (a skill the owl did not yet learn) when Kanna pulled a metal boomerang out of her backpack and sent it soaring right onto the spirit's head.... (apparently he still hadn't learned Sokka style either?) Wan Shi Tong squawked and his fading spirit body fell into the remainder of the glistening stardust that used to be solid ground. Like a splash in a pond, he disappeared, but too soon after, did the Earth beneath Sud's feet.

Kanna, who was still free falling, grabbed tighter onto the rope as it clutched the hold outside of the portal and swung just low enough for her to grab her coworker's hand. Together, they shot back towards the sky and tumbled out of the library, skidding into the hot desert sand just before the large building exploded into a million, sparkling grains of light...utterly vanishing for the last time from the world.

Silence covered the land until Lugh shot over and hugged his wife, scolding her over and over for doing something so reckless and dangerous.

"Speaking of which," Kanna started, "YOU! METALBENDER! How long has my father paid off the Police Force to watch over me!?"

"It's just me kid," he chuckled... "And from what I can tell, he should be hiring you to save me!"

"Yeah!" Lugh exclaimed, "That's what she just did genius!"

"Guess you were wrong though Kanna?" Sud snickered.

"What?" she scoffed.

"By the looks of things, I'd say that Spirit was still holding a pretty darn big grudge?"

Lugh slapped his head, and Kanna took his hands in hers to calm him down...

"Promise me you won't throw yourself into impending doom again, Kanna..." he asked in a half-serious tone that all in all just sounded like he was growing a massive headache.

"I was raised to put others' lives before mine Lugh," she giggled, "So I won't make you any promises---but I can tell you that I'll be a little more cautious before going into spiritual, underground libraries..." He groaned and she laughed to Sud in amusement.... "Oh...and would this be the wrong time to tell you that you're going to be a daddy soon?"

Her husband collapsed into the sand as Sud cheered and wrapped Kanna up in a constricting hug.

So, in the end...Kanna didn't get to unveil Wan Shi Tong's Library like she'd been dreaming about...but now she had other things to occupy her time, and she's sure there were some other artifacts out there just waiting to be discovered?

"Oh," he stopped hugging, "What are we going to do with the old man, Kanna?"

"I spent years reading every work of knowledge that Wan Shi Tong possessed in that library...every single page of every single book..." he babbled, "I know now what I must do!"

Fanon PD- Inventors At Work

Professor Zei, how would you like to be the first to try my newest invention---I'm calling it...the "typewriter"

"What would that be old timer?" Kanna asked, half-enthused.

"I am going to write the largest book ever to be written for all of mankind! I have a photographic memory you know! Wan Shi Tong's vast wisdom will not be thrown to waste!"

Lugh took his head out of the sand and growled, "That is the stupi------w-well, actually, that's not the worst decision I've heard all day? Professor Zei, how would you like to be the first to try my newest invention---I'm calling it....the "typewriter"!"

"Here we go..." Kanna and Sud rolled their eyes.

Zei and Lugh walked off into the sunset as the other archaeologists watched in astonishment....Lugh's voice trailing off into the distance, "If my calculations are correct, I can get this doohickey operational with at least eight fingers left to spare!"

"Hmm? I can live with those odds?"

"Now if I could only solve the inking problem---"

The men wandered off, Lugh lost in his theories, when Kanna and Sud noticed something strange happening to Professor Zei.  As the two scholars walked into the sunset, Zei's body had become all together transparent; his laughter and excitement had begun to fade and trail away just as his ancient apparition was finally freed of the Spirit Library.

Kanna, wide-eyed, looked at Sud who was sharing her petrified astonishment as the chills rang up their spines.  The entire horde of Knowledge Seekers were pale in the face as they realized what they had just witnessed for themselves.

"Hey...Hey?" Lugh finally realized as soon as the world had gone quiet behind him, "Where did the professor go?"

Fanon Trivia

  • Teo's son's name is Lugh, comes from the Welsh name "Lleu", meaning skillful hands and shining brilliance. To any normal speller, his name would be written as "Lou".
  • This is the first we've seen of Professor Zei since he disappeared in the ATLA episode: "The Library".
  • Note: Zei may be the smartest man on the planet now, but he has gone slightly insane due to the lack of human contact.
  • Let it be known, that Wan Shi Tong is still holding a grudge against the Avatar and his friends.
  • This time when the Owl Spirit destroys his Library...He literally ripped it out of the world and put it back in the land of Spirits.
  • Sud is an undercover Metalbending Police Force Officer that Sokka hired to keep an eye on his daughter---he is snarky, wild, but very strict at his job. It is known that he actually loves archaeology and he really did become great friends with Lugh and Kanna.
  • Like his grandfather, The Mechanist, Lugh is not afraid to lose a few limbs trying to invent new technology. In fact, Kanna stated that he is partially blind in one eye due his first attempts at making the camera. This is partially why he wears a monocle.
  • Zei's spirit was saved from Wan Shi Tong's Library...but as we figure out in the LOK episode: "A New Spiritual Age", Zei did not really make it out of that library alive.

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