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Fanon PD- Linzen

"I always want to remember this moment-"

Over in the fields looking over Republic City, Lin and Tenzin were hand in hand under a large tree, picking dandelions as Tenzin used his Airbending breath to blow the seeds along with the soothing breeze. It was peaceful and quiet as the love-struck couple laughed and enjoyed the warm and downright calming bliss.

"This is nice?" Lin said with a hidden amount of uncertainty.

"No Bumi---No Toph hiding around the corner---" Tenzin sighed.

"Just waiting to pop out of the shadows and make fun..." she continued.

"I always want to remember this moment," Tenzin smiled calmly, lifting Lin's face up to his so the two could share one gentle kiss.

She smiled dreamily and replied, "Me too..."

Then all of the sudden, all of the serenity melted away...Tenzin frowned and looked at Lin in a way that made her sit back and shove him apart... "What's the matter, Tenzin?"

"It's just---" he started... "As much as I'd love to stay this way forever...I---I can't."

Lin's happiness disappeared and she gruffed, "You can't? What do you can't?"

"Lin, I have to----" he started but she cut him off and stood up, the earth shaking beneath her feet... "NO! I don't want to hear it---not again---I don't want to hear you tell me that I'm not good enough for you anymore---just---just stop... I'm going home."

"Lin please..." he tried to reason.

"Save your breath," she spat, instantly skating down the hill, back into the city.

Tenzin looked out at the sunset with a frown and picked another flower...he blew the petals into the air and watched them disappear just as the sun too left him alone on the hill with nobody.

It was a week later, and Lin came over to Air Temple Island to see Tenzin after she was finally over his stupidity on their last date. She made him a little gift and kept in hidden away in her pocket as she planned to surprise him with another romantic evening. She had an entire evening planned and some front-row Pro-Bending tickets to start things off. Tenzin had never been to a match before, but Lin thought she could convince him to like it---then she would give him the gift she made and they would make up like always. Needless to say that Lin Beifong was down right in a fairly good mood, until she finally found her boyfriend at the Bison Stables...and she saw him packing a load of supplies on Oogi's saddle. Lin's jaw dropped, she lost her grasp on the tickets, and outraged, she instantly shot over to him and exploding, "So that's it!? You---You were just going to leave on Oogi---Without even saying goodbye!?"

Tenzin nearly toppled off of his Sky Bison before regaining his serenity... "Lin, I was going to come over to your house and tell you, honest I was---" he began, before sighins as he continued strapping luggage to the saddle, "Look Lin, we've been over this---I have to find my place in the world---I need to travel and learn all I can from the people outside of this city---it's the best thing for me now, both spiritually and physically."

"Oh, I remember your spiels over spiritual enlightenment!" she argued, "But, did you ever think your destiny isn't out there---it's right here?"

"I have to do this Lin---especially if I want my life to be here---you know the council told me to learn about the heritage of my people---they aren't letting me into the council for being the son of the Avatar, they said that I had to learn! I have to study at the Air Temples and then keep travelling from there..." Tenzin paused before he gazed down at her to continue, "You know you're always welcome to come with me?"

"I'm nearly eighteen years old Tenzin...I'm almost an officer on my mother's police force---I've been working my butt off---waiting just to be old enough for this position---I can't throw it all away to be with you on some spirit quest!?"

"Well, I can't stay here for the rest of my life---being treated like the last hope for the Airbenders---I must be more than that!? I have to find my own destiny before coming back to be that man---I just need to go, no matter what it takes!" Tenzin hollered back lightly.

"I have never once pressured you about that Tenzin!" Lin snapped, stomping a crack in the earth as she waved her finger up at him... "You know that!"

"I know..." he sighed, sliding off of the Sky Bison, "I know Lin, you have been more than clear that you aren't interested in a family now---

"Not just not now, Tenzin," she interrupted, brushing his hands off of her shoulders... "Never! I can't handle the thought of giving up my career to raise some snotty nosed little kid----not like your aunt did! And, I know I couldn't just balance it around in my life like my mother did---I just can't handle something like that---I'm not ready!"

"Lin, Lin!!!" he halted, "Look, trust me, neither am I, but the truth is---as long as I'm here...I'll always be that guy...the last hope for Airbenders---I just want a little bit of adventure before that time is upon me, is that so much to ask for?"

Fanon PD- Break Up

"The girlfriend you left behind won't be here when you get back-"

She looked down at her shoes and Lin sniffed once before pulling something out of her pocket... "I had a feeling that our relationship wouldn't be enough to make you stay here with me. Tenzin, I'm needed here, this is where my future will be and I don't want to leave my city behind---but you have to go---I understand that (I guess)" she handed him the small object and he looked it over in his hand... "It's a metal flower. I made it for you so you don't forget this place and your friends here..." she lied.

He clutched it tightly and wrapped Lin in a hug... "I promise I will never forget you Lin...ever. Be patient with me and I promise one day, I will come back for you..."

She gave him a kiss on the cheek and with tears calmly falling from the corners of her eyes, she stepped away and shook her head, "No...No Tenzin, I need for you to forget me. Forget this---I won't just sit around and wait for you for the rest of my life---I have my own path to follow and my own problems to solve. You take that flower and you remember your family, your town, and your old pal, Lin Beifong---but the girlfriend you left behind won't be here when you get back."

"Lin---" Tenzin argued, but she hushed him and turned to walk away. Tenzin watched as she disappeared from sight and looked down at the silver flower that had gone cold in his hand...he sighed and stuffed it deep into his pocket just as his mother and father came over to say their farewells.

"How long will you be gone again?" Katara sniffed solemnly.

"I'm not sure Mother?" Tenzin shrugged, "I guess as soon as I see everything the world has to offer, and as soon as I realize where it is I belong---as soon as I think I am worthy of the council---and I have gained enlightenment."

"I wish we could talk you out of this son," Aang half-grinned, "But, you're a man now, an Airbending Master, and we can't stop you from fulfilling your destiny."

"Destiny?" Katara scoffed, "Just---Tenzin---please don't get too consumed in this quest of yours that you never come back! ---And, you had better send us letters and phone calls every week, are we clear mister?"

"Yes mother..." Tenzin nodded, "You two have taught me well; you've always told me never to give up and this is one trip I intend to finish on my own. Who knows, I may even run into Kya, or Bumi, or even one of my cousins? As long as it takes, I have to do this, but I'll be in touch, alright? I promise you."

They all hugged for the longest minute before Tenzin and Oogi soared off into the sky to places unknown. Young Tenzin would get the freedom he desired soon enough and he would get his break as the weight on his shoulder vanished in the sights of the new strangers and friends he would make on his journey. For once, Tenzin could just be a teenager, and he could simply absorb the earth's wisdom and fulfill a sense of enlightenment before returning to become the Air Nation's last hope for a future people, his greatest fear and burden, no longer would it weigh him down---no longer would he only think of himself as the last Airbender. Tenzin was free to have an adventure for once in his life.


One day, the Avatar got a call from an old friend---of course, Aang was busy with his duties to the city, his job to the world, and his family in general, but this was one phone call he could not ignore and he rushed over to Republic City to greet his caller.

"Toph," Aang greeted... "Where is she?"

"Girl is in the backyard making a mess of things," Toph sighed gruffly, "I blame you for this, now you go out there and fix her cause the earth knows I tried and failed!"

"You never were much for the compassionate side, old friend?" Aang chuckled, "Don't worry I'll work my magic and Lin will be right as rain in no time."

"Whatever you say, Twinkle Toes..." Toph practically rolled her eyes at him, "You'll need this."

"Your cables?" he questioned, "Toph, you know the Avatar can't bend secondary elements outside of their origins..."

"All I heard there was---I'm too chicken to be a Metalbender," Toph sassed, "Fine then, it's your funeral---go try and calm her down, but don't say I didn't warn you---or try to arm you..."

Fanon PD- An Upset Earthbender

There was an unstable, angry Beifong bending in the backyard, which meant a code red level hazard for all of Republic City-

"I think I'll take my chances," he snickered, leaving the sanctuary of the home only to dodge an oncoming rock that cracked against the wall of Toph's house. "Yikes..." Aang exclaimed, as he caught sight of the backyard, or---rather the ruins of the former place that used to be the backyard. Everything was either broken or scraped and Lin was right in the middle, bending furiously towards every corner of the yard. There was an unstable, angry Beifong bending in the backyard, which meant a code red level hazard for all of Republic City---Lin got her temper from her mother and she was surely not afraid to show it!

"What do you want!?" Lin growled, the earth quaking alongside her voice...not hesitating even in the slightest as she continued lashing her cables at a rock that was now sliced into three different sections.

Aang gulped and tugged at his collar before taking a deadly step into the grass, calling calmly, "Your mother wanted me to have a word with you, Lin."

She shot another blow over the wall and groaned, "I don't want to talk about it! And I certainly don't think one of your little chats is going to make me feel any better, Aang!"

"Is it about the Police Academy?" Aang continued, stepping in closer.

"Oh, please!" she scoffed, "I can pass any test the academy throws at me---it's obeying their stupid rules that gets me---b-but that's not why I'm mad, AND I SAID I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT!"

A rock narrowly missed Aang's head, and he took a deep sigh and retaliated with another question... "Is it Tenzin?"

Lin froze for only a moment before her pitch rose and she denied, "Ugh! Why would it be about Tenzin!? Like I care if he's gone or not? What sort of question is that?"

"It's okay to be upset Lin," Aang half-smiled, "Even the toughest, bravest, most powerful people in the world get upset---and taking out your frustration on your backyard isn't helping anybody...certainly not the yard, I mean, what did it ever do to you, and how can I not make the same mistake?"

Lin chuckled and quickly sank to the ground, her arms wrapped around her knees as she stared off into space. Above, a series of floating boulders came crashing back to the earth and as soon as all of the chaos was over, things grew silent as the night. For minutes, Aang just waited there, and for moments more, young Lin realized how much her heart had truly been broken by Tenzin---she couldn't help herself, and instantly fell into a chain reaction of tears.

The Avatar had a solemn grin on his face and he continued stepping over to Lin until he bent over beside her and waited for her to look up at him. Her eyes now red from crying, Lin sensed him beside her and she reluctantly peered up to see that goofy grin she remembered looking at every time she was too upset for her mother to handle.

Laughing, she wiped away her tears and took Aang's hand as they rose to their feet. She gave him a quick hug and then punched him in the arm, declaring, "If anybody asks, I wasn't crying!"

"Ouch..." the old Avatar sighed, "Whatever you say Lin..." then he rubbed the pain away and he got a defiant look on his face before teasing--- "Do you know what else used to cheer you up as a kid?"

Lin pouted and folded her arms, looking away as she gruffed, "No."

"Oh come know you remember it----" he replied in a singing, chipper tone.

"I am seventeen years old, and that will not work on me anymore, Aang!" Lin stated.

"Oh yeah?" his smile widened.

Lin looked behind her, but was too late to react and Aang shot her ten feet into the air in a massive gust of wind. She screamed before falling back to the earth, laughing strongly as a large slide of earth brought her safely back to the ground. Lin regained her balance and Aang burst into laughter at the sight of her wild-looking hair. The grouchy teenager scoffed and instantly kicked him into the sky on a platform of rock, only to see him float back down in an Airbender's mocking manner. He snickered teasingly at Lin before being cast all the way into the limb of Toph's tree, and falling back into the dirt, only to see the Chief of Police laughing at her doorstep.

Fanon PD- A Touching Moment

"I'm forty-nine years old...don't you think I'm a little more mature than that?"

"Was that really necessary?" Aang groaned painfully.

"Come on now, Twinkle Toes--- I couldn't let you have all the fun!?" Toph chuckled, "Come on inside you two, I actually cooked dinner tonight---And Aang, don't even try to escape or so help me, I will have Lin hunt you down..."

"Alright, alright---" he complained in a smirk, "But, I swear if you start another food fight---"

"Hey, hey!" she halted, "I'm forty-nine years old...don't you think I'm a little more mature than that?"

"Absolutely not," Lin grinned, Aang also laughing---"Not in the slightest."

"Whatever! You two get your sassy butts in here, and we'll see how this dinner plays out!" the Chief ordered, "I know even the Avatar can't withstand the might of two Beifong', you're stuck with us either way, champ."

"Swell..." he groaned. Lin punched him again and ran into the house as Toph started snickering, and Aang prepared for the worst as this dinner was about to commence. Only now does he find himself wondering, "Why in the world did I ever pick up the phone?"


Fanon PD- Kanna, Lugh, and Raman's Photo
In this same year, Sokka and Suki received a letter with a photo of their newest little grandchild. Kanna and Lugh (who were on a quick visit with his family at the Northern Air Temple) wrote that they had a son who was the spitting image of Lugh's side of the family. Already the infant's mind was being nurtured to appreciate inventing and historical artifacts, making him one of the wisest babies of his age and no doubt another future inventor like his daddy. The baby was named Raman, and Kanna writes that in about a month, they will travel home to show her parents the new little boy---and all of their new artifacts from the recent digs, including a copy of Professor Zei's soon to be published book titled, "The Spirit and I" and also his upcoming novel, "The Forgotten Facts of Wan Shi Tong".

Fanon Trivia

  • The image of Lin and Tenzin is based loosely off of this picture.
  • This is one of the many fights in Lin and Tenzin's relationship.
  • Tenzin wants to escape the burden of being the last Airbender; but the Council also had to come up with a plan to make him earn a role in politics---this trip is for far more than just enlightenment.
  • As a teenager, when Lin Beifong gets upset, the effects are shown through an uncontrollable rage of vicious Earthbending.
  • Aang and Lin have been great friends since she was a baby---Toph often uses him to calm her daughter during a fit caused by his son, Tenzin.
  • Aang stated that Avatar's cannot bend secondary elements or "sub-skills" outside of their origins. So, for example: Roku has the capability to generate lightning; Kyoshi possesses the option to Metalbend; and Korra can heal and maybe even Bloodbend. Likewise, any bender of certain types can do the following: All Waterbenders can make ice and steam; All Firebenders can redirect lightning; All Earthbenders can bend sand and have the power to learn Seismic Sense.
  • Kanna and Lugh's son gets his name "Raman" from Srinivasa Ramanujan, the mathematics genius born in 1887.
  • It appears that the couple is standing in front of a university of some sort... This will be explained later on in the Fanon.

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