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At the Northern Air Temple, lived a thriving society... Roads trailed down the mountains and new buildings surrounded the bottom half of the land; however, the temple at the peak of the mountain was completely untouched, looking like an ancient structure, yet there were hundreds of happy, flying citizens living here, soaring across the clouds.

"Dad!" Lugh shouted, waving to a figure that flew through the air on a mechanical contraption. It was Teo, only he was not flying on some mere glider, he was literally soaring in some tiny air-craft. Teo noticed his son's figure waving and calling to him from the temple and he laughed, soaring over to greet him.

Fanon PD- Teo and his family

"A new invention? Sounds tempting?"

"Lugh!" he laughed, "Nice to see you again..." He noticed Kanna and she knelt over so Teo could wrap her in a hug... "Kanna! You're looking as lovely as ever! And how is my big, handsome grandson?"

"He found his first artifact last month..." Kanna cooed... "Show your Granddaddy Teo what you found, Raman."

The young toddler reached into his shirt and pulled out a tiny wooden rattle, marked with the symbol of the Air Nomads.

"Wow!" Teo awed, playing with the tiny toddler on his lap, "Raman, you found this!? My boy---you are going to be one heck of an architect one day!"

The boy grinned and this made his family laugh.

"Dad..." Lugh pressed on, "We came up here to ask you a favor."

"Anything son?" Teo nodded.

"See there is a friend of ours---a friend from Ba Sing Se University... His name is Hiroshi Sato---"

"Y-yeah---yes?" Teo remembered, "I recognize the name---mechanics was the boy's expertise, am I right?"

"Well, the three of us, we were wondering if you could come with us to Republic City for a few days and help with Hiroshi's newest invention."

"A new invention?" Teo awed, "Sounds tempting?"

"Oh ho ho," Kanna laughed, "Trust me Dad, you have NEVER heard of a contraption like this one..."

With a smile of pondering enthusiasm, Teo looked to his son and daughter-in-law and replied, "Well then, how can I possibly refuse?"

A few days later, Kanna, Lugh, Raman, and Teo were in the United Republic. Suki and Sokka graciously agreed to babysit their in the meantime, the brilliant adventurers/ inventors traveled deep into the heart of the bustling city and found the young Hiroshi Sato covered in shoe polish in front of an old barber shop. He just finished shinning a man's shoes for a yuan and wiped a black streak across his forehead to remove the sweat from the hot day's work.

"Hey, Hiroshi!" Lugh called, "Where are you hiding, you old Flivver?"

"Well if it isn't the son of the old "Fly Boy" himself," Hiroshi smiled, "How have you been Lugh, Kanna?"

Kanna wrapped her friend in a hug and teased, "Been pretty busy ourselves---you heard about our little Library escape, right?"

"Oh yeah..." Sato laughed, "Now be honest with an old friend...was that all true? I mean, spirits, secret libraries, magic explosions---come on, it's all propaganda is it not?"

"Oh no..." Lugh scoffed, "It was real enough and I have the scars to prove it."

Unpretentious to the truth, Hiroshi wiped the sweat off of his forehead and noticed Lugh's father looking about the city, lost in thought.

"This must be the profound "Fly Boy" himself," Hiroshi held out a hand, "Oh pardon my manners---no man wants to shake this dirty hand---" he laughed, "Please, all come inside the house and make yourselves comfortable; I'll go wash this old polish off my hands and we can discuss business matters over dinner, my treat?"

Fanon PD- Hiroshi Sato

"You got to spend money to make money, am I right or am I right?"

"Oh Hiroshi," Kanna argued, "We don't want to impose---"

"Nonsense, nonsense," he chuckled, "You got to spend money to make money, am I right or am I right?"

"Well, I've never been to one of these big city restaurants?" Teo smirked, "I'll take you up on that offer Mr. Sato, but only if the eating is my treat---you see...I have more money than I know what to do with in my simple, little town."

With a hearty laugh, Hiroshi nodded and fled into the streets to go into the alley where his tiny apartment was located---to change and get washed up.

"Eager young man, isn't he?" Teo chuckled.

"He's been that way since college," Kanna chuckled.

"His people skills could use a little work, but his mind is brilliant father, trust us on this one."

"He reminds me a little bit of your grandfather, Lugh?" Teo pondered.

"Oh!" Kanna exclaimed, "I know just the place to eat at too. Now Dad, it's a little pricey, but trust me when I say that the food there is completely worth it."

"You two twist my know I can't say no to a place that sounds so astounding now can I?"

"Ugh..." Lugh scoffed, "We're going to need a change of clothes..."

"Change of clothes?" Teo questioned.

The four later met at Kwong's Cuisine, the fanciest eatery in all of Republic City. Teo treated his family and their friend to a more than exemplary dining experience and as the group sat at the dining table with full stomachs, Teo laughed and got down to business.

"Alright kids...We've had some fun, but this old man's getting tired pretty quick..." he chuckled, "Now please...why don't the three of you enlighten me as to why I have traveled into this city and what it is I need to do while I'm here?"

"Allow me sir," Hiroshi stood with a bowing gesture to respectfully gain the old inventor's attention... "You see, I sent my old college friends, Kanna and Lugh, a letter around a month ago after I had a glorious thought pound into my head. I want to create an invention, unheard of throughout all of mankind; it will be a revolutionary marvel from sea to shore all across the world!"

"You're idealism is ingratiating," Teo chuckled... "Please Mr. Sato continue winning over my services."

"Dad..." Lugh inched, "You see---well---in order to get his idea in production---"

"Please... let me..." Hiroshi interrupted nobly, "Mister Teo, I have a dream and am willing to work my fingers to their very bone day and night to see that my idea becomes a new reality for the city. All I am asking of you is not for your services, merely a small---a small loan in order to get the corporation started sir..."

Fanon PD- Kuang's

All I am asking of you is merely a small loan in order to get the corporation started sir-"

Hiroshi bowed timidly after asking for the money and Teo merely smiled at him in return... "Mr. Sato, I've seen great men and friends become wondrous celebrities and billionaires over the years. You were not born into greatness, and like most of them, you want to make yourself something more valuable to this city and our world. My son and daughter have told me much about you on the way here and after seeing your tireless work ethic---after seeing what humble services you're willing to pursue in order to reach the stars---" Teo rolled his chair out from under the table and took the young man's hand in his own... "It would be my honor to trust you with a loan long enough for this business idea to come true. You have my undivided support young Hiroshi, and I look forward to seeing the results through you."

"Th---thank you sir!" Hiroshi gasped excitedly, "Thank you so much! Kanna, Lugh....this is unbelievable."

"You've earned it old friend," Lugh toasted.

"To Hiroshi's Sato Mobiles..." Kanna added.

The group clanked raised the glasses and took a drink before Teo set down his glass and pondered, "Sato Mobiles---I would be very excited to see a few blueprints for this contraption dear boy..."

"Whatever you want sir, anything!" Sato nearly squealed, "It is all back at my apartment, I'll show you all of it!"

"I look forward to it..." Teo smirked, "Kanna, Lugh... we're going to head out, but you two have an entire evening with just the two of you... Raman is at your parents' Kanna, and Lugh don't worry about me... Go kids... you two enjoy this night of freedom while you can."

"Toasts to you, Dad," Kanna approved.

"Don't get too worked up old man... no sense in you getting a heart attack."

"Oh, they're that good are they?" he tittered, "Well, Hiroshi now I just have to see these---these "Sato Mobiles"... lead the way son."

After they were gone, Kanna and Lugh were served an (unexpected) dessert and they shared a brief kiss before enjoying the rest of their resplendent evening together. This small fortune from Teo would prove more effect in Republic City than any of the geniuses (even Hiroshi himself) would ever have dreamed of---in no more than a year, the Sato Mobiles would be in production; the business world as everyone knew it was about to change forever---and all it took was that one selfless loan.


Lin Beifong shot an armored chest plate onto her back and used her Metalbending to secure her uniform in place...She strapped her gloves on and fastened her metal cables, before taking one good look at herself in the mirror.

"I finally made it..." she smiled, looking around the remainder of her locker. A picture of her father was taped to the door and she smiled at it before shutting it with her bending and shooting happily out the door into the lobby.

"Now listen up new meat!" Toph snickered, "You all are going out on your first patrols today---these are going to be your first solo missions, meaning none of your higher ranking officers are gonna wait around and babysit you! You go out there and you protect the people...then if you survive the will be welcomed back an honorary officer! Dismissed!"

The young officers started marching out the door before Toph called, "Officer Beifong!"

"Ma'am?" Lin saluted.

Fanon PD- Don't Tease the Chief

"Get back to work, Officer."

Toph placed a hand on her daughter's shoulder and gave her a proud smile, "Go get em'..."

Lin smiled and saluted before rushing happily out the door to experience her first run at the police.

"Chief Beifong," an officer pointed, "Is that a tear I see?"

Toph punched a dent in his metal stomach and she shrugged with a smile, "Oh, I don't know... but judging by your sissy whimpering, it sure sounds like crying to me? Get back to work Officer..."

"Y-yes m-ma'am...." He groaned painfully.

Meanwhile, Lin was skating across the cables over Republic City. She made a few rounds of reconnaissance with a large smile on her face before hours passed----hours of nothing but recon---and Lin started to get bored. She jumped from the cables onto the rooftop to get a better view of the city, but it was quiet---not a single threat to be seen.

"Well, this is dull..." she yawned, "Surely there has to be trouble around here somewhere?"

"Help! Help!" a little girl screeched.

"Speak of the devil?" Lin smirked, skating to the ground in an instant to find the helpless caller.

A few blocks away, a small girl was bawling her eyes out under a tree in the park and Lin jogged over to her asking, "What's the problem, kid?"

The little girl looked up at Lin with wide eyes and she tearfully replied, "I'm not sposed to talk to strangers..."

"I'm not a stranger," Lin shrugged, "I'm Officer what's the matter, why did you call for help?"

" kitty won't come out of the tree!" she sobbed.

Lin's face drained of all respect and she stood up, scoffing, "Seriously....a cat? That's the best you can come up with?"

The little girl started bellowing louder until people started looking over and causing a scene.

"Shhhh....shush....hush, hush, hush, Shut!" Lin motioned, "Look kid, as an officer of the law, I promise you that I will get your dumb cat out of the tree....alright?"

The girl clapped in an instant and wiped her nose on her sleeve, causing Lin to cringe in disgust before grabbing her face in distress... "So where exactly did your pet get stuck?"

"Kitty is right there, see!?" she pointed.

Lin looked up only to gasp, falling back on her butt at the sight of the Kitty in the tree.

"What the heck kind of a cat is that!?" she pointed.

"That's Kitty!" the little girl pouted, ordering, "Kitty come down, now!" The creature growled showing off a massive row of teeth and sharp horns on the top of its head. "You're going to get my Kitty, aren't you Officer Pingpong!?"

Fanon PD- Officer Beifong

"Seriously....a cat? That's the best you can come up with?"

"That's Beifong!" Lin stated, rubbing the dirt off her skirt... "Look little girl, I think this is a job for Animal Control---"

"BUT YOU SAID!" she started wailing...her face turned red and the little girl began throwing a fit, so Lin shouted----"OkAY! OkAY! I'll get the Goat Gorilla out of the stupid tree if you promise me you'll quit whining!"

She nodded and Lin rolled her eyes, shooting a cable onto the tree branch and tugging to make sure it was secure. "I can't believe I'm doing this..." She muttered, jumping right into the leaves towards the massive monster.

The creature snarled at her and Lin approached it cautiously, humming, "Okay...time to get down now Kitty...your kid is really upset, and if I don't get you out of this tree, she's going to be the death of me... So why don't you just make this easy on yourself and---"

The monster roared causing Lin to slip out of the green and onto the grass, landing painfully with a sharp thud.

"Erg! That does it....Dear Universe, please hold me back and forgive me for what I am about to do..." Lin snarled under her breath. Shooting two cables into the tree, snapping the branches below the Goat Gorilla's feet. The monster came crashing towards the ground and Lin shielded the little girl behind her hand until the beast landed.

"YAY!" the kid squealed, "You did it!" She pulled out a pink leash and ran over to the beast, scolding, "Bad Kitty! Bad! No running away!"

It sighed and whimpered as she hooked the leash back onto its collar. Lin just stood there with a pout before an ear popping whistle made the large monster's teeth grind and he took off into traffic.

"Kitty!" the girl screamed.

"I'm on it!" Lin stated, taking off onto the streets, skating across the wires as she tracked down this massive monster. Carriage after carriage was toppled out of the road by the animal's vicious path of fury, but Lin only shot faster to catch up with it. The animal suddenly turned into the alley and created a path of destruction as it kept running away like a mad juggernaut. Lin flipped through the air and turned her path around so she could head back towards the alley. She hoped off of the wire and ran along the wall until tumbling onto the street, taking off to pursue this beast on foot. Lin ran and ran until the pink leash of the Goat Gorilla was vividly within her sights and she shot her cable right at it catching the monster and skidding along her heels as the creature drug her through the mazed turns of the alley.

"Okay buster!" Lin grunted, "time to stop---tearing up---my town!" she yanked the leash back with her whip and the animal whimpered before falling back to a stop. Lin flattened out her feet and her rapid skidding slowed to a calm, professional stop. She grabbed the leash and patted the monster on the back, sighing, "Glad that's let's get you back to your owner and call it a day."

Fanon PD- Lin Listens in on the Robbers

Lin hushed the large Goat creature and she inched along the walls, peaking over at a small horde of men who were pulling expensive looking furniture out of a large vehicle-

The creature started whining and Lin rolled her eyes, scoffing, "What is it now?"

"Yeah, just put the loot over here you two!" a voice grouched distantly In the alley.

Lin hushed the large Goat creature and she inched along the walls, peaking over at a small horde of men who were pulling expensive looking furniture out of a large vehicle.

"A Satomobile?" Lin gasped... "Those aren't supposed to be on the streets for another year?"

"Hey boss, where you want the new phonographs?" another street urchin bellowed.

"And where should we hide the stolen Satomobiles?"

"Will you shut yer yap!" the mob boss snarled, "You know how hard it was sneaking those trucks through the alley? You want those crummy cops finding our stash out here---then call a little louder why don't ya!"

"Sorry boss..." the boys all replied.

"Cripes!" Lin gasped, looking back towards the Goat Gorilla, "It's a real heist! A real heist! This is it, the moment I've been training for!" she tied the leash onto a fire escape and in her fiercest of whispers she ordered, "Now, you stay! Stay!"

The creature moaned, but sat still, and Lin crept over to the corner to bag her perps...she looked around the corner again, but nobody was there...the alley was completely vacant?

"What the---" she started, before sensing an approaching figure and she kicked a block of earth out behind her.

She saw the gang approaching with their blunt tools and weapons ready, and Lin shot out her cables, wrapping two of the thieves up and clashing them against the wall before kicking out an attack of rock to the rest of them. She fought off the mob singlehandedly, but through the turmoil, her seismic senses grew distracted and the mob leader struck Lin in the armor with a metal pipe.

"This is a new uniform you creep!" Lin snarled, wrapping the leaders own weapon along his arm and forcing it to punch him in the face over and over until he was immobilized.

"ARG!" one last robber bellowed, coming for Lin at full speed. She got ready to take him down, but all of the sudden the large Goat Gorilla came and swatted him away.

"Humph?" Lin scoffed, "Not bad Kitty...not bad---now, let's get you back to your girl...and get these heist thugs behind bars."

The beast wagged his tail happily and Lin bent a large pipe onto the mob of crime lords...strapping them to Kitty's back before she took the pink leash and the two walked calmly back to the park.

Fanon PD- To the Rescue

"Don't mention it kid-"

"Oh Kitty!" the girl cheered, "Thank you so much officer lady!"

"Don't mention it kid," Lin smiled, punching her captured crooks, as she handed the little girl the leash. "Just be sure to keep an eye on him from now on..."

She nodded in agreement and then Lin asked, "By the way, what caused him to freak out like that earlier---does it do that sort of thing a lot?"

"H-hey boss!" one of the more dimwitted mobsters laughed, "W-watch what I can do!" he blew into the pipe, causing a high-pitched whistle to ring throughout the air and the Goat Gorilla screeched painfully before running wildly off into the city.

"My Kitty!" the girl screamed.

Lin sighed hopelessly, but shot out her cables towards the streets and groaned... "I got it..."

"Well officers?" Toph clapped, "Hope everyone had a fulfilling first day on the job. Everyone is dismissed and I'll see you all back here tomorrow."

They all ran off in an apparent hurry as Toph eagerly stepped over to her daughter asking, "Lin, how did it go out there? Anything exciting happen on your first run?"

Lin was a wreck, covered in mud and grass stains...her armor was scratched and had dents in it and her hair was a mess... behind her sat the giant Goat Gorilla and that little girl---then to the other side sat the tangled up crew of robbers... "Can we please call a lawyer!" the mob boss complained.

Lin and Toph punched him at exactly the same time, shouting... "Can't you see I'm trying to talk with my mother!?" "Can't you see I'm trying to talk to my daughter!?

Lin smiled at her mom and shrugged, " was really nothing special mom, just doing my job..."

The beast licked Lin upside the head and she groaned in disgust as Toph burst out laughing, patting her daughter on the back, "You are going to be a great officer, Lin---just like your mother..." she touched her cheek and added, "I am so proud of you!"

Fanon PD- All in a Day's Work

"You are going to be a great officer, Lin---just like your mother...I am so proud of you!"

"Thanks mom," Lin blushed, "but, let's save the heartwarming sap for later, we have a few perps here in need of a good confessional...found them with two Satomobiles, loaded with stolen merchandise..."

"Really?" Toph grinned, bending the metal pipe tighter, causing the crew to shoot off of the ground to a stand... "Well then, let's go see if we can't convince these nice gentlemen to confess---Beifong style?"

Lin cracked her knuckles at the frightened eyed perps, and smiled... "After you mother...I'll give you the first shot."

Toph cracked her fists together and sent the group soaring into the hallway by their metal pipe, The two Beifong officers following behind them in an amused manor, ready for the interrogation. All in all, this was the best first day of work yet...and Lin would never be able to forget it.

Fanon Trivia

  • Teo has become extremely wealthy thanks to the inventions made by his family and his father, The Mechanist, who passed away a few years prior.
  • A "Flivver" is a 1920's slang term for "cheap car or jalopy". Likewise, "Fly Boy" is a slang term for "Aviator."
  • Kanna and Teo have a very strong relationship because she refers to him as "Dad" and he refers to her as his "Daughter".
  • Teo has never been to the United Republic before, unless you count the time he and his father spent on Air Temple Island during its construction.
  • This is the first time we've seen Hiroshi Sato during the Fanon, but not the last.
  • Hiroshi is not a very "spiritual" man. He does not really care for the mumbo jumbo that comes with bending abilities and the Avatar (even if his friends are related to Aang and have come toe to toe with the spirit, Wan Shi Tong).
  • It is stated here that Hiroshi, Lugh, and Kanna all attended Ba Sing Se University...Apparently they became pretty good friends...enough at least to keep in contact with one another many years after graduating.
  • The Police headquarters has a sign in the lobby that when in larged looks like THIS. Also, it appears a purse-snatcher was apprehended in the right corner; and some officer is about to enjoy lunch with a quenchy bottle of Cactus juice (Diet, to cut back on the crazy).
  • Let it be known that Lin is not good with kids.
  • A Satomobile can only be stolen from the factory if you are very careful and sneaky---that and no one knows yet what one of those things do, so selling one might be tricky.
  • Don't rush an officer with a metal instrument unless you obviously want to lose.
  • Like the creators, I have trolled into my own Fanon Illustration, as seen here.
  • Beifong, Mother-Daughter interogations are one of the most brutal questionings in the world.

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