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Fanon PD- Azula Adapts

So far the loss of her bending has just made Azula a depressed, lost, empty blob of a person-

Finally, Azula adapts to the life of a lowly peasant in Ba Sing Se. Uncle Iroh keeps her on a tight rope and so far the loss of her bending has just made Azula a depressed, lost, empty blob of a person. Ty Lee took a break from the Kyoshi Warriors in order to travel to Ba Sing Sei and see if she could help Iroh with Azula, but the sad princess wouldn't even look her ex-friend in the eye. Azula hasn't committed an evil deed in months...she stopped trying to scare off Uncle's customers, and she hasn't tried to attack anyone in almost a year. The effects of her lost bending are starting to sink in much harder now than it did in the past, but Uncle believes that soon Azula will learn to live her life normally without the use of Firebending, and that soon a metamorphosis would occur, just like it did with Zuko. Meanwhile, Ozai still refuses to leave prison and Ursa is still missing. Though, in lighter news, Princess Honora has learned that she is in fact a Firebender just like her father.

Fanon Trivia Edit

  • This is the first time we've seen Azula or Iroh since Aang took away Azula's bending in Year Ten.
  • This is the first time Ty Lee and Azula have been in the same room together in about fourteen years!
  • Note: Ozai has now been in prison for almost fourteen years, and Ursa has now been missing (for the second time) for a little more than 3 years.

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