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The new police force was complete... Toph had her own Metalbending police building now complete with war balloons and the newly stated transportation made everything a little bit easier to hunt down trouble. Ohev showed a particular interest in the War Balloons and showed expertise in piloting them. Thus, Toph appointed Ohev the Commander of the skies, while she remained Leader of the ground. The Kyoshi Warriors returned to keep the perimeter secured while Toph's men cleaned the streets of crime. Meanwhile, Aang and Sokka rode Appa to the end of the city and found Yakone in his field working. They came in an attempt to reconsider his chi-blocking aid in the police force.

Fanon PD- Yakone gains Team Avatar's Trust

"Why if it isn't the Avatar and the leader of the Southern Water Tribe? To what do I owe such a gracious visit?"

"Yakone!" Aang greeted.

"Why if it isn't the Avatar and the leader of the Southern Water Tribe? To what do I owe such a gracious visit?" Yakone grinned.

"You can just call me Sokka, friend. We're here to talk more about your "vigilante jabbers" idea."

"Sokka..." Aang eased, "Yakone, we think with the growing population in Republic City, we can use all the help we can get. Now, you can report you and these friends of yours to Toph Beifong and her police force; she can get you up to speed on what's happening and you can protect the people in this part of town as long as she agrees to it. Do we have a deal?"

With a smile and a handshake, Yakone laughed, "You have yourself a deal, Avatar."

Fanon PD- Yakone joins the Police

Not bad...

"Humph... not bad for a quick-jabber?" Toph sighed as Yakone and his team of chi-blockers took out fifteen of Toph's well-abled Metalbenders... "Can't believe I'm saying this, but Yakone, welcome to the temporary task-force."

Now the task force of Republic City was completely secure and initiated. Toph agreed to Yakone and his men's work and almost overnight, the crime rates of Republic City diminished exponentially.

Fanon Trivia

  • Note: Sokka does not take Yakone's Chi blocking idea seriously.
  • Yakone impresses Toph enough to become a prime task force...that is just saying something!?
  • It is rumored that Yakone once lived in a village near the Fire Nation Central Islands. He was said to have lived there many years ago with his grandmother, but soon fled, and joined the circus where he was an animal keeper in exchange for food and shelter. Later in life, Yakone disappeared from that place as well, and he now resides somewhwere in Republic City.

Bonus Feature: Yakone's Backstory

We are never going to get a confessional from Yakone, so imagine this as his possible backstory...

Hama (like Yakone) escapes prison time and falls in love, raises a family... then tragedy strikes and Hama is left caring for her Grandson, Yakone. They live in a Fire Nation village, but Yakone turns out to be a Waterbender, like Hama. She takes him into the forest, teaches him Bloodbending, and threatens him NEVER to use his normal Waterbending abilities or they would surely throw him in prison! After years of practicing and mastering Bloodbending, Hama will push Yakone too far during a training exercise---causing him to run away (like Noatak). Yakone will run and do what any kid could only manage---join the circus. The Fire Nation circus... where he works as an animal groundskeeper. (I'd imagine a lot more Bloodbending practice going on here....)

It was a cruel, tough life for a boy, then he met a pretty young girl who also ran away and joined the circus...her name was Ty Lee. They became friends and she showed Yakone some moves that she had learned from the Fire Nation Academy for Girls----punching moves and jabs (things in that nature)... For years, Yakone started practicing these moves, but curiously, he began adding small doses of Bloodbending in each punch, eventually figuring out pressure points and other soft spots on the human body. He also realized that he didn't even need to use Bloodbending to accomplish these harsh, numbing blows. Soon after, he taught them to Ty Lee and she mastered them with ease. For the longest while, Yakone thought his life was finally going smoothly---he had a friend, a home, and a new way to protect himself----but this achievement was short lived. A time soon came when the Fire Lord's Daughter came to see the circus---then Ty Lee was never seen again.

For years after, Yakone grew hateful and bitter, planning out ways he could somehow claw his way to power and escape this lowly circus life. Then he heard of a new utopia being was called Republic City!? Seeking his chance, Yakone fled the circus and moved into the bustling city for a fresh start. There he will create a chi-blocking plan, get in good with the Avatar and friends, become and ally, and when no one is looking, he can run all of the crimes in the city that he is fighting to prevent---it was the perfect cover up! Yakone would be rich, prosperous, and the most powerful man in all of the new world!

That was the plan at least----until he started using his Bloodbending, rather than his chi-blocking...and soon was convicted and tried for it. Aang takes away his bending---he escapes prison---This will ultimately create the Yakone we all know of today.

-The End

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