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Fanon PD- Sokka's Family

They were truly a symbol of a loving, happy family-

Sokka and Suki are now living in Republic City with their family due to Sokka's promotion as one of the council members on the new republic committee. The City Council consists of the leaders from a few political heads of the four nations, Sokka being promoted to Head Councilman after the other four leaders took a unanimous vote. Under the guidance of the council, things in Republic City, as well as in the United Republic, stayed consistent and peaceful for years to come. Together Sokka (representing the Southern Water Tribe), Veera (a political figure from the Fire Nation), Rocky (a former member of the Terra Team and representative of the Earth Kingdom), Chinook (a political figure from the council at the North Pole), and Saffron (an Air Acolyte hand chosen by Avatar Aang to represent their growing nomadic people) became the new Republic City High Council, and for years to come they would make important decisions regarding the United Republic and how it would prosper.

It was a few months later, and also the dead of winter, making construction in the city a living nightmare---but on the eve of the Winter Solstice, Suki had her and Sokka's second set of daughters, twin girls that were born almost a whole day apart and who were not identical. The first born was a plump, rosy skinned girl with dark, wavy hair and big green eyes, and then the second was born under much difficulty, but she made it into the world healthy just like her sister. She was a very small, fair-skinned baby with short, auburn hair and little blue eyes.

Since Sokka picked out Yue's name, Suki named the first-born baby, "Koko", and then the couple cleverly named their youngest girl, "Sukka" (as a mixture of both of their names combined). By Spring, Sokka and Suki juggled, raising their three young daughters in the bustling Republic City---still, they were truly a symbol of a loving, happy family, and they were often seen taking relaxing strolls out in the park together, sharing their peace with the other people of the United Nations.

Meanwhile, Hakoda and Bato had just traveled with Pakku to the Northern Water Tribe to be awarded medals for their bravery in the war which were six years in the making. This was the first time either of the Southern warriors had ever seen the Northern Water Tribe city. At the Spirit Oasis, Bato and Hakoda received their awards and were treated with the greatest respect and honor throughout their trip to the North.

Over in the Fire Nation, Zuko and Mai continued their Fire Lordship uninterrupted and utterly peaceful. Zuko still tried to locate his mother, meanwhile his father and sister, still rot in prison----Azula has been causing problems amongst the prisoners and has been sentenced to a cell of complete confinement with no personal contact whatsoever. Zuko's family strains are slowly starting to unnerve him and he took a visit down to Uncle Iroh to talk to him about it.


Deeper into Republic City, Toph has been showing Ohev the ropes of the new land, but in the meantime, she left all construction of this new "Pro-Bending" game idea in the capable hands of the Boulder, the Hippo, and her old wrestling buddies.
Fanon PD-Pro Bending

"The place could use a little work..."

"The Boulder thinks that this new "Pro-Bending" will be a huge success, Blind Bandit."

"Hippo agree!" he roared.

"Great, fine guys," Toph smiled, "I know you can handle this for me."

"The Boulder only thinks that---" he was interrupted when a falling hunk of rocks crashed in front of his face, "the place could use a little work..."

"Well, you guys better get at it, Pebbles," Toph punched, "I got more important things to deal with right now."

That was true...Toph had a better idea in mind than just sports---she was sick of hearing robbery reports throughout the streets of Republic City, and Toph was older now, wiser, and she was the greatest Earthbender in the world---she was the greatest Metalbender in history---and Toph was about to create a police force of her own top Metalbending students. Toph claims that instead of breaking the rules, that for once, she was about to enforce her own laws for Republic City.

Fanon Trivia

  • As leader of the Southern Water Tribe, Sokka earned an immediate spot on the The Council of the United Republic in Republic City---then after being promoted to Councilman, he had no choice but to move there with his family. Don't worry though, Chief Hakoda is still there in the South Pole to take care of things in his homeland.
  • Koko was the name of Avatar Kyoshi's daughter. Being a former citizen of Kyoshi Island, it is understandable that Suki would name her daughter Koko.
  • Sukka is a tribute to all Fan Shipping, and also an interesting baby name to show off Sokka's "creative side".
  • Hakoda, Bato, and the warriors of the Southern Tribe are finally getting some recognition for being war heroes.

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