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With the new task force of Republic City, everyone was now safe and away from oppressing benders... in fact, the city as well as the world was at its most peaceful era in over a hundred years.

Fanon PD- Pakku's Funeral

The White Lotus attended Master Pakku's funeral with Team Avatar-

Master Pakku returned to the North Pole where he died peacefully a few months later. The White Lotus attended his funeral with Team Avatar and agreed to continue their good work at spreading peace throughout the world in the name of knowledge, peace, and the Avatar. Over the years, they gathered new members, of which agreed to guard the Avatar and his children from vulnerable enemies. These few became known as the White Lotus Sentries and resided on Air Temple Island along with Aang's family and the Air Acolytes who help run the Island.

Meanwhile, Katara and Aang's son, Bumi, was almost six years old and he has shown absolutely no forms of bending at all---making him the only nonbender born to Aang and Katara thus far. They doubt he will ever learn to bend because he would have already shown signs of it by now if he could...

Zuko and Mai remain in the Fire Nation and keep order as their daughter grew to master Firebending and had an intense respect for her future title as Fire Lord. Young Honora was growing stronger and more skilled by the day, and enjoyed attending political meetings with her father, while also relaxing from time to time at the Royal Spa with her mother, and drinking tea with her loving great-uncle when he came into town on visits.


Toph and the Police finally brought down the Sheng Wei gang that was obstructing Eastern Republic City. The mob has been terrorizing shops and pulling illegal maneuvers for weeks, but using crafty strategy, Chief Beifong managed to track them straight to their source and she arrested every last one of them. Needless to say that after work, Toph was in a very good mood and she and Ohev took one of their world famous walks in the park by moonlight. The two of them sat on the edge of the bridge, throwing small rocks into the pond bellow, when Toph frowned all too suddenly and stated, "Ohev, my life is like a rock."

"What do you mean?" he wondered back.

She held the tiny pebble in the palm of her hand and replied, "Dense, strong, tough...I won't lie to you, I'm all those things and more, but watch what happens when just one tiny nudge in the wrong direction---" she shot the stone into the water and listened to it sink to the bottom, never to see daylight again... "That rock will never be above water again... I could drown just as easily."

"Are you saying that you want swimming lessons?" he grinned, "Because I'm pretty sure we already tried that and you Sandbended me into the ocean..."

Toph gruffed out a tiny smile and shrugged, "I guess I just never realized how fragile everything is..." she picked up another rock... "One minute we're here and then the next---" she shot it, skipping into the pond... "We're sunk."

"Hey...Enough of this doom and gloom---you brought down Sheng Wei! We should be celebrating!"

Toph smiled and laughed, "I wish I could have seen the look on their faces when we booked em'!"

Fanon PD- Worth IT

She accidentally punched him in the face rather than the shoulder---not only sending him plummeting into the pond, but for weeks after, Ohev had a black eye signifying his future marriage to Chief Beifong-

For a while Toph laughed, telling Ohev about the whole ordeal before she sat quickly, sighing contently as Toph became lost in her own (violent) thoughts. Ohev saw what a genuinely good mood Toph was in, and he used the opportunity to make his big move; he just came right out and simply asked her the big question... "So Chief, what do you say if you and I spend the rest of forever together?" he asked in a blush.

Toph was shocked to hear the words out loud. Was this really happening? One minute they went from chunking pebbles and now Ohev's asking this monster of a question!? Toph wondered what should she Yes? Did he expect an answer now, so suddenly? Deep inside herself Toph knew in her heart that no one would ever understand her like Ohev did; she could completely open up to him, he watched over her and made her feel protected even if she didn't need it...As much as Toph contemplated it, in the long run she realized that she loved him too---she loved him a lot actually. Toph's cheeks flushed and she turned her head with a wide grin hidden behind her hair, then she shrugged in a gruff voice, "Yeah...why not?"

"Yes?" Ohev repeated with a tone that got ten times happier all of the sudden.

Toph flipped her face over towards his voice and kicked her feet around nervously as she blushed, "Yes."

Tremendously enlightened now, Ohev leaned over to kiss her, but Toph was so excited that she didn't notice and she punched him harder than she's ever punched before...only she accidentally punched him in the face rather than the shoulder---not only sending him plummeting into the pond, but for weeks after, Ohev had a black eye signifying his future marriage to Chief Beifong. The only thing he could tell anyone who asked... "It was worth it!"

Fanon PD- Toph and Ohev's Wedding

Toph and Ohev finally admitted they loved each other to the world, and married shortly after in Republic City Park-

Toph and Ohev finally admitted that they loved each other to the world, and married shortly after in Republic City Park. All of their friends and co-workers came and helped set up the wedding; just something small and simple like they wanted, but Katara insisted on doing Toph's hair and make-up, and getting her a fancy dress to wear---Sokka and Zuko tried to do something with Ohev's hair, but it didn't quite work out, so the men just got him a nice suit and left it at that. Toph's parents were hysterical, Ohev's were bewildered that the servant and the master's daughter fell in love, and after seeing how happy the two of them were, nobody could complain in the slightest. The officers, Team Avatar, family friends from Gaoling, and the Earth Rumble Wrestlers (now the Pro-Bending officials) all made it to the wedding and for once saw Chief Beifong in a calm and stress-free mode that honestly frightened them to say the least---still...the wedding was nice.

After the ceremony, Ohev's old travelling partners, the Singing Nomads, played the same song that they played for Katara and Aang at their wedding those few years ago..."Love is in Your Heart". Of course, Ohev knew the song by heart and he was singing and dancing with the best of them. He persisted to Toph to dance with him, but the thought of dancing in front of everybody she worked with and commanded made her cringe. Ohev was extremely persistent, and he even refused to stop singing to her until Toph danced with him. Now, Ohev may have been a topnotch Airship pilot and a heck of a great dancer, but he couldn't sing worth a beat, and blushing like no other, Toph took his hand and reluctantly they started dancing. Any officer or guest at the wedding that so much as looked in their direction wrong met a swift and painful Earth-catapult from Toph that shot them straight out of the park.

Ten year old, Kya danced with her brother, but she recognized the song playing in the background, she really liked it, so much so that she and her brother danced and danced with all of the children at the wedding, and the adults joined in too until soon the entire park was in a lively party atmosphere that lasted for hours.

After the ceremony, and in honor of the Chief's good mood and the lack of crime in the city, the Metalbenders personally constructed a statue of Toph on the ledge of her own police building. Later, Ohev became the highest ranking Captain of the sky police and controlled a large war balloon that kept peace throughout the city. (It turns out; Ohev was a very skilled pilot, even though he was never actually a bender on the force.) Also, because Ohev's family had a very scattered past and they were never really known for anything besides being the servants of the Beifong Estate, Toph and Ohev agreed to share Toph's last name rather than the two trying to locate Ohev's forgotten name that he honestly didn't even know or care to know. Now the respected Republic City couple, Mr. and Mrs. Beifong were lovingly married and began their life as a happy, prosperous couple.

Fanon Trivia

  • This is the second funeral shown in the Fanon. The first was Kanna's funeral back in Year Eleven.
  • You can also tell the added wrinkles, and graying hair colors for some of the older characters in the Illustration.
  • Toph and Ohev have been a couple for nearly twelve years now.
  • Taking walks in the park was one of Toph's favorite things to do with Ohev. The bridge is rumored to have their initials carved under it.
  • The story Toph tells (how she is like a rock in more than one way) can also be declared as Foreshadowing for an Upcoming Year.
  • Shrugging and nervous foot-kicking is Toph's way of showing romantic excitement towards her proposal offer---so is punching (that part Ohev forgot to expect).
  • Aang did not attempt to help Zuko and Sokka fix Ohev's hair because he does not have any...
  • Kya technically would have met a young boy around her age named Lyric, but they both were just kids so they wouldn't really remember the next time they met in the future...
  • Note: as a poor servant family, it is very possible that Ohev's family had lost their name somewhere down the line during his forefathers' travels and changing occupations.

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