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Things remain normal as Republic City blossoms. Also, in honor of all the good peace in the world, a few craftsmen and builders traveled to Republic City, most of them Fire Nation workers. They created a statue of Aang in his honor on a small island bordering Yue Bay to always remember Avatar Aang and all of the good deeds he had committed. The builders named this small island "Aang Memorial Island," and the building of the statue was quickly under way...a token from one nation to the next.

Fanon PD- Metalbenders and City Council

The new system of police quickly won over the council, and Sokka personally approved the opportunity of this law-force in order to protect the streets from evil-

Suki and Sokka now have three daughters: Yue, Koko, and Sukka. The family lives in a permanent residence in Republic City, with the occasional trip down to the South Pole or to Kyoshi Island for a visit with friends and family. Still, Sokka is an important Councilman and Suki is a part-time mother, part-time self-defense teacher in a small dojo near the couples' home.

In the meantime, Toph's top students became her first Metalbending Police Crew; Toph runs the town with a metal fist and keeps Ohev close at her side. The new system of police quickly won over the council, and Sokka personally approved the opportunity of this law-force in order to protect the streets from evil. Thus, Toph's Metalbenders are showing to be very, VERY effective when cleaning up crime throughout the streets of the Republic Capital and have earned their place as trustworthy peacekeepers.

It was later in the year, on Air Temple Island, Aang and Katara went through nine months of painful, bitter work as they waited to become parents. Katara was a very angry and "yelling-prone" pregnant lady who could snap in an instant and then be totally fine the next. Aang expressed how taking out the Fire Lord had NOTHING compared to Katara's mood swings---most of which were directed solely at himself. The confused Avatar pleaded to Sokka for advice on how to survive this ordeal, but Sokka merely told him that it was a dreaded phase that all couples unfortunately must go through, but when it ended---if it ever ended at all---then the results would be completely worth it.

Thus, Aang had no choice, but to endure the frightening wrath of his wife for nine long, cruel months...

It was nearly nine months gone by already and for once Katara was at her most peaceful during the entire baby waiting experience. In fact, Aang was kneeling to the floor of their home and had one ear pressed up against the womb where their first child was residing; he simply listened to the magical thumping of tiny feet kicking against his head, and for a moment, everything seemed at its highest pinnacle of peace. Never had Katara or Aang been so proud or so mesmerized by anything like this wonderful little moment in their lives.

Katara suddenly spoke out from the quiet, her cheeks turning redder by the moment as she asked, "Aang, will you make me a promise?"

His ear, still pressed up against her stomach, Aang looked up towards his wife's blushing face with wonder and asked, "What sort of promise, sweetie?"

Katara held tighter to his head and stroked back and forth, her voice as calm as ever, though her hands were fidgeting in a way that Aang knew meant she was nervous about something.

She grinned down at him and simply said, "I know this is going to sound really corny, but will you promise me that we can always love each other like this forever. This tenderness and calm---I used to dream about a moment like this ever since I was a little girl. One day very soon it will be the three of us and I want us always to love each other as much as we are right now." She chuckled and smiled wide, "Can you promise me that much, Aang?"

He stood and took her hands in his. "It was odd that she would ask me to promise such a thing, truly it was?" Aang thought to himself. With a concerned frown on his face, Aang looked right into Katara's blue eyes and simply shook his head at her.

"No...I can never make such a promise to you."

It almost looked as though he had slapped her because she was so still after that...and cold to the touch. In an abrupt instant her shock turned to tangible anger and she growled, forcing her soon-to-be-dead husband's neck into an impenetrable headlock.

"Why the heck not, Aang!?" She screamed.

Half choking, he only smiled and coughed out..."B-Because---I want to love you so much more than this one day...that's all I meant..."

After a few seconds poor Aang realized that he could breathe again and the Avatar opened his eyes to see Katara's arm shaking lightly around his head. Looking up Aang realized that she had tears in her eyes, but she was laughing all the while as Katara now tenderly hugged him around the neck.

"Honestly," She chuckled, "Where do you keep all of your charm, Aang?"

She kissed him once and Aang could feel the light tapping at his wife's waist where the baby was kicking as the two stood together. They laughed for quite a while after that, but Aang made it very clear to Katara from that day forward...she never had to worry about losing his love for her, or their soon to be family...because, his love for them was stronger than anything else he had ever felt and it would only grow stronger as the years passed on. No matter how bad things may get in the future, their life together would always be happy just like it was in that one, little moment.

One day, not long after, all of the yelling, all of the mood swings, and the crying---the fighting, the terror, and the confusion just stopped entirely. One glorious summer's day on Air Temple Island, Aang and Katara finally had their first born baby, a beautiful baby daughter that was the spitting image of Katara. They both agreed to name this gorgeous little creation of theirs after Katara's mother, Kya, a lovely name which fit her perfectly.

Fanon PD- Kya

One glorious summer's day on Air Temple Island, Aang and Katara finally had their first born baby-

The entire team came up to visit the new parents and the baby. Sokka and Suki gave the new parents a few tips---though, after little Yue came soaring across the room on Momo's tail, Aang and Katara weren't too convinced on their words of advice. Toph expressed how cute the baby sounded, and even cracked a big smile when she got to hold Kya, before wailing on Aang and teasing him about how he would never be able to sleep again now that his kid was born. Even the busy Fire Lord Zuko managed to slip away to the island to see his good friends and their new addition to the family. Kya was astounded at the sight of the Fire Lord, more so than she was to any of the other people she had met that day. Baby Kya knew that whoever this strange man was, he was special, even if she didn't know exactly why; she giggled at him until Zuko gave her back to Katara, and any time she started to act fussy, a simple drop in the Fire Lord's arms was all it took to cheer her up. It was a little weird to tell you the truth...

By the time Aang got the chance to show their new daughter to his old friends, he was overcome in a booming sensation of pride and honor to see all of the love shared throughout one setting. Here he was now, married to the woman of his dreams, a gorgeous little baby in the world, and all of his closest loved ones here to share in the experience. With a wide smile, Aang and Katara both enjoyed their company and naturally snapped to the new duties of becoming parents.

A few weeks later, Aang and the family traveled down to the South Pole to show Katara's tribe the newest member of their family. Things were certainly looking up for Team Avatar. This newfound love and peace going around was at an all-time high; nothing could possibly ruin this blissful time in everyone's' lives---nothing.

Fanon Trivia

  • The Statue of Aang ( a gift from the Fire Nation) is supposedly referenced to the construction of the Statue of Liberty, a gift to the United States from the people of France, in 1886.
  • This is also the first time we see the inside of Aang and Katara's House on Air Temple Island.
  • Turns out Kya is the second born child of Aang and Katara in the canon universe, but for the Fanon, she will remain the oldest! Try not to look too into it! XD

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