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Fire Nation colonies map

There would be a city built, a utopia just on the shores of the central Earth Kingdom-

Just one year after the end of the Hundred Year War, when the entire planet seemed to be starting to heal in peace, Fire Lord Zuko and Avatar Aang had an intense disagreement on the Fire Nation's future versus the utopia that they were planning to create without the boundaries of the four nations. In fact, Zuko and Aang's argument almost ruined their friendship and started a new war all together. Lives were soon hanging in the balance and chaos was coming back to take control of the four nations yet again; however, at the last minute friendship prevailed and they came to a mutual agreement where Zuko would keep the Fire Nation under his control and the other nations would remain just as they were, as the four separate nations. After the almost war at Yu Dao, Team Avatar (alongside the other powerful leaders of the world,) decided that it was unfair to separate every citizen out of the colonies because many of them were co-national families and this in turn would tear families apart and rip them right out of their homes. To keep the families and the protesters both at peace, a decision was made. There would be a city built, a utopia just on the shores of the central Earth Kingdom, and this place would be open to all benders and nonbenders who wished to live together, rather than be divided from one another and segregated. They named this new, blossoming area the "United Republic of Nations" and gave it a designated Capitol called, "Republic City", which would later act as a beacon to signal to the changed world that all nations could now coexist together in peace and harmony. With the help of Team Avatar and many, many tireless workers, the city was quickly booming into a vast community just overnight, and they knew that soon it would be a massive accomplishment for all of mankind.


Fanon PD- Air Temple Island is Born

In an instant he was bending the tiny plot of earth into a large island-

When Team Avatar arrived at the slot of land soon to become the world's largest city, they realized that this area had a lot of work to be done if it was to be habitable by the thousands of people expecting to move in within the upcoming months. Tireless workers and Earthbenders alike began construction, each starting on small buildings and homes to really get things going before beginning on the larger projects such as roads and "skyscrapers" (one of Sokka's better ideas in order to fit everything into one area).

In the meantime, Aang was flying around the perimeter of the large plot of land, when he noticed an extremely small island off the coast of Republic City. Aang dove in to look around, noticing that the earth was barely big enough for one Sky Bison to even stand on; still, this location was so close to the blossoming city that Aang could vividly see the workers building in the distance, yet if anyone wished to visit this spot they would need a boat or a war balloon just to reach it. It made the greatest location for Aang to build his own Air Temple near the city; here, it would be safe, serene, and he would be one move away from being in the Capitol if they needed him.

Aang's eyes and his tattoos flashed once and in an instant he was bending the tiny plot of earth into a large island. The land stretched and twisted, it rose from the water of the bay and began forming mountains, caves, and canyons throughout the area. The earth shook and the oceans rumbled, the entire structure started to bend and quake, but in an instant the disturbances were at an end. It took a moment, but only a moment, and now that minuscule spot of earth became a large, thriving island of Aang's very own creation! His base of operations was now a massive plot of land just begging to grow further with plants and houses; Aang could just see it now, the possibilities seemed endless. The pleased Avatar named this new island "Air Temple Island" and with a little work (to be done in the upcoming months,) it would make up his own personal residence just as he had planned it.


Over time, Zuko stopped traveling into Republic City in order to watch over the Fire Nation and ensure that the negative effects brought on by formally coaxing out all of the Firebenders in the Earth Kingdom (most of which by force) were all put to peace. Many citizens still argued about the existence of Firebending soldiers in their cities, but in order for things to finally attempt to heal, everyone had to be convinced that living together was better than being forcefully separated from each other and divided. With the new "Republic City" under construction, many of the families under protest were taking this opportunity to move and start fresh in this equal land in the Earth Kingdom where they could be free of such prosecutions.

Fanon PD- The Royal Protectors

Mai asked Ty Lee and the Kyoshi Warriors to guard the Fire Lord's palace and ensure Zuko can sleep soundly at night-

As for another member of Team Avatar, Suki, she is still the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors and they would have been back on Kyoshi Island months ago, if it were not for the many assassination attempts on Fire Lord Zuko's life that had surfaced after the start of the failed Harmony Restoration Movement. Mai asked Ty Lee and the Kyoshi Warriors to guard the Fire Lord's palace and ensure Zuko can sleep soundly at night--- seeing as though Zuko has been a little on edge for a few weeks now thanks to all of the complaints brought on by the rioters of the world. Some were angry, confused, and frightened over the new separation amendments and rising government of this "United Republic of Nations" and that coupled with the family issues that Zuko was dealing with right now was starting to make Mai worry about her boyfriend's health. The Kyoshi Warriors agreed to become the Fire Lord's personal guards 24/7 as things in the palace grew gradually calmer by the passing weeks. More citizens were starting to understand the new laws, yet others weren't as eager and made a huge fuss about every little detail that brought about a change.

Now, even with Suki living in the Fire Nation, she and Sokka were still a couple, but they are experiencing another long distance relationship for the time being; this one acting as a more troublesome experience than the last time they were separated from each other. Travel and meeting up is not so easily resolved in their relationship, and though it may be hard, they are working through it and hoping to restore the world together---even if they were far, far apart. In the end they thought that it was the best and most responsible thing that they could do at the moment in order to help other people.

After the Harmony Restoration Movement was terminated, Sokka traveled around Republic City, ensuring all plans and building projects went smoothly. He personally planned out the construction for many buildings and structures throughout the city, including the bay where the docks are currently underway. In honor of his first love, Princess Yue, Sokka named the new docking area "Yue Bay" and dedicated the entire port to the Water Tribe soldiers and civilians who suffered and aided during the Hundred Year War. Elsewhere, Sokka had started classifying future street names and a map of the area in order to simplify the building process and get everything where it needed to be.

Meanwhile, Toph has made Ba Sing Se her new home and she has opened up a new "Metalbending Academy", where she already has a classroom of three eager, yet equally hopeless Earthbenders who of which she is hoping to teach the art of her own design---that and Toph just loves to boss people around. After the almost war in Yu Dao, and after her three students had begun to flourish in their new Metalbending skill, Toph would take a small break every few weeks to travel over to this new city in order to help aid in the construction with her friends. If things keep going as smoothly as they were in the United Republic, Toph stated that she might just make a second Metalbending Academy here in Republic City.

Currently, Ba Sing Se is going under strict renovation and the main priorities of Earth King Kuei are: curing all mind-washed "Joo Dee's", removing every corrupted Dai Lee Agent, and destroying every last one of the class-separation walls, in order to make everything more peaceful and less odd in the large Earth Kingdom city. Many of the Freedom Fighters, led now by Smellerbee, are taking part in this restoration personally and aiding the Earth King's men in their efforts to spread equality. After realizing their protests in Yu Dao were in vain, the Freedom Fighters banded together again and changed their ways to help more people in their new home, rather than just make trouble for the Fire Nation.

Lastly, Katara and Aang were traveling the world to help spread the word that all wars both past and rumored are now over, including the one that almost broke out between the Earth King Kuei and Zuko at Yu Dao. Together, Katara, Aang, Appa, and Momo continued the work of spreading peace and solving problems in individual towns that they should stumble across. Not to mention, Aang is also spreading the word of Republic City and all it has to offer the world. Already the United Republic has become a huge topic of interest for nearly every person on the planet, and numerous families were already planning to move to the land known now as "the city for equality."


Fanon PD- The Reunion

Each year, the members of Team Avatar would travel together to share in one reunion dedicated to the end of the Hundred Year War-

Each year, the members of Team Avatar would travel together to share in one reunion dedicated to the end of the Hundred Year War. They came together not only to reunite as friends, but they also discuss the future of the nations as a group. The decisions made between the Fire Lord, the Avatar, and the children responsible for saving the world (Team Avatar) are put into order by most leaders of the world: Hakoda, Arnook, Zuko, Bumi, and also King Kuei. Plus, as an added extra, everyone has a Messenger Hawk now in order to keep in touch or to send out word in the case of an emergency---well, all except for Aang, who relies on Momo to keep in contact, or just decides to fly over to talk with people on his own. Within the next few years, this reunion will seem like the only time the gang can actually see each other in person because little did Team Avatar realize, that their lives were now filled with much more responsibility---and they will only get busier as time goes on.

Fanon Trivia Edit

  • Most of the events stated in this year, are events that happened in The Promise Trilogy; although, the Fanon outcomes are happening out of order when compared to these comics.
  • The creation of Republic City was a step closer to blending the nations; however, the Fire Nation areas in the Earth Kingdom were resolved using a method similar to the Teller Amendment of 1898; stating power will be given over to the Earth Kingdom, but the Fire Nation colonies will be able to remain where they are, and the people of the United Republic will be able to make decisions for themselves.
  • The assassin hunting Zuko down was a young girl known as Kori. She no longer tries to kill him thanks to the abolishment of the Harmony Restoration Movement, and has convinced others in her same mindset to abandon the thought as well.
  • Of all the Kyoshi Warriors, the four guarding Zuko are the main ones that will appear in the early stories of this Fanon, one of them being Ty Lee
Fanon PD- The Search

The Search Conclusion in my Fanon Style

I made this after reading the comics, but in the Fanon, Ursa is still missing. So I have removed this and added it in trivia so as to not completely delete it.

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