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Fanon PD- Meditating

Aang was meditating in the temple he built many years before and a vision he keeps having worries him greatly-

Katara is in a light and happy mood even though Kya won't stop Waterbending at Bumi and Bumi, being a nonbender, is crying for Mom to do something about it. In the meantime, Aang was meditating in the temple he built many years before and a vision he keeps having worries him greatly. He returns inside and ceases Kya and Bumi's fighting as Katara dances lightly over to him and gives Aang a big kiss in front of her now grossed-out and fleeing children.

"Works every time," Katara grinned.

"Katara, I've just had a vision----I am the last Airbender."

"Well Honey, I figured that out twenty years ago... but you know, it's okay now that you know too?"

"Well, you're in a surprisingly good mood?" he smirked, "Who died?"

"Nothing died..." she scoffs, striking Aang on the head before her smile returns, "I just feel light as a feather today, that's all."

He takes her hand and smiles before the thought of this vision worries him greater, "But, Katara, about my vision----I am the last Airbender---when I die and the new Avatar is reborn, there will be no person on the planet to teach them Airbending, how can the Avatars after me learn to Airbend with no one to teach them! How can the Avatar continue when there are no more Airbenders!?"

"The last thing I want to think about is you dying Aang," She smushed his face into a hug and continued, "I don't ever want to think like that!"

"Are you sure you're okay? Did you drink some weird cactus juice or another nomad love potion?"

"Nope, I just feel free is all?" she shrugged with a bubbly smile.

"Well, part of me is creeped out, but the other half of me sort of likes it?" They kissed, all the while Aang's vision stayed haunting him in the back of his mind...

A few weeks later, Katara came in squealing, "Aang, guess what!"

"You learned that Kya and Bumi are secretly Airbenders behind my back and I won't be the last Avatar... ?"

Katara frowned and scoffed coldly, "Guess again."

He looked at her in confusion as she placed her hands at her stomach and waited for Aang's response. All at once, his eyes got huge and he stood up from his desk to twirl her around excitedly. "That's wonderful!"

"I'm going to go tell Toph and Sokka right now, care to join me and the kids on a ride into town?" she asked.

"You go on ahead... there's someone I need to have a small talk with today in private."

"Okay Aang, have fun..." She kissed him and proceeded out the door alerting every passing Air Acolyte and White Lotus Sentry Member she sees of the good news.

Just as suddenly, an Air Acolyte enters the room and begins, "Avatar Aang---"

"He's here..." Aang interrupts knowingly, "Please send him in."

Yakone walked into the room with Aang and the Acolyte shut the doors behind him, "Hello old friend what is the urgency that you request I visit your home? Congratulations on the news by the way, hopefully this one's an Airbender, am I right?"

Fanon PD- Bloodbending

Toph told me what happened-

Aang's voice was serious as stone and he didn't even greet Yakone back, merely he struck right to the point, "Yakone, Toph told me what happened."

"You will have to refresh my memory Avatar... I'm afraid I don't follow."

"Toph sent you on a mission in eastern Republic City, three nights ago where there was a small gang of benders that were planning a street fight near the Central City Bridge..."

"Correct, and the benders were apprehended... what's the problem?"

Aang's voice rose, "You could have mentioned that you were a Waterbender?"

"A minor detail..." Yakone laughed, waving the words away through the air, "Please Avatar Aang, it is no cause for a fuss?"

"But, the fact that you captured the gang using Bloodbending---that is IN FACT a very big deal to me!"

"I caught the criminals---a job well done---I would say that the night was a success?"

"Where did you learn to Bloodbend, Yakone? It is a dark and sinister Waterbending technique that is as gruesome as it is rare... and you know that it has been illegal in Republic City for years!"

Yakone grinned a sinister smile and added, "Your wife is a Bloodbender, isn't she Aang? I don't see the problem here?"

"It is none of your business what my wife is or isn't... now, tell me where you learned to Bloodbend or I'm taking you and the chi-blockers off of the streets!" Aang roared.

"Let's not ruin our years of friendship over something petty Avatar---or believe me, you will regret it," Yakone set a picture of Aang's family face down, smiling as he said that.

"Get out of my house Yakone...Now!" Aang bellowed, his eyes flashed once as he did, and air came shooting around his feet as he stood to face Yakone. "If I ever hear of you Bloodbending during a full moon again---I'll see you personally locked away in prison FOR YOUR LIFE!"

"Very well Avatar, but don't say I didn't warn you. I have connections that you can barely dream of Aang, I'll have this city eating out of the palm of my hand, just you wait!" Yakone slammed the door behind and Aang watched from the window until Yakone was off of his island. With a weak sigh, Aang grabbed his head and took a breath before looking back out at Republic City in thought.

Fanon PD- Toph's House

Katara and the children landed at Toph's house, where the Metalbender came out to greet them-

Meanwhile, Katara and the children landed at Toph's house, where the Metalbender came out to greet them, showing Katara her new metal whips that she upgraded to round up criminals.

"That's great, but Toph, guess what!?" Katara changed subject.

"Um, you're finally going to confess you had a crush on Haru?" she teased.

"About the same time you admit your crush on Sokka." Katara laughed.

Toph punched Katara on the arm in a friendly way and then sent the kids inside for some snacks that Ohev was baking.

"So what's up Sugar Queen, you seem even cheerier than usual?"

"Aang and I---" she started slowly to build the drama, "ARE HAVING ANOTHER BABY!"

"Congratulations Katara..." Toph grinned, half-enthused.

"What, no excitement... what's the matter Toph, is everything okay?"

"Nothing's the matter, my life is perfect?" she sighed, "I have a rocking job, a loving husband, my parents' respect, and my own army... what more could a girl ask for?"

Katara saw Kya and Bumi in the kitchen window, playing with Ohev... and then it hit her... "What about a baby!?"

"WHAT!?" Toph choked, "Have you been drinking the Sandbender cactus juice Katara? Why would I want to slow down my life to have a baby that I won't even be able to see?"

"No? Why does everybody keep asking me that?" Katara pondered, "But, look Toph, a baby is the greatest thing in the whole world---and you and Ohev would make great parents. I mean just look at them."

"You know I find it funny that you insist on doing that for twenty years and are oblivious to it every time?" Toph sassed.

"Then listen to them," Katara scoffed, "They're in there having fun and you two would make great parents, you really would. I mean sure you're not exactly a nurturing, compassionate, understanding, motherly------"

"Gee thanks for the pep talk Katara?"

"But you ARE a protective, loving, boundless woman, and you would make a great mother! Have you never considered it before? Not even once?"

"Uh... thanks for the advice Katara, but trust me, I don't think that's the sort of thing I would plan for myself?"

"Whatever you say Chief," Katara sighed, "Kya, Bumi, come on we have to go visit Uncle Sokka now."

"Do we have to!?" Bumi complained, "Our cousins always chase me around the house with fans and swords..."

Fanon PD- Pro-Bending

"Daddy did last week at the Pro-Bending Match he and Uncle took us to behind your back..."

"Yes... now say goodbye to Aunt Toph and Uncle Ohev."

"Goodbye Ohev... Bye Blind Bandit..." The children said.

"Kya! Bumi!" Katara gasped, "Who told you to say that?"

"Daddy did last week at the Pro-Bending Match he and Uncle took us to behind your back..." Kya smirked.

"Is it true you helped create the games Blind Bandit?" Bumi asked with eyes of wonder.

Toph laughed and replied, "Mostly---yes, but no one's called me the Blind Bandit since I was your age... back when I was a Pro-Earthbending Athlete."

"WHOA!" Kya and Bumi exclaimed in awe.

"Alright that's enough stories... your father is already in enough trouble as it is," Katara chuckled lightly, "Bye Toph."

She waved them away and frowned all of the sudden, thinking to herself before heading back inside. Toph lingered like she wanted to add something, but let them fly away and kept the story to herself, but she seemed concerned, and patted herself on the armor at her waist before calling calmly for Ohev.


A few months pass by and Kya and Bumi continuously argue about whether their new sibling to be will be a new brother or a new little sister. Aang was back from another long meeting with the council over matters involving some construction on the east side of Republic City, and he lay resting for the first time in days whilst his two children bickered loudly from the other room.

"Katara..." Aang moaned tiredly.

She came into the room, her belly bulging; Kya and Bumi trailing behind making accusations at her stomach.

"Oh?" She almost scoffed, but hid her contempt voice behind a wide and loving smile. "Are you back already? You've only been gone for two days...Do you think you could finally take some time out of that busy schedule of yours to spend a little quality time with your family?"

Fanon PD- Peace and Quiet

"Do you think you could finally take some time out of that busy schedule of yours to spend a little quality time with your family?"

Aang slid a hand across his face and replied in the same smiling aggravation that Katara wore... "I was actually hoping for a little quiet..."

Katara laughed once, loud and hard, "Ha! Quiet? You don't think that I need a little quiet!? When this baby is born I won't get another moment of peace until I'm fifty!"

"Well listening to an entire room full of arguing political heads isn't exactly a vacation to Whale Tail Island!" Aang's voice rose.

Bumi and Kya were quiet, and Kya nudged her mother's skirt and in a whisper she asked, "Were we still going to practice together later, Mom?"

Bumi looked firmly down at his feet and grumbled, "I wish you guys didn't fight..."

Aang and Katara sighed, as they both stared blankly at one another in their equally tired, baggy eyes.

"Aang...This is what's going to happen," She clapped, "I am taking Kya over to the docks to do some Waterbending and yoga---peaceful things like that to ease my nerves and the baby's." She pointed, "You and Bumi are going to spend some quality time relaxing on your own terms...good luck."

The ladies left the room and Bumi looked over to his sluggish father as Aang sat up and stretched.

"So..." He yawned, "What do you want to do son?"

Bumi lit up, "I don't know? We could race Sky Bison! Or count all the trees on the island! Or we could play hide and seek! We could throw fruit pies at people! OH! Let's go penguin sledding at Gramp Gramp's house!"

Aang watched as his son talked and jumped around without hesitation or a pause to be heard. Eventually Aang stood up and held a hand to Bumi's shoulder to get his to stand still. He said, "Those all sound good....but I have something else in mind."

"This is the most boringest thing ever!" Bumi complained.

He and Aang sat criss-cross as they meditated on the mountains behind their house. Aang looked serene and quiet as the wind circled around them and the soundless air was the only company for miles. Bumi, however...just couldn't manage the silence and was flat on his back, staring up at the clouds.

"That cloud kind of looks like a Badgermole!" Bumi pointed.

"Uh huh..."

"You didn't even look!"

Aang peeked up at the sky and repeated, "Uh huh..."

Bumi waved his hands in the air, "Well it's all different looking now!" He slammed his arms against the dirt and huffed as the clouds all passed him by.

"You know, if you ever become an Airbender, meditation is the key to discovering your connection with the universe."

"Bumi sighed, "I know...but...Dad...It is SOOOOOO BORING!"

Aang chuckled and looked over at Bumi who was still lying miserably in the dirt.

Bumi sniffed.

"Whoa...What's wrong?" Aang frowned.

"Mom teaches Kya everything..." Bumi rubbed his eyes, making the dirt on his sleeve turn into little muddy streaks across his wet face, "I can't bend yet...and what if I never can? You won't be able to teach me anything..."

"That's not true!" Aang shook his head, "I can teach you a lot of things... Um, how to be a good person. How to weave jewelry for all your future lady friends... I taught you how to penguin sled."

"Mom taught us," Bumi covered his face, "You had to go to that elder meeting thing!"

"Oh," Aang looked down guiltily... "Well I taught you how to think like a mad genius, didn't I?"

"I want to know something that everybody can't do! Like Kya's Waterbending...or Mom's Healing...What's something like that, that I can do now!? Before my bending comes in..."

Aang thought about it for the longest moment and then sprang up to a stand with a smile, "Alright son... I know one more thing that I can teach you, and it's an old Airbending specialty that my old teacher, Monk Gyatso, showed me!"

Fanon PD- Quality Time

"A flute?"

Bumi once again lit up and Aang reached behind his cloak to pull something from his pocket. When he did, Bumi was a little more disappointed than he thought he'd be.

"A flute?"

"Music is a powerful weapon too, Bumi," Aang winked, "And it helps pass the time and calm an uneasy spirit. Just listen..."

Aang began to play a soft flute solo and the whole world around the boys seemed to drift away in a peaceful melody. As he continued with his song, Aang was interrupted when a lemur hoped onto his shoulders and stole the flute away from Aang mid-note.

"Hey!" Bumi shouted.

"It's alright," He halted, "He just likes the music is all...animals love a good flute solo."

"That's amazing!" Bumi clapped, "I want to try!"

"Okay son," the Avatar chuckled, snatching the instrument away from the lemur in exchange for a stray piece of fruit from the bushes. He handed the little flute over to his son and pointed at the holes that lined the top of it. "These are the notes that you can play, and these two sound really good together. Don't hold down all of them at once, but find a pattern that you like and you can make up any song that you want."

Bumi blew into the whistle and it made a loud screeching chirp, scaring away the lemur in the process.

"Try to hold the note down firmly and don't give might take a little while before you can play a whole song."

Bumi tried again until a much prettier sound erupted from the flute. He smiled wide and then played the instrument vigorously as he danced around in a circle, playing up and down for all to hear.

Eventually he did tire out, and as the sun started setting, both he and Aang were once again in sitting position as Bumi practiced on the flute with such a calm concentration that Aang almost thought he had fallen asleep still playing.

"We should probably head back before the girls worry, son."

Bumi opened his eyes and sighed, "Okay."

He held out the flute to his father, but Aang pushed it back towards him, "You keep practicing. Next time I'm home, you'll have to play a concert for me, deal?"

Bumi grinned, "I promise!" He got a wicked chuckle and added, "If we can Airbend back home?"

Aang shagged his son's hair and grabbed him over his shoulder and onto his back... "Just this once. Don't tell your mother!"

"Swear!" He crossed his heart.

"Okay, hang on tight Bumi!"

Then the two leapt into the sky and flew back towards the ground as the blissful breeze rushed around them and slowed their fall. For once in his life, Bumi couldn't even remember a happier time he had had with his father all to himself.

Fanon Trivia

  • Aang always knew that he would have to repopulate the Air Nomads, but it was a task he tried not to think about.
  • Katara has weird mood swings that can cause her to become sarcastic, as well as overly affectionate, and not to mention violent.
  • Note: Kya and Bumi fight a lot, just like most siblings do.
  • Note: Parents kissing is the number# 1 thing on every child's OOGIES list.
  • Yakone didn't realize that no news can be kept secret from the Avatar, especially when Toph is involved.
  • You should never insinuate threats against the Avatar's family, unless you have a death wish...
  • Let it be known that Ohev is an extremely talented chef and baker.
  • Fact: Toph never planned on becoming a mother.
  • This is the first time Pro-Bending has been illustrated since its creation. Aang and Sokka are notably enjoying the match.
  • Most of Sokka's daughters are shown for the first time as adults, each with their own personality and thoughts about pro-bending.
  • It is also the first and only time Toph has been referenced as "The Blind Bandit" in twenty years.
  • Spoiler Alert: Some of the events happening in this year will be referenced within the next year of the Fanon.
  • This is really the first time it was stressed that Aang was always away from his family and they weren't a perfect little household as the rest of the fanon suggests.
  • In the last image, "Quality Time", Bumi's future flute can be seen in Aang's hand.

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