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Later in the year, Zuko and Mai were officially crowned Fire Lord and Fire Lady of the Fire Nation. Zuko's proposal was a little less---well "adorable" then Sokka's was. It went a little something like this:

  • Flashback Mode:
Mai was just sitting on the couch playing with a few of her throwing knives when Zuko walked in and stood over her.
"What?" she wondered in a monotone voice of annoyance. Mai had just come back to the royal palace after her and Zuko's breakup. In light of Sokka's wedding, Zuko made an effort to travel down to Mai's Aunt Mura's place and ask for her forgiveness---which of course she refused; although she did come back a few days later after letting Zuko squirm a little bit.
"You want to get married?" he asked as normally as he might any other harmless question. On the inside his heart was beating so fast that he thought the friction would cause it to burst into flames, but on the outside he was cool as a sea cucumber.
"If it'll stop us from breaking up all the time," she shrugged, "Why not?"


Fanon PD- The Fire Lord's Wedding

Later in the year, Zuko and Mai were officially crowned Fire Lord and Fire Lady of the Fire Nation-

Yeah...that is pretty much how the nosy royal service workers said it went...

Zuko and Mai were married in the serene gardens of the Fire Lord's Palace with all of their friends present at the ceremony. This was the first day that Mai was smiling and actually showed an emotion of happiness in---well-----ever. The sad fact that Zuko did not have many guy friends, led him to invite Chit Sang to the wedding, just to even things out, which was a little awkward for everyone, but nice all things considered. Some people like Chit Sang just never change...

The reception was small and kept very under wraps with nary an unfamiliar face in sight as the small group of friends joined together to celebrate the Fire Lord's wedding. Even his mother was able to attend with IKEM and Kiyi; they were brought to the palace from Hira'a in complete secret, and managed not to cause too much commotion if any servants happened to recognize Ursa's face. After the wedding, to celebrate the Fire Lord's marriage, Zuko held celebration after celebration in the Fire Nation for what seemed like an entire week of endless partying. Much to his delight as well as to whatever emotion of Mai's that perceived happiness or joy, neither of them ever broke up again.


For the next year things were quiet, peaceful, and filled with hard work and compromise. Zuko and Aang's Republic City was nearing completion and the effects of the war seemed to be dying down with each passing day. Things were not all fixed just yet, but as the leaders of the world banded together, so to did the people and slowly, but surely everything was gradually getting better for everybody.

Fanon PD- Searching for Ursa

Zuko dreamed about his mother, often he was starting to believe that he had obtained a tiny sliver of Azula's insanity over seeing her in his mind so frequently-

Well almost everybody... WIth the expansion of Republic City and the frequent struggles to maintain balance in the new world that they lived in, things for a Fire Lord could not be more stressful. Zuko continued running his kingdom and making self sacrifices to help the rest of the world, but he rarely ever had a moment to relax for himself anymore. Once upon a time, Zuko searched high and low for his mother, and after finally finding her after an amazing journey to Hira'a, he often found himself missing her more now that he knew where she was living. He went to visit with his mother, his new sister, Kiyi, and Ikem whenever he got the chance; he told his father their story in prison; and he even planned trips to Ba Sing Se to see his Uncle Iroh, but Zuko was so busy running his nation that he rarely ever saw his family as much as he wanted to. Mai worried that Zuko needed to take some time off for his health's sake because more often than not she would wander into one of his war rooms to find the tired Fire Lord asleep on top of mounds of paperwork, always mumbling something about his family in his sleep. Zuko dreamed about his mother, often he was starting to believe that he had obtained a tiny sliver of Azula's insanity over seeing her in his mind so frequently. But, with the stress of ruling his people, restoring the world to peace, taking care of his father in prison, and searching for his mentally unstable sister that disappeared in the Forgetful Valley----Zuko has a lot to deal with right now and can get easily overwhelmed.

In the meantime, Aang's home on Air Temple Island was nearly complete and already it served as the perfect place for Air Acolytes and Nomads to live. Republic City began housing more and more people as well, and it started to thrive as more families moved into the new area. Aang shared less stress than Zuko in the matter, but as the Avatar, he still had quite a few responsibilities to ensure became reality. Together...Aang, Katara, and Toph were making it their top priority to establish Republic City as a functional community and that alone took up a great portion of their time.

Meanwhile, Sokka and Suki were still living in the South Pole and Hakoda had given leadership of the tribe to his son and his daughter-in-law. With the restorations now completed on the South Pole, more and more families had started to migrate to the famed tribe that found the Avatar not too long ago. Not being able to withstand the intense cold, however, most of the new immagrants moved right back to their old cities. Suki eventually did adapt to the cold herself, and eventually she got used to the way things worked in the small tribe. She even started training some of the young Water Tribe girls how to fight like a proud Kyoshi Warrior.

Elsewhere, Ty Lee and the rest of the Kyoshi Warriors were becoming an international sensation as they traveled around the globe helping people and keeping the peace in the name of equality and the end of the war. Ty Lee took to the fame and love with great pride, but some of the other girls are starting to wonder if maybe the popularity was taking away from their goals to help people.


By this Fourth Year Reunion, Suki was expecting her and Sokka's first child, and the gang began talking about the destiny of Team Avatar. They had the meeting at Zuko's Palace due to the lovely weather and his very busy working schedule. It was after dinner and the boys and girls seemed to split apart to talk about their own different things---though they weren't as different as everyone thought...

"The baby feels very strong Suki, a natural leader just like you," Katara said, while feeling Suki's stomach, "I've helped deliver a lot of babies, so I guess you would say I can just tell these sort of things?"

"You know Katara, Sokka's a great leader too, despite---well---everything?" Suki laughed, and the other girls joined in heartily.

Mai's monotone voice peaked in interest for a moment and she asked, "You know, Zuko and I have been talking about having a baby for months now, but we aren't so sure if this is the right time----you know? He's so busy with the Fire Nation and Republic City---not to mention his search for his sister..."

Katara got excited, squealing, "No! You should definitely have a baby Mai...oh, a little, baby Zuko would be so cute!"

The ladies laughed, all the while Toph groaned and rolled her eyes the best way she knew how, saying, "While you ladies keep talking about your obsession with babies, I'm going to talk with the guys, where hopefully things are less mushy and girly."

Toph rose and left the room, but as soon as she came across where the boys were talking, the sound of Sokka's panicking vocal cords screamed across her eardrums... "I'm not ready to be a father!" he bellowed.

Fanon PD- The Baby Shower

Alright, I'll see everybody next year-

"You?" Zuko scoffed, "You don't have a kingdom and a city to rebuild---not to mention the colonies to reunite! Mai's been hinting at baby things for months and I'm not ready for that!"

Aang eased in calmly, stating, "I think you guys are just overreacting. You're both great leaders and awesome friends, and you're going to make amazing parents too."

"Wow... thanks Aang?" Sokka sighed.

Zuko took a breath, and added in a shocked tone, "That really makes us feel better."

"Good, good..." Aang sighed, but then he too grew frantic, raging out, "BUT WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT KATARA, WE'VE BEEN DATING FOR YEARS AND WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW!?"

The boys start to argue and Toph sighed in annoyance, announcing, "Alright, I'll see everybody next year..."


Fanon PD- Yue

Sokka and Suki had their first daughter at their home in the South Pole-

A few months later, Sokka and Suki had their first daughter at their home in the South Pole. She was a tiny, squishy-looking baby girl with long dark hair and big blue eyes---she would fit right in in at the Southern Water Tribe. Sokka convinced Suki that they would name their baby Yue, for the Moon Spirit because of the sheer fact that their daughter was born under the full moon. As soon as they got the chance, the new parents sent Hawky (their messenger hawk) to spread the good news to all of their friends throughout the world of their new daughter's arrival.

After receiving the letter from her brother, Katara traveled down to the South Pole to help Suki with the baby as well as to see her Gran Gran, Pakku, her father and her tribe---while also aiding them with more of the tribe's reconstruction projects. After she was gone, this left Aang to his Avatar duties throughout the world with Momo and Appa as his only company during his lonesome travel.

Messenger hawks

Fang, Hawky, and Rocky-

As for Zuko and Mai in the Fire Nation, they would send their own Hawk (named Fang) to alert the Avatar of the lowering or rising protest rates in the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom, as well as political calls to the generals and peacekeepers of the world. Fang was usually only used in matters of political importance to other powers in the four nations, and was seldom used just to say "Hi" like Sokka's was.

Every once in a blue moon or so, Toph would even send her own Hawk (who was named Rocky) to her parents, also imploring them to visit Republic City if they ever got the chance to come and see the Metalbending Elite Force and Academy that she was constructing. She normally had a student of hers or a wandering neighbor to write down her message for them, but because of the hassle, Toph rarely ever sent out communications to her parents in Gaoling.

Fanon Trivia

  • Mai and Zuko do not express their feelings well...
  • Zuko hold much burden on his shoulders as Fire Lord, and even more so now that Azula went missing after they found their mother in Hira'a.
  • Even though this is the first year that Sokka is crowned Chief of the Southern Water Tribe he will eventually leave and return to Republic City.
  • Katara is a known baby-whisperer. (Aang comes up with a rumor as to why, in Year 52).
  • Toph is not known for tolerating baby showers or sappy moments between the gang.
  • Spoiler Alert: Baby Yue was actually born very ill, but no one will know this until a future year.
  • Toph does not write the letters she sends with her Messenger Hawk, instead she gets someone else to read and to write them (some say Rocky is such a smart bird, he can actually write them for her...but that is just a rumor).

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