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Fanon PD- Memorial

"Happy Anniversary..."

Toph crept out into her backyard and walked right up to an old tree looming over a smooth, round stone. She slid her fingers across it and then down the front of it to feel the letters engraves into the slick surface, brushing a few stray leaves away as she did... The stone tablet read "Captain Ohev. Father, husband, and hero. You are gone, but not forgotten."

Toph smiled and laid a few rocks near the headstone, before reaching into a pouch on her belt to pull out two handfuls of tiny Jacks...she crunched them all in her hands and made a few small, metal flowers to set next to the stones. After, she pulled out a folded up piece of paper, and tenderly unwound it until she touched each corner of the parchment to find the side with the slightly folded end...when she found it, Toph set the photo upright, under the rocks and then brushed her fingers across the wax candle at the base of this tree, feeling for the wick... Toph lit the candle carefully and immediately fell off her knees to sit before the structure with a pleased grin.

"Happy Anniversary..." she blushed.

Toph fell back into the grass and smiled towards the sky, sighing dreamily, "You know I never could see you, Ohev...but, your voice was the sweetest sound I ever heard. I listen for it all the time, thinking maybe you were just hiding from me, ready to pop out and surprise me like you used to. I never understood how you could do that---it was like you were immune to my Earthbending? In fact---I never understood how you never ONCE made any reference to me being blind? Ever since the first moment you laid eyes on me when we were kids, you never treated me the least bit different? I'll bet you didn't even know I couldn't see you, you loser! Ohev, the only lily livered servant I knew of who had a gall big enough to chew out my father! Oh, how I wish I could have seen the look on his face when you were all like: "TOPH BEIFONG IS THE SMARTEST, BRAVEST, MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD, AND YOU WILL SHOW HER RESPECT OR I'LL TEACH IT TO YOU OLD MAN!"---" Toph wiped a tear from her eye after laughing hysterically...and continued, "Your heart was beating so fast I thought you were about to pass out! But, my father congratulated you on standing up for me and showing such backbone---he actually liked you, and for my dad, that's certainly saying something!" Toph's laughter grew soft and she sat up, before carrying on her conversation... "I know I tell you this every year, but Lin's a Captain now, just like you were. Ha---You know, when she was a kid, Lin would dress up in my chest plate---the whole thing was enough to cover her entire body...then, oh...then she would put on your hat and my old Championship belt....and she would shoot pebbles at that grouchy Messenger Hawk for hours and hours!" Toph sighed happily and thought up another story... "Then there was that time that we were at the beach---you hit me on the back of the head with a sand ball, so I shot you into the knew I couldn't swim, but you came back over to that beach and you held my hand so I could walk into the tide and feel the waves hitting my legs as they came ashore--" she chuckled...and sighed,"That was the first time I got to see you---really "see you". At first it was just my terrified grip on your arms, but then I felt your chest---so fit for a servant? You're arms were the same all the way to the neck and by the time I noticed your face, you were just smiling away and, I touched your teeth and felt that little gap; it was the only thing different about you from all the other people I'd seen (aside Zuko and his scar) was that small space in your smile...and I just loved it!" Toph frowned, "You touched my face after that and tilted my chin...that was our first real kiss---in the water, on that beach...and I was too startled to even hit you back because you got me while my defences were lowered. It was my first real kiss and it was so---nice? I miss that moment---I often catch myself missing the kiss." Silence was the only sound for the longest while before Toph continued talking to the stone grave..."That was the first time I ever set foot in the ocean on my own free will---and the last time I ever went to that beach with you. Poor Lin...if it weren't for Sokka, the child wouldn't know how to swim...but, going back there, standing in those just didn't feel right? You know...Lin saved one of her fellow officers when they fell overboard a recon ship---he didn't even have time to shout for help---our girl was already dragging his butt back aboard...she is so much like you, Ohev---"

Toph stopped slowly and thought about the last moment she ever got to hear her husband's voice, the last time she ever saw him alive...

  • Flashback Mode:

"So Chief, I'm taking out the squadron on our regulation run, be back in an hour."

"Yeah yeah..." Toph waved, as she continued fiddling with a few of the metal tools lying on the desk... "Keep the city safe Ohev."

He looked about the office and noticed it was empty, so Ohev got an honoree smile and gave his wife a quick kiss before she tossed down her tools in annoyance...

"Had to try, Chief." He snickered, placing on hand on her stomach where their new baby was just a few weeks until born... "I'll see you two after work."

"If you ever quit your stalling and actually get out there to do your duty, Captain!" she gruffed.

"Alright, alright," he laughed, "We're going!"

Toph listened as his footsteps vanished down the hall and she heard the Airship take off into the sky. The mother-to-be let out a tiny smile and then got up from her desk to go boss around a few new officers.

Fanon PD- Interrogation

"What do you think you're doing!? I'm in the middle of an interrogation!"

It was maybe forty minutes later when Toph was doing an interrogation, when an officer burst through the secure room and Toph was angrier at him than ever.

"What do you think you're doing!?" she screamed, "I'm in the middle of an interrogation!"

The perp she was asking questions was wrapped upside down in her metal cables and he groaned and then cheered, "Bless you Officer, Bless you!!!"

"Hush yer' yap!" the Chief scoffed, slamming him back (upright) in his seat. "Officer Ro, I demand an explanation!"

He was breathing heavy and his eyes were huge, but it was his rapid heartbeat that struck Toph as odd. She clenched her fist and cuffed her prisoner to the chair before following the officer out into the hallway.

"Alright, Ro..." she sighed in annoyance, "What happened this time?"

"C-Chief Beifong..." he stammered, "There's been---been a---an attack."

"Attack?" she wondered, "Well spit it out, we'll send some troops over there---you stopped my interrogation for----"

"Chief you don't understand---the attack---it was on our Airship. It's sinking into the harbor of Yue Bay and already the River Rescue Units and the Avatar are attempting a rescue, but the catastrophe seems to be futile."

Toph got a look of startled terror on her face as she placed a hand on her stomach that all of the sudden felt empty and sick...then she got a snarl and ordered, "Get our officers out of that Airship, I want every available hand we have on the Bay, get our men out there, now!"

"Yes Chief Beifong!" he saluted, running off post haste to scramble the officers. Toph was already on the streets, she could smell the smoke from the station, and instantly took off on the street cables to shoot over to the bay. When she got over there, the other officers were already arriving on the sand as a cold breeze blew the hot smell of fire towards the harbor.

"Chief Beifong!" another officer called.

"Officer Sun," she snapped, "How long?"

"The ship went down at 1600 hours and has been submerging for ten minutes."

"A crash forty minutes ago and no one called me in?" she growled... "How are we on rescue? Are there any suspects?"

"Rescue units say that there is a 1 in 100 chance of survival, no witnesses report any attack, but perhaps an engine failure," he replied.

"Our engines don't fail!" Toph thundered, hearing the sounds of rescue boats pulling into the sand, and she asked, "What's happening?"

"The River Rescue has returned with four officers---they're taking them to the hospital."

"There were over two-hundred people in that ship, and you're telling me they only got four people out?"

"For now Chief," he sighed, "If you could only see how terrible this crash was---I've never seen such destruction. Oh, look the Avatar!"

"Aang!" Toph called.

"Toph!" he panted, "Toph...what happened?"

"I'm being told engine failure, but I can smell the conspiracy from here... Aang, my Airship was sabotaged!"

"It's pretty bad!" Aang huffed, "I found four of the victims, they were in pretty bad shape---one officer was still conscious and he told me that they were the only ones that weren't trapped below the water."

"Can't you do something?" she wondered with a frown.

"If I Waterbend the ship to shore, I risk causing the entire thing to explode; gas and oil has been draining into the water for the past half hour...the River Rescue is, at this point, trying to keep the fire off of the flammable water."

"Well then, I'll Metalbend the ship to shore!" she snarled.

"Toph no!" it's too big for even you especially in your condition! The only thing we can do is wait...and hope."

Toph took a few staggering steps into the ocean, but stopped when the water covered her feet and she felt Aang's hand on her shoulder. She shut her eyes tightly but with a much calmer voice asked up towards Aang, "The four rescued officers---were any of them---?"

Aang looked down at his feet and tightened his grip on Toph's shoulder... "No Toph..."

She lost all of her anger and her face drained into a hopeless look of inevitable sorrow.

Toph had that look on her face right now as she touched the name on the gravestone again...

"Is she still out there?" Sokka wondered.

"Yeah," Lin shrugged, peering out the back window as her mother talked wildly to the air... "Every year she gets like this---she sits out there for hours talking to him..." Sokka placed his hand on Lin's shoulder and she turned to him abruptly, asking, "What was he like?"

"Ohev?" Sokka chuckled solemnly... "Well, first of all, he was the bravest man I ever met---and not for his sacrifice---it was because he seemed to be the only man alive who saw Toph for what she really was, other than a great fighter..."

"Oh?" she wondered curiously.

Sokka laughed, "He saw her as a girl---and he wasn't afraid to let her know that. Normally people who thought such blasphemy, they were struck into the next millennium---but not him..." Sokka paused, "Toph truly saw the generosity and courage inside Ohev and he saw the sweet but painfully abrasive side of Toph Beifong. They loved each other more than anyone could have ever imagined."

"Then why would he just LEAVE HER BEHIND like that!?" she growled.

"Ohev made sacrifices for other people's wellbeing---it was his most renowned trait..."

"Someone else could have pulled that lever?" Lin suggested, "They were Metalbending Officers---they could have just bent the door shut?"

"Lin..." Sokka eased, "Of the four officers that Aang rescued, two were unconscious, one was barely breathing, and Saikhan was so broken, it was a miracle he was even speaking...and of those officers, none of them were anything more than new recruits---so inexperienced....they were just young kids at the time, fresh out of the academy..." he stressed, "Your father made a choice to let them live---and even if he were here now, he would make that same choice again and again---it's what made him, well... Ohev."

"I just wish I could have known him..." Lin sighed sadly...

"But, you do know him..." Sokka smiled, "Every time you look into the mirror, your father's eyes are looking back. Ever since the night you were born, I held you in my arms and was just astounded because I had never seen a baby so beautiful in all my life-----DO NOT tell my wife!" Lin chuckled and Sokka continued, "When I looked into your eyes, you smiled up at me and I instantly saw Ohev looking back. Every time you get the urge to save someone...every time you decide to stay calm and not lash out----that is you father speaking to you---" Sokka pondered something and then added, "You know...I think that's why Toph and Ohev had you....because every time in every future, he would sacrifice his life for others---whether Toph met him or not, Ohev was always destined to save those four officers' lives---but with you---Toph would always have a piece of him left to love---you are her whole world, Lin...She needs you."

Lin looked back outside and saw her mother laughing to the grave...and she looked back as Sokka was heading out the front door.

He waved and stated, "You tell her I stopped by to check on her..."

"I will...." She nodded. Sokka turned and left Lin alone in thought for the longest time...until she decided to take action, and she opened the door, stepping out into the backyard.

Fanon PD- Family Time

Lin laughed and shut her eyes to imagine her father sitting beside them...

Toph heard her daughter's approaching footsteps and waited quietly as Lin came and sat beside her...asking, "Can I join you?"

"Sure honey?" Toph grinned kindly, before chuckling... "I was just telling your father about our first interrogation together!"

Lin laughed and shut her eyes to imagine her father sitting beside them...just like Toph probably was. Then Lin stated, "You ever tell him about my first patrol?"

"No," she chuckled, "I don't think I have yet?"

"Well, get this!" Lin clapped, "I'm doing my rounds and all of the sudden this girl comes crying to me to get her Goat Gorilla out of a tree!? WHO in their right minds, gets an eight year old a Goat Gorilla as a pet...WHO!?------"

The Beifong women laughed and continued on with the story...for hours they just sat there talking until the night turned into morning... In fact, Lin actually passed out from talking so long, and as the grown woman lay sleeping in her mother's lap, Toph stroked her daughter's hair and continued talking to her husband about how proud they were of their remarkable daughter...and of how proud they were of their courageous Captain.


A calming morning was arising in the town of Shu Jing, an utterly calming and blissful morning at the large estate of Master Piandao and the source of the White Lotus Training Camp. A lone lotus who was in charge of sounding the horn to wake up the other sentries walked to the highest of the towers on the courtyard, and placed his lips to the horn before something out of the corner of his eye made the White Lotus gasp and fall back into the wall. On a pedestal of gold in the corner of the room was supposed to hold the most treasured possession of the Order of the White Lotus, a Lotus flower carved completely out of sacred pearl and ivory; the particular gem was supposed to date back over ninety-seven years!

Fanon PD- The Missing Lotus

"When I came in this morning, our sacred lotus was gone---utterly gone!"

"Someone has stolen the Sacred Lotus!" he bellowed as loud as his booming voice could carry. The Sentry rushed over and frantically blew the horn as all of the other members woke and came rushing to the courtyard. He screamed down at them again, "Someone has stolen the Lotus Gem, it's gone!"

Gasps and murmurs rang out all around until two people shoved through the crowd and ran into the tower.

"Shao," the Sentry Leader burst in, "What are you bellowing about?"

"Master Sukka," he trembled, pointing--- "When I came in this morning, our sacred lotus was gone---utterly gone!"

Master Piandao ran his old hand across the glass case and around the seams of the gold pedestal, humming to himself in thought, "Hmm? This case was supposed to be impenetrable, strange indeed?"

"Master Piandao," Sukka bowed, "Should I call the city and rally the police?"

Calmly he declined, "No...I do not want to get the United Republic involved at this point. I will call in a favor that an old student of mine owes---if anyone can help us now, it would be him."

"What should we do until he gets here, Master?" the shaking sentry wondered.

"I don't believe one missing relic is keeping the rest of you from standing, or from training?" he replied sternly, "You will go on with your practice and I will resolve this terrible crime."

"Go spread the word, Shao!" Sukka ordered.

As he ran off, she turned to master Piandao and wondered, "Master, I know you are a tranquil man, but that gem was your most prized possession...are you sure this is no cause for a higher panic?"

"My girl," he smirked solemnly, "That lotus was a gift symbolizing the strength it took to form our great order. I am, indeed, abruptly upset, but until I have no hope left in me, I will not give this thief the satisfaction of breaking my serenity..." Sukka gave him a comforting grin and the two walked back down the tower to retrieve Piandao's telephone, as he grumbled, "Although, this has managed to ruin my morning."

A few hours later, a man arrived at Piandao's door and knocked on the large gates until one of the Lotus Sentries answered and took him to the Zen garden where the Master was meditating.

"Master Piandao---" he began.

"Ah, my old student has returned..." he assumed.

"Master Piandao," the man bowed in humble greeting. He wore an odd trench-like cape and a funny looking hat that matched alongside a monocle and a corn pipe that hung from his mouth.

Fanon PD- Huyan Holmes

"Detective Huyan Holmes...It has been quite a while since I saw you last."

"Detective Huyan Holmes..." Piandao smiled, "It has been quite a while since I saw you last."

"Indeed Master," he grinned back, "But what is time really, except a fragmented figment of human imagination?"

"Master Piandao!" Sukka called, coming in to tell him some news before getting a gander of his young new guest and shutting off her sentence.

"Ah, come here Sukka, I would like to introduce an old student of mine, Huyan Holmes, he's a detective and one of the best this world has ever seen."

"Nice to meet you," she swallowed.

"And Huyan, this is Master Sukka, my top student and she is the woman in charge of the White Lotus Sentries."

"An impressive title," he chuckled smoothly, taking her hand in his to give it one debonair kiss.

Sukka blushed and just watched dumbfounded trying to contemplate what this weird feeling was that she was having---blushing? Timidness? This has never happened to her before---was----no, was this a crush? Thirty-Nine years later and this was what an actual crush felt like? Sukka frowned and reapplied her colder, more professional attitude and snarked, "So this is the guy we're trusting to find our most sacred possession?"

"Show Master Holmes your respect Sukka," Piandao snickered, "You and he will be spending a lot of time together as you unravel the tale of my missing Lotus Gem."

"T-together?" she stammered, "Oh, but Master Piandao, I am extremely busy training the Sentries---then the benders are expecting backup sword lessons, and---"

"I believe you will balance everything out," he took a sip of lemon tea, "I expect nothing less of you my dear, now if you two will excuse me---"

The old man walked off with a proud smile hidden away from his two students; meanwhile, they gave each other a look of confusion before Sukka snarled and scoffed, turning her back on the detective who merely got more confused and decided to trail behind her.


"Well here we are---" Sukka pointed around, "The scene of the crime...Sentry woke at approximately dawn and noticed the gem missing. The Night Sentry claimed it was here before he went to bed, so we are looking at about a thirty minute window for the perps to strike."

"Shush!" he motioned, pulling out some gloves and a few tools to take samples and fingerprints with. He walked over to the golden case and peered around in thought, "Not easily accessible is it?"

"Obviously it was meant to remain sealed and never be opened...yet the seal is in place and it looks as though the thief were spirit that reached right into the glass?"

He almost snickered, but continued his looking and stated, "The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes."

"What do you mean?" she snapped, "The case is untouched!? There was no key---no way in or out of that thing, it's impossible to open?"

With an honoree hum, Huyan replied, "You see, but you do not observe. The distinction is clear..." he pointed to the inscription carved into the gold of the casing, "Look here, the carving is backwards..."

Fanon PD- The Scene of the Crime

"My uncle is the Avatar! Plus I've passed by this case over one hundred times, I know what it says!"

"Backwards?" she wondered.

"There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact," he sighed, "Here lies the proof, you see the cycle of the Elements and the Lotus in-between... The cycle goes: Water, Earth, Fire, Air, then the symbol for the Order of the Lotus and then the case reads: Water, Earth, Fire, and Air again---"

"I know the cycle!" she groaned, "My uncle is the Avatar! Plus I've passed by this case over one hundred times, I know what it says!"

"Do you my dear?" he retaliated in that smooth voice again, "Because on Master Piandao's case, the symbols go in this order: Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Lotus, Fire, Earth, Water, and Air once more."

"That's just a stupid little detail?" she growled in annoyance.

"It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important."

"So what then---" Her mood lightened as she finally realized what was going on, "This isn't Master Piandao's golden case?"

"Precisely..." he clapped, "Now judged by these small scrapes against the floor, there was more than one owl-cat burglar in our midst. They tried to drag the pedestal out, and started to carry it when the noise was too loud for comfort...there!" he pointed to where the scuffs stopped and stood tall with his magnifying lens, "I presume two men were behind this both equally fit in order to carry the treasured case down the flight of fifty-four stairs and out into the courtyard, where I suspect we will find our next clue! Come Sukka, we have a trail to follow!"


He rushed out into the yard and Sukka trailed behind him curiously until they stood there among the other Sentries and she looked around, "What now "Sir-of-one-thousand-conclusions" see anything useful to the case?"

Holmes peered around and squinted his eyes as his special way of seeing utterly took over among all his other senses... He looked and waited until, "Ahah!" he waved and walked over to the gate, "Here..."

"The tiles are broken?" she noticed.

"Broken as though someone lost their grip on something heavy---and I seriously doubt that Master Piandao has been moving around his furniture." Huyan grabbed yet another tool from his pocket and used a blade to cut out a tiny corner of the brick.

"Is that a multi-use pocket knife?" Sukka asked, "With the pliers, the sharpener, the cork screw---?"

Fanon PD- Clues

"I try not to confine myself to attachments---let's just say I have made many enemies---"

"It is," he plucked the brick out of the wall and shoved it into his seemingly endless pockets, "What, have you never seen one before?"

"Ha!" she guffawed, "Hardly! My brother-in-law invented the blasted thing. Someone in my family gets that thing for Christmas every year---I fear my turn is next."

"You have a large family I assume?" he presumed knowingly, counting back how many years he has owned his nifty tool and counting heads at a fathomable holiday setting.

"Pretty large..." she tried not to sound sarcastic... "Do you have family?"

He sighed and looked to the ground for a moment, "I try not to confine myself to attachments---let's just say I have made many enemies and they will not hesitate---"

"To hurt your family..." Sukka assumed, "I understand..." her tone changed and she wondered, "So...what's with my brother's invention, why carve out the brick?"

"What one man can invent another can discover," he started, "I use my multi-purpose blade to collect clues that could be of valuable use later sure to thank that relative of yours---this little trinket has gotten me out of many jams over the years."

"Will do," she smiled and brushed some hair behind her ear, clearing her throat before saying, "So...where to next?"

"Next we capture the culprits behind this heinous crime."

"Wh—wait, whoa, what?" she choked, "Did I miss something---who is it? How did you figure them out?"

"I have my ways dear woman," he smiled, "Come, this mystery is almost at an end, let's go find Master Piandao and return to the scene."


"Ah Holmes," Master Piandao smiled, "I hope you have uncovered the origin of this cruel act on the Lotus Order?"

"I have master...Unfortunately the culprit may surprise did me."

"Oh?" he smirked.

"You see, I divulged the conclusion after noticing the cracked bricks near the edge of your estate. It was made apparent that two figures carrying your heavy display stand slipped, causing the solid gold casket to crash into the wall and smash it. Before I noticed the scratches along the floor, a futile attempt to drag the Lotus Gem away and later break the glass casket where no one would hear it, and then it hit me."

"Oh did it?" Piandao wondered with amusement.

"It took an approximate thirty three seconds to build up the strength to lift such a heavy case off the ground, and that time in distance from your gate would have been well into the dirt and into the grass even before such a thing could be lifted. Yet, to my astonishment, there were no striations in the ground, but on the tile flooring heading back into the estate. I now see that these clues were so obviously laid out, only to lead us right back to the very spot... and so without further or do, I present to you..." he walked a few feet over and opened a tiny cleaning closet in the corner, "The culprit, as well as the missing Lotus Gem."

A gasp rang out from a few of the Sentries who came to eavesdrop and Sukka was utterly astounded.

"Daddy!?" she gasped.

"You see, I miscalculated when I said the two lifters must have been fit, what I should have said was fit for their ages, for you see when Sukka told me about her family and how each year they receive this," he pulled out his knife, " I was able to notice one scratch---a deliberate scratch that fit in the exact shape of my own blade---" he took out the brick and showed it to the crowd, "After that I assumed the culprit was a well-known member of the Lotus, a member even and a friend that only one other person would trust to handle such a task and treasure...Master Piandao."

Another gasp rang out and one Sentry fainted as the clues came crawling together.

"Master Piandao and Master Sokka placed this elaborate and deliberate scheme together, but what I have not deduced, is why?" Holmes pondered.

Fanon PD- Culprits


"Dad!? Master---how could you two do this?" Sukka demanded to know, "You had the whole camp in a panic!?"

"Well Sukka," Sokka eased, "It was kind of for selfish reasons on both my and Master Piandao's parts."

"We were talking about this just the other week," Piandao added, "Two of my most unique students of the generation...we thought it would be nice if the two of you met and got to know each other."

"Why?" Sukka was two seconds from exploding.

"Honey, I know you're big moral-code..." Sokka teased, "I won't marry unless I can beat the man in a sword brawl---"

If Sukka were a Firebender, steam would be pouring out of her ears... "YOU TWO GEESERS SET THIS UP JUST TO HOOK ME UP WITH A STUPID DATE!?"

"Pretty much," Piandao shrugged.

Sukka drew her sword and ordered all of the Sentries out. They ran in haste and Sukka pointed the blade at her father, "MY LOVE LIFE IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! What!? You're going to go disguise yourself as a Kyoshi Warrior and try to get Koko to marry some pencil necked Islander!?"

"Master I don't understand!?" Holmes expressed, "Why would you put me---well, us---through this?"

"Ever since you were a boy Holmes, you were distant and lacking in family---you believed if you were ever to get close to someone, they would be killed like your family was so long ago."

Sukka set down her blade and gasped.

"I fear your loneliness was driving you into madness, and I knew if there were one woman on the planet who could protect herself no matter what dangers are thrown in her way---it would be Master Sukka..." Piandao added, "I taught you how to see the world in a different perspective my student, but perhaps the wisest lesson I should have been teaching you, was how to let in emotion and love from others."

"The emotional qualities are incompatible to clear reasoning," Huyan scoffed before groaning and admitting, "I confess that I have been blind as a Badgermole, but it is better to learn wisdom late than never to learn it at all."

Sukka gasped again and dropped her blade entirely; the two exchanged a look and for once Sukka wasn't the one blushing---but Huyan surely was.

"I will not forgive either one of you for this," Sukka started in a growl, "And I will be telling Mother, and I will be warning my sister of your schemes to marry us off Dad!" Sokka and Piandao expressed equal guilty looks of discomfort as Sukka reached down and picked up her sword... "I'm not about to put this elaborate plot to waste---come on Holmes, we going to settle this like gentlemen..." She tossed him the sword and he gasped, snatching up professionally before giving her an odd look of confusion... "We're going to have to duel to get our meddlers off our backs about this."

"I agree my dear," he slashed the blade down, "Let's get this over with shall we?"

"Meet you in the courtyard," she flirted.

"Ladies first," he bowed.

They vanished and Sokka jabbed his elbow into Piandao, "Worked like a charm Master!"

"For once, it seems one of your creative plans have finally played out the way that you anticipated, Sokka."

"Yeah..." He chuckled, "Wait! What do you mean, for once?"

Fanon Trivia

  • This is the first we see Toph's hair graying; she is 55 years old by this year.
  • Ohev's gravestone was first seen in Toph's Backyard in Year 27.
  • There are two unnamed gravestones near Ohev's, possibly hinting that Toph's parents have passed away by this time.
  • This is the first we really get to hear a lot about the less "abbrassive" and more "romantic" side of Toph and Ohev's relationship, and more about his role as a husband.
  • This is the third and final time that the Great Airship Tragedy has been mentioned in this Fanon, but the first time we are shown what happened before the tragedy occurred.
  • Sokka often checks in on Toph and Lin on occasion to make sure they're doing alright. He came over quite a lot to help with Lin when she was a baby, even though it has not been mentioned in the actual story.
  • Lin's "First Run" can be read in Year 38.
  • The Sacred Lotus was crafted back when the organization was formed long, long ago.
  • This is the first time we've seen Master Piandao since Master Pakku's funeral in Year 17.
  • Sukka has been training with Piandao since she was a mere infant, and she has been living at his mansion since Year 28.
  • The White Lotus sentries in training all train under Sukka, even the benders. Sukka stated that she teaches the bending Sentries how to use a sword as a "back-up" strategy.
  • The young Sentries wear slightly different outfits that the Order of the White Lotus members. When they become masters themselves, they will earn similar outfits and the signature white lotus flower.
  • Everytime Sukka and Huyan switch locations, the LAW AND ORDER tune is supposed to ring through everyone's imagination.
  • Sokka and Piandao are very sneaky old masters.
  • Let it be known, Sukka did not defeat Holmes in their brawl...and we all know what that means, don't we?
  • Huyan is the only of Sokka's "child-in-laws" to have a major role in a mini-story.
  • In range of Piandao's students from Greatest to Least, per level of awesomness as a swordsman is:

1. Zuko

2. Sukka

3. Huyan

4. Sokka

5. Fat

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v - e - dThe Years After the Hundred Year War
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