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It was a rather peaceful evening throughout Air Temple Island as a springy jive played jubilantly over the radio. The old Avatar, Aang, was dancing around the courtyard with his wife, Katara, and though they weren't as young as they used to be, they were still very capable of cutting a rug and tangoing about the yard. Why, soon even a few acolytes joined them and the couples grew until everyone started a peaceful little party right in the foyer of Air Temple Island.

Fanon PD- Dancing

"Sixty-Two might be my age limit for this particular song."

"Aang," Katara laughed, "We aren't kids anymore---don't dip me so low, or you'll throw your back out!"

"Don't worry so much," Aang smiled, before a loud CRACK made his face wince and he smiled groggily, his chuckles restricted through gritted teeth of pain, "Then again..." he grinned, "Sixty-Two might be my age limit for this particular song."

"Oh Aang..." Katara sighed, whipping out some of the water from the nearby fountain to heal the old Avatar's bones.

Across the pavilion, Lin and Tenzin were dancing as well; they looked each other in the eyes before Tenzin twirled Lin around and she came back around to kiss him softly before the music intensified and their graceful waltzing the Foxtrot turned rapidly into aerial swing dancing and Tenzin, and Lin were tearing up the courtyard. He used his Airbending to send her flying out of his arms just a little ways before he caught her and flipped Lin over his shoulder. She took his hands and watched her feet as she performed the Charleston and then laughed at the ridiculous movement as they continued circling one another, trying to one-up the other in their dance. The lively beat slowed suddenly and Lin collapsed onto a rock with a hearty laugh and took a breather, her voice tired and anxious all at once as she let the evening air wash over her and exhaled, "I don't think I can dance anymore, Airhead."

"Sorry Lin," Tenzin chuckled, taking a seat right beside her, "I forget sometimes that dancing is in my blood---I guess I can get a little carried away."

"Your blood?" Lin scoffed, "My father was a Singing Nomad! You only wish that your fancy Twinkle Toes style could compete with me." Lin laughed to the sky and shot Tenzin a snarky frown, "But honestly Tenzin, this sap is just killing me! Can we please do something a little more fun now?"

"What did you have in mind?" he wondered.

She chuckled and leaned over to kiss him before a tiny "Ahem!" made her freeze and Lin scoffed right into the eyes of a short, thirteen year old girl with a wide smile on her face and a Panda Lily strangled in her hands, which were sweaty and white in terror.

"I'll handle this," Tenzin whispered, kissing Lin's cheek before he got a huge grin across his face and in a playful tone he turned to the little girl and laughed, "What do you have there, Pema?"

Her face grew pale before beating red, and she blushed shyly, handing him the flower. "W-we went over to the Makapu Village---and I got this for you---" she stammered.

"Well, aren't you sweet?" Tenzin smiled, patting her on the head as he took the flower out of her unmoving fingers. Pema grinned quickly, but that smile vanished shortly after looking towards Lin Beifong. After that, Pema grew timid and quickly ran away before she said anything further, mumbling to herself the entire way off.

"What was that all about?" Lin sneered.

"She's just one of the local acolyte girls with a crush---cute isn't it?" he chuckled.

"Humph!" Lin scoffed, "I'd hardly call it that..."

"Is somebody jealous, Captain Beifong?" Tenzin teased.

"Yeah right!" Lin punched him roughly and Tenzin groaned just as the next song on the radio came to an end---an unnatural end. The harsh radio static drowned out the sounds of silence and all of the acolytes gasped and stopped their waltzing in order to cover their ears from the painful noise. The loud, grotesque noise echoing over the radio was a sound that made everyone listening cringe and look to Aang for an explanation. Lin and Tenzin pierced their ears shut before Aang quickly shot over to change the station, but when that only made things worse, he shut the radio completely off and let out a deep breath when the calm silence returned to the courtyard.

"What on earth was that?" Katara sighed with relief.

"I'm not sure?" Aang frowned... "It was almost as if---"

"Avatar Aang!" an Acolyte bellowed, "There is a line for you from the city---it's an urgent call from the Chief of Police!"

He grabbed the phone and instantly replied, "Toph? What's going on!?"

"Aang!" Toph's voice bellowed, her words were broken and stagnant as the lines were breaking apart,"---City---Some---Bro---Tower---Bom---Trap---Th---Headi---Warni---"

"Toph," Aang shouted, "Toph, you're breaking off---what are you saying? Warning? Warning about what?"

"Aang!" Katara shouted.

Fanon PD- The Attack of Air Temple Island

The army hopped onto the courtyard and started jabbing at every person in their path, knocking them unconscious with some vicious form of Chi-Blocking...

A huge shadow cast directly over the courtyard and Aang looked up into the sky in astonishment as a large War Balloon hovered over his island; the symbol painted on the balloon read none other than the spine-chilling red paint stain of the Equalists. Without warning, a large harpoon shot into the pavement and sent the Acolytes scattering in terror. Aang growled and shot a huge vortex of air at another oncoming anchor, sending it piercing through the skin of its own balloon as the massive ship started to deflate. As it did however, a mob of warriors came roaring from the other ship, all wearing the oddest style of mask that must have been the uniform of the Chi-Blockers, Aang thought.

The army hopped onto the courtyard and started jabbing at every person in their path, knocking them unconscious with some vicious form of Chi-Blocking that was much stronger than the mere paralysis blows that Aang recognized. Lin retracted her metal whips onto the concrete and instantly swung them into the mob, slapping away as many outsiders as she could strike as more flooded down onto the island. Tenzin joined in and swept the unwanted guests off of their feet in an Airbending slice of fury.

Another anchor came soaring down towards the island as the third Equalist balloon docked onto the courtyard. Its metal harpoon was rapidly crashing right towards where a little girl was standing, her big green eyes only looked to it in shock, but her legs refused to budge. She was too frightened to even scream, and stood motionless as the firing spike plummeted towards her.

"Pema!" Tenzin hollered, shooting over to her and bending a huge gust of wind at the harpoon, which caused it to crash into one of the dormitories nearby. Poor Pema was frozen stiff, but Tenzin had already picked her up and used his Air Wheel to evade the oncoming attacks of these invaders.

"What's going on!?" Katara yelled, shooting wave after wave at the attackers, freezing them solid in an instant.

"Katara!" Aang shouted back, a blaze of fire echoing his voice as the old Avatar kicked a boulder out in one direction and shot a river of fire in another direction. "Get inside and try to send a line to Bumi and the United Forces," He yelled, "Bumi's fleet is nearby and they can help!"

"I'm not going to leave you out here alone!" she screamed back.

Aang washed the entire courtyard clean in one massive typhoon, and he took a tired breath and replied, "If you don't, then I might not be here when you get back. Katara, go! Hurry!"

She shot out another whip before grabbing the phone off of the sidewalk and rising into the sky on a large waterspout, escaping into the Air Temple to dial the United Forces.

After dodging the Chi-Blockers' attacks, Tenzin handed Pema over to her brother and said to her with a sigh of relief, "You should be safe now." He took a breath and stared at the huddle of Acolytes as they looked to him for guidance. Tenzin swallowed and ordered, "I want all of you to head towards the Bison Stables; pile as many citizens as you can on the Bison and get as far away from here as possible. Then I need someone to go find Chief Beifong."

"But, Tenzin..." Pema argued.

Tenzin brushed against her cheek and gave her a quick smile, "Pema, I'm trusting you to take care of Oogi for me until this is over," He smiled at her, "Can you promise me that?"

She hugged him around the neck and nodded, her eyes full of tears as she stated, "Be careful...please."

"Marko," Tenzin stated towards Pema's brother, "I need you to find Orella and have her take Appa directly to the Fire Nation. Tell her to head straight to the Royal Palace and to not stop for anyone. The Fire Lord should be of some assistance to us. He must be told of what happens on this day!"

Marko nodded and took his sister's hand, "Come on Pema!" he ordered, dragging her behind as the Acolytes all ran into the forest. Tenzin waited until they were all gone from sight, before rushing back over to shoreline. He watched almost helplessly as another battalion of invaders dropped from the skies and already he could see their numbers greatly outmatching his own.

A vortex of dirt and air fought all of them off; fire and water pouring out of the dome as Tenzin's father attacked to the fullest of his normal Avatar abilities. He was incredible, despite his fragile old age, but even without the Avatar State, Aang was not a force that these Equalists had hoped to reckon with. They also did not expect to see an armed member of the police on the island, and Lin was also fighting to the peak of her own forceful tactics; bending earth and metal simultaneously as the mob rushed her from every angle. She was quickly becoming overwhelmed and the villains were closing in on her much too close for Tenzin's comfort.

"Lin!" he hollered, hurrying quickly down to her aid.

As the new convoy dove down to the island, the White Lotus Sentries had started successfully fighting the Equalists back, but this newer group carried bolas and nets made of heavy chain metal. Before they could react, the last of the Sentries were either Chi-Blocked or captured, and now things seemed to be tipping in the Equalists' favor.

They tried to trap the young Beifong in a chain net, but Lin utterly crushed it into a block of sheet metal, and tossed it into the path of an oncoming squadron. Distracted, the army took the advantage and shot their bolas at Lin, utterly immobilizing her just before the chi-blockers swept in for the final blow. Lin struggled to break free, shooting one long claw from her glove to slice the ropes, but as she did, one of the warriors in the weird looking mask came over and punched her right in the neck. As soon as his fist left her throat, Lin felt all of her senses drain through her body, from her head all the way down through her feet. Suddenly, she couldn't feel any of her nerves and she couldn't even speak; her movements and thoughts were drowned out with a fierce sense of numbness and dizzy exhaustion.

Fanon PD- Beifong Down

Lin fainted right over the edge of the cliffs and plummeted down towards the water.

The Chi-Blocker struck Lin again on the side of her neck and the dazed Beifong lost her balance, the bolas tangling tighter around her ankles before she felt herself go completely light, and Lin fainted right over the edge of the cliffs and plummeted down towards the water.

Tenzin thundered over just seconds too late and he sent the entire squadron soaring right back into the skies as though rockets had been attached to their boots. Many of the Equalist attackers crashed against the War Balloon and some even surpassed that and flew to even further in elevations due to Tenzin's Airbending attack. He didn't even stop to fight the remainder of them; instead Tenzin only jumped right over the side of the cliff and skid down the rocks to find Lin lying limply on the rocky shore below. He collapsed into the sand and tore the bolas off of her body, but still, Lin didn't move.

"Lin!" Tenzin called drastically; he grabbed her jaw in his hand and knelt over to feel the breath hitting his ear. She was badly broken, but Lin was still alive. "Oh!" Tenzin sighed, the blood slowly returning to his veins as he pressed her face to his chest and wrapped her tighter in his arms, "Thank goodness," he kissed her head and let out a breath of relief, "thank---goodness..."

Back above the shores, in the courtyard, it was only Aang and the handful of White Lotus Sentries left to fight back the dwindling Equalists. These odd Chi-Blockers quickly took the last of the Sentries out, but the Avatar was completely untouchable and he fought them off to the fullest of his ability. As soon as the last of his fighters toppled over in defeat, Aang gasped and sent his Air Dome to the ground; an earthquake effect taking place afterwards that took out a good percentage of the cruel invaders as the old Avatar gasped tiredly and reached for his cane.

"Aang!" Katara shouted, skating over on a floor of ice to reach his side. She handed him his wooden staff and alerted, "Aang! Bumi is on his way---their fleet will be here in twenty minutes."

"Something tells me that we don't have twenty minutes," Aang huffed, looking into the sky as another fleet of invaders shot out of the ship. "These people just keep coming! Their numbers are outrageous!"

"I've got your back," Katara nodded, taking his hand for a moment as the couple gave one another a grave stare before continuing on with their attacks on the Chi-Blockers.

Below the war zone, Tenzin had Lin wrapped securely under his chin as he listened to the waves beating across the rocks and the terrible war noises that were erupting from above. There were exactly six Sky Bison on the island and they roared loudly as they all fled the scene. Luckily nothing went after the Acolytes, and to Tenzin's relief, he saw Appa and Orella's group heading the opposite direction towards the Fire Lord. If anyone could do something about these Equalists, Tenzin thought, It would be Zuko.

Tenzin then stood and held Lin in his arms as her almost lifeless body dangled towards the ground; the look on his face shifted from worry to rage in a sheer instant and Tenzin soared back to the surface, laying Lin softly on the pavement before shooting over to fight alongside his mother and father.

The battalion attacked at full force, as the Avatar and his family sent them soaring from one corner of the island to the other, but all too soon, another chain linked net came crashing down from the heavens and it struck Tenzin harshly to the ground, knocking him out cold in a flash instant as the crushing weight of metal pressed him into the solid pavement.

"Tenzin!" Katara gasped, before sending an entire swarm of knife-like icicles into the fragile skin of the War Balloon, unlike the Police Airships (which were finally starting to soar over from Republic City) this balloon was old and made of cloth and fire---not of metal. This must have been the best the Equalists could hijack this time around in order to complete the attack that they started one year ago.

Katara remembered what her brother and Toph told them about these kids; they were dangerous and well-trained, but so mysterious. They were all alike so she assumed their secretive leader and the other lieutenant boy were absent from this raid. Katara couldn't tell exactly what they were after, nor their purpose in fighting, but she could sure tell that they did not like the Avatar or anybody affiliated with him, and they were willing to go to the ends of the earth to see them all defeated.

The Equalists sent another net down for Katara, but Aang shot it away in a gust of wind and Katara retaliated with another wave of water. On the horizon, the Police Airships and naval fleet of the United Forces started to appear and they would be on the island in just a few short minutes. Just as things started to look like they were getting better, the fallen Chi-Blockers started to rise back to their feet and in an instant, Katara and Aang found themselves completely outnumbered once again, also drained of resources, left with hardly enough energy to hold a small amount of invaders back, and now more than ever, Aang and Katara were in desperate need for their cavalry to arrive.

The villains sent their weapons of entanglement at the two benders, but they avoided them time and time again, until Katara realized their pattern. One half of the battalion were firing bolas and punches to distract her and Aang, and the second squadron was starting to collect the bodies of fallen Acolytes and White Lotus Sentries. They had already grabbed Lin, but it was when a small group of them bent over to pick the net off of Tenzin that Katara felt her blood boil. As soon as their gloved fingers brushed the yellow cuff of his shirt, Katara snarled and sent a gush of water right at their faces which harshly washed them all away as their gurgled screams drained over the cliffside.

Aang did something similar to save Lin and the fallen White Lotus Sentries, but he had completely forgotten about the group of Chi-Blockers pounding in from the North, and both Katara and Aang had turned their backs on them. While Aang and Katara were distracted, the attackers swooped in and knocked Katara out cold with a bola to the head before Aang even had time to turn around and warn her. He watched the world in slow motion as his wife collapsed onto the pavement and Aang clenched his teeth together before his eyes started glowing brightly with rage.

Fanon PD- Who do you work for

His voice fueled by rage and the voices of past Avatars, Aang shouted, "WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR!?"

A massive flood of jagged earth tossed all of the invaders away, just as an immense wall of sea came pouring in from the bay, snatching crook after crook in a snare of water. Aang shot into the sky and flew all the way to the war balloon above; he scourged the entire head of it dead on with hot fire that cut and scorched the material like an open flame to a piece of dry paper. Using his Airbending, Avatar Aang shot all of the dead War Balloon into the ocean and soared into the (now half) airship, grabbing the first person he saw in a massive restraint of Air and creeping fire. The trail slowly started inching up the boy's legs as Aang stepped towards him, his voice fueled by rage and the voices of past Avatars, "WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR!?"

The man in Aang's hold gasped and screamed in pain as the fire slowly started trailing up his thigh. In a loud gasp, the masked individual replied, "He---he has no name! He is a man---a man who fights for equality---we were sent to test you---and one day he's going to rid the world of bending oppressors---and he's going to start with you, Avatar Aang!"

With a displeased snarl, Aang tossed the man back inside the ship and shot out through the large gaping hole in the wall. "SO LONG AS I STILL BREATHE THE AIR OF THIS WORLD, NO OPPRESSOR WILL EVER TOUCH MY FAMILY AGAIN! KNOW THAT WITH WHATEVER LIFE I HAVE LEFT IN ME I WILL PUT AN END TO THE EQUALISTS, PERMANENTLY!"

With one mighty grunt of effort, Aang shot the War Balloon a mile away, crashing into the sea as the crew quickly started swimming away for their lives. By this time, the Metalbending Police Airships were slowly surrounding Air Temple Island and two large ships came pounding through the waters. The United Forces and the police were here, but they were too late.

As the officers began pulling stray citizens out of the water and into custody, Avatar Aang glided weakly back down to the ground, his eyes and tattoos stopped glowing in an instant and he fell over to his side, the world growing weary just as the clanking steps of the officers started rushing towards his body. He heard Toph's voice calling out his name, but Aang felt too weak to reply back to her, and as the old Avatar shut his eyes, the raid had gone silent with his victory. Though at what cost was this victory? Aang thought, and with that, Avatar Aang blacked out and the outside world fell into a dark blur.


Sorely, Aang blinked back into consciousness only to see warm, sunlight pouring through the window to brighten his room in a rich, golden beam of morning light. At once, his eyes shot open and he sat up hastily before a gentle hand urged him back down to the pillow. Still gasping, Aang peered over to see Katara sitting beside the bed, a large bandage wrapped around her head from where the men had knocked her unconscious with their weapon.

"K-Katara?" he asked wearily.

"Aang," Katara stressed sadly, "You shouldn't have gone into the Avatar State, Aang. It was too risky, especially at your age. You are much more vulnerable than you were before..."

"I'm alright," he groaned, sitting back up and taking his wife's hands, "It's fine, Katara; I feel fine..."

"You've been unconscious for almost a week," she frowned, "Five days..."

The first thing that Aang did was slide his hand across the arrow on his head, before laughing weakly, "Phew! I guess I'm too old to grow hair anymore?"

"That isn't funny!" Katara pouted.

"He reached over and kissed her softly before swinging his legs over the bed and groaning as they hit the wooden floor. His bones popped and cracked as he rose to his feet and grabbed the cane beside the bed as he started slowly walking towards the window.

"Take it easy, Aang!" Katara urged.

"I'll take it easy when I'm dead honey, and not a minute sooner." He shut his eyes tiredly and listened to the silence. "Where is everybody else?" He asked, "How are Tenzin and Lin?"

Katara looked into the corner and replied, "Tenzin wasn't hurt, thank goodness---but Lin---Lin got the worst of the damages, and she's still recovering in the hospital."

Fanon PD- No Time to Rest

"I'll take it easy when I'm dead honey, and not a minute sooner."

"No..." Aang gasped, grunting to remain standing; he grabbed sorely at his side and Katara helped him keep his balance before Aang huffed, "Wh-What about everyone else, the Sentries, the Acolytes, our Bison---how is Toph?"

"They're all safe, Aang, and Toph hasn't left Lin's side, but her fleet is looking all over the city for those responsible for this attack. Bumi and the United Forces are searching all over the world for the leader under Zuko's strict orders, but honey---they haven't found anything." Katara huffed, "In fact, the prisoners from the battle all vanished---literally, they just vanished like spirits. We have no leads to follow, and we don't even know why they chose to attack. It seems they took out the signal tower to prevent any communications from reaching out, and they flew right over Republic City---a massive bomb had the police trapped for hours and the free range officers were no match for those Chi-Blockers if they couldn't get into the station to get transportation."

"Equalists," Aang stated, "These were the Equalists that attacked Toph and Sokka last year. They were right, those people are incredibly dangerous, but I wonder who is behind this attack, who taught the warriors Chi-Blocking, and just who exactly is this mysterious leader with all of the plans and the hatred towards me?"

"Ty Lee told us that she has no idea who could be behind this---it's no one she knows because they are all too young, but that's about all I could get her to say; her story hasn't changed at all since the last time we asked her, and Suki swears that this was not a Kyoshi Warrior's doing, nor any that they trained."

"You don't think Yakone is behind this, do you Katara?" Aang groaned.

"You tell me?" she shrugged hopelessly.

He pondered it over for the longest while before he slammed his cane into the floor and shook his head, "No. Yakone hasn't been an issue for years and I doubt he would be causing trouble after all this time." Aang turned to his wife and demanded, "Katara, take me to the hospital so we can take care of Lin, then I'll try meditating to figure out just what's been---Agh!" He grabbed at his ribs, "Wh-What's been going on..."

"I've already healed Lin, the Acolytes, and the Sentries to the best of my abilities---all they need now is rest, like you need. Now get back into bed, right now!"

"Katara!" Aang stated in an aggravated tone that he's never used on her before, "Katara...that was it---that broke the Camelephant's back! I can feel the effects taking over and I know that I don't have very much longer---"

"Stop it!" she shouted, her voice hushing as she shook all over, "Just----Stop it. You won't say things like that to me!"

"Now Katara, you promised----" he started.

"Promise-shmromise!" she growled, "I---I can't----" she started crying and turned to leave the room, "I can't deal with this right now!" Katara slammed the door behind her as Aang sighed and looked out the window to the courtyard where the Acolytes and White Lotus Sentries were continuing to rebuild and fix the damages from the raid. Aang only sighed and watched them before slowly creeping into the floor to begin his meditation.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Tenzin walked into Lin's room and gave Toph a pat on the shoulder as she tiredly shot to a stand. Her eyes were baggy with purple crescents puffing from beneath them due to her lack of sleep and her nails were nibbled down to the limit from all of Toph anxious worrying.

"It's alright, Chief," Tenzin sighed, "It's only me. Toph, you've been watching her for hours. You need to sleep."

"Ugh!" she shooed away his suggestion with an intense aggravation and she grabbed her aching forehead. "H-how's Aang doing?" She asked.

"He was still sleeping when I left, but Mother told me that she would call the minute she knew something different. How is Lin fairing?"

"I think she's going to be okay---until I get ahold of her---then, I'm going to kill her!" Toph stated with an attempt at grinning.

Lin groaned and in an instant, Toph jumped over and touched her face... "Lin!" she cried out in relief, "For the love of---Lin, what did I tell you about scaring me!?"

"S-sorry m-mother---" Lin's voice cracked, "H-how'd we do?"

"It's complicated," Toph frowned, brushing her daughter's hair off of her face. She kissed Lin on the forehead and took in a relieved sigh, "We'll talk about it later---right now, Twinkle Toes Jr. is just itching to talk to you, I can feel it. I'll be in the cafeteria, do you need anything?"

Fanon PD- Hospital Time

"Lin, how are you feeling?"

Lin grumbled and shook her head, as Toph placed one hand proudly on her daughter's forehead and smiled at her before leaving the room.

"Lin, how are you feeling?" Tenzin eased.

"Crummy," she groaned, but afterwards she sighed and sat up, "Mind telling me what happened?"

"No one knows for sure, but my brother and the United Forces are looking for clues all over the world. Everyone is searching, even the Fire Lord and the Earth Kings, but---"

"No luck?" she gruffed.

Tenzin smiled at her and they kissed quickly before Lin sat back against her pillow.

"You---you should rest," he added, stroking her face tenderly.

"Do I even want to know how bad I was before your mother?" Lin asked, wondering about her injuries.

"No. Now, sleep---you need the energy," he smiled.

"To fight another day?" Lin winced.

"Something like that---" Tenzin replied calmly, pulling over her covers as Lin quickly drifted back to sleep.

Tenzin sighed when Lin was quiet and held her hand, talking to himself---but more directly at her as he said, "I can't bear the thought of you getting hurt like that again Lin. I hate to even think it but if we had kids out there, or if you were pregnant even---then what would have happened?" Tenzin took in an appalled breath as he shook the thoughts out of his mind. "One day Lin, we will have this talk. You said it yourself, you can't juggle being a mother and an officer---not like your mother did---and this raid on the island just proves it." Tenzin kissed Lin on the forehead and started towards the door, sighing, "It's not important right now, Lin. We'll talk about it later, when you're feeling better. Hopefully there will be a later."

He left the room and the door clicked shut, causing Lin's eyes to pop open and she groaned, but not from the pain of her injuries---it was that terrible subject come to life again, only this time, the little brats wanted to take away her job---her whole life and everything she's ever trained for! "You're right Tenzin---" Lin gruffed into her pillow, "We do really need to have a talk, but like you said, it can wait. I hope there will be a tomorrow too..."

Fanon Trivia

  • Aang is currently 62 years old and Katara is 64.
  • Tenzin and Lin have been dating for one whole year, unless you count their brief teenage relationship...then it would be about 5 years of dating.
  • The Equalists planned out this attack very well, but even then, they are no match for the angry might of the Avatar---even if he is an old one.
  • The Lieutenant obviously knows Amon's name as seen in the previous year, but even some of Amon's loyal followers who attacked Air Temple Island are too new to know just who he is yet. They just know that they like how he wants to take down the benders for equality.
  • Ty Lee currently resides in the Fire Nation with her family, and is completely shocked to hear of this massive gang of Chi blocking Equalists. They knew it was a growing problem, but it grew to be so massive that no one could have prepared for it.
  • The reason the Equalists all got away, escaped, and lost the battle might not be coincidence, but a very intricate and well thought out plan for Amon and his growing army of Chi-Blockers.
  • In another version of this year, I was going to make Lin lose a baby that Tenzin did not yet know about, thus making her never want one ever again---but I thought that would be too dark, so I removed it from the story.
  • Aang's recent meditation will most likely tell him that this will be the last time his body can handle the pressure of the Avatar State; however, there will be another meeting with Aang in the Spirit World where his past lives know for sure when to tell him the truth about the matter.

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