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Tenzin's Log: The Southern Air Temple

Fanon PD- The Southern Air Temple

第一週- Week One

I have been flying for about a day straight and I think Oogi and I are somewhere over the Fire Nation Islands. While a visit to the Fire Lord would be an easy right turn, I have to start my journey at the Southern Air Temple. My father, my mother, and my people long forgotten all began here at the Air Temple and from what my cousin, Kanna, tells me, the renovation done has restored the area to near new levels. Hopefully I'll know what to do when I get here, I think it has become some sort of tourist attraction, but I have been assured full access to the entire island to continue on with my studies. Meanwhile I had lunch a few minutes ago...A Cucumber sandwich that Mother packed for me, and I dared to look inside the thing only to see that she still makes those little smiling faces out of jam. Whether she did this as a force of habit, or she did it to make me homesick and turn back, I don't know, but I do know that I promised myself to see this through to the end. No matter how long it takes, the miles it takes me, no matter what I do, I know that I will earn the knowledge that I'm seeking and get a little adventure along the way.

第三週- Week Three

So, I'll admit that I am feeling a bit homesick today...I ran out of sandwiches and I keep staring at that metal flower Lin gave me before I left. Did she know I decided to leave or was she somehow lying to me? I'll never get to ask her---not for a while at least. Then again, Lin hates me, she never wants to speak to me again, not after the way I tossed her aside so easily. If only she knew that doing so tore me to pieces.

第四週- Week Four

The Air Temple went well, a lot of mosaics and stories about my people and the tour guides were most hospitable. The only issue I kept facing, was that nearly every one of the tourists thought that I was my father. They screamed and pointed to me, begging for my autograph, and a display of Avatar power---I must have told them that I was merely an Airbender, the son of Avatar Aang over two-hundred times before people stopped asking.

第六週- Week Six

Now Oogi and I are heading South towards the South Pole. I'm sure my grandfather will enjoy a visit before I continue on with my travels. I believe my cousin, Koda, is living there as well, obviously he must be in some sort of training with Grandfather for when he takes over as the leader of the Southern Water Tribe.

Tenzin's Log: The Southern Water Tribe

Fanon PD- Family Visit

八週- Week Eight

My grandfather and my cousins never cease to amaze me. Never changing, they are always just as proud and comical as always. I learned a great deal from my mother's home town, though I will admit sleeping here was a tad unnerving due to that spirit I encountered a few years back. Often do I think about the day Momo and I nearly died, but my father, Avatar Aang--- he rescued us and then kept secrets. I should not question his methods but that day lingers on in my memory, more so now than it has in the past.

本週三- Week Thirty

My Water Tribe travels have been delayed thanks to my cousin Koda; I have been helping them with their growing family these past few weeks. He and his wife, Ualani, have had their fourth child, a son that they named "Kavo". They already have two girls, twins, named Nini and Kimi, and then a boy they had shortly after their marriage, Pakko. I'm sure their oldest is supposed to be named after Great Grandfather, Pakku, but knowing my cousin, it is no surprise that he got it wrong. Still...Four kids in four consecutive years!? Not even I think that I want to have that many children in so short a time. The sooner I keep going in my travels, the better. Already I am being reminded of my duties to the Air Nomads.

Tenzin's Log: Earth Kingdom

Fanon PD- Attacked by Earthbenders

週四十- Week Forty

The Earth Kingdom has taken a great deal of our travels. I was lucky enough to run into Lin's grandparents in Gaoling, and they allowed Oogi and I to refresh and restock our supplies before heading out again. I gave my parents a call today, the first since I began my quest. They're upset that it's taking so long, but proud of me nonetheless. Next stop, Kangaroo Island. Apparently my father spent a lot of his childhood there riding "hopping llamas"... While I don't believe I'll be adding that to my list of things to do, I believe something interesting will come of my next visit.

本週四十四- Week Forty-Four

Oogi and I were attacked by a hasty group of rebel Earthbenders today. We escaped with minimal fighting, but I now see that not every part of the world loved the idea of my father's peace and apparently they all still hold massive grudges for my home and family. I don't enjoy the idea of fighting, but I fear there is plenty more where this came from.

本週六- Week Sixty

I stumbled through a little Earth Kingdom town, Qua Jing, a basket of supplies in my arm, Oogi stepping calmly behind me as onlookers gawked at the massive wind buffalo.

A young boy, his hands stapled firmly to the fence post in front of his house cried out for all to hear that he wanted nothing to do with going to school that day.

"I don't want to go to school Mom!" He shouted and whined, but his alas mother still pried him away from the fence and growled, "Tough cabbages! Now go!"

The mother reminded me much of Chief Beifong. Needless to say that the boy headed off to school in utter defeat.

I chuckled as a memory came back from my childhood. Even though I mostly stayed on Air Temple Island, learning everything under father and mother, there was that one time where Lin and I were forced by the Council's new law to attend a public school in Republic City.

  • Flashback Mode:

"What do we have to go to school for!?" Lin complained.

"Think of this as a learning experience," Aang grinned, "A chance to meet a lot of new friends your own ages---"

"I could kill Sokka," Toph grumbled, "What right does the council have telling kids to attend public school."

"Toph, try to be a little more compromising---this is a new era, and we want our children to be "happy" about their first day, remember?"

She snorted and Lin snorted the same exact way; meanwhile, Tenzin merely looked concerned and they walked into the large school yard, where it was chockfull of kids, running and playing in the courtyard. Lin and Tenzin looked around in astonishment; they had barely had contact with other kids that weren't in their families' friendship circle...they had never seen so many people their own age in one place before.

"Psh!" Lin waved, "It's not so great."

"Hey now..." Aang chuckled, falling to one knee as he put his hands on both Lin and Tenzin's shoulders... "When I was in school, it was one of the best times of my life! I loved it, honestly..."

"You were only there for like two days..." Toph grumbled under her breath.

"But father I---" Tenzin started, but Aang stopped him and assured, "No buts, you two will have a lot of fun here---and I have an important meeting to attend today Tenzin, so Toph will be back later this afternoon to pick you up and you and Lin can play at Toph's place until I get out, alright?"

"Try to stay out of trouble," Toph added deadpan before cracking her knuckles, "I have a Councilman to speak with today."

"Toph wait!" Aang started to follow; he turned and waved to the kids, smiling, "Have a great first day of school Tenzin, Lin!"

When they were gone, Lin, who hadn't budged from her crossed arm, unimpressed state of mind, turned her head to Tenzin and asked, "How long do you think we'll make it before we crack?"

A group of girls walked by and giggled at the two in their uniforms, scoffing as they strolled along kicking dirt on other student's shoes...Lin's included.

Lin snarled and cracked her knuckles just like her mother had, and stomped towards them. Tenzin rolled his eyes and shoved his hands deep into his pockets, sighing, "That was fast, I thought we'd at least last until lunch time?"

"Miss Beifong, your daughter has caused thirteen playground accidents and three separate cases of destruction of public property, and two assaults on her superiors since she arrived this morning."

"They must have had it coming," Toph pointed with a grin.

The principal was astounded, but swallowed and continued, "Still...I'd expect more from the Chief's daughter.

Lin growled and Toph harrumphed, but then the principal turned to Tenzin and frowned, "And the Avatar's son---I swear the disappointment is unreal."

"Tenzin was only an accomplice," Lin scoffed, "Leave him out of it..."

"Silence young lady or you will be in more trouble than you already are!" He sighed, "I must admit, you look nothing like the Avatar on my Yuan?"

Sokka sat in the other chair, his Wang Fire persona all on as he stroked his beard and growled, "I have to go out in disguise due to my immense popularity, as you can well imagine dear sir."

"Oh...yes...of course...the disguise is amazing---is there some alternate name I should know about, or what?"

"Fire. Wang Fire," Sokka smiled proudly.

Toph slapped her forehead.

"I'm sorry Mr. Avat---I mean Mr. Fire, but for the children's rash actions, I am afraid we will have to send them to detention, if not expel them."

"Oh I understand completely," Wang Fire stressed, "I only sacrificed my life on many occasions as a twelve year old boy in order to save the world and create the city where your school stands---I understand if my son and Lin aren't welcome here anymore."

"Nonononono....That isn't what I meant at all...Forgive me!"

"Well then...Is there a point to this little meeting because I'm supposed to be patrolling the city and keeping the town safe from thugs, if you don't mind..." Toph snickered.

"No ma'am...." He quivered, "Your children are geniuses, delights....they are welcome here anytime."

"Too bad the council decided against the force of public schooling..." Toph grinned, "Pack your junk kids, you're going back to the Air Temple for homeschooling."

Tenzin and Lin high-fived each other and the four stood up to leave the office.

"Oh!" Lin snapped, rushing over to the principal's desk... "When you see that prissy Gene Wusang, be sure to bring a torch or something..."

"Torch?" he whimpered.

Tenzin rolled his eyes, "She and her friends are imprisoned within the jungle gym..."

Toph nearly laughed before clearing her throat and shoving the three of them hastily out of the office.

The principal panicked and shot straight to the window to see the pack of mean little girls trapped within the metal pretzel that used to be the playground outside.

七十二週- Week Seventy-Two

Oogi and I are already in Ba Sing Se. The days are starting to blend together now, almost so, that I forget to write or to send a letter out at every port. My parents are most likely concerned, but I have never felt so enlightened. Just traveling on my own---Oogi and I against the world and its odds, I have never felt so free. I honestly don't ever want this journey to end!

本週一百年和三- Week 103

Nearly two years travelling the world and I'll admit my largest pet peeve is being mistaken for my father. So many times, at least once daily, I've had to explain that I was not Avatar Aang... If one of these swamp benders confuse me for the Avatar, I might just lose my senses!

Tenzin's Log: The Northern Water Tribe

Fanond PD- Strange Feelings in the North

週有一百二- Week 120

Oogi and I are enjoying a nice time at the North Pole with my cousin Yue, she worries that I'm becoming lost in this spiritual quest of mine, but honestly, I was just having fun on my own. Regrettably, I gave my family another call and they told me that Momo had passed away---I wanted to return home to pay my respects, but even Momo---one of my best friends as a child---he wouldn't have wanted me to waste my efforts, and I'll just let myself believe that.

第一週百三- Week 130

The North is such a spiritual haven. I have gained quite a bit of enlightenment here, not just in the capitol, but in the other cities as well. I could not help but feel slightly disturbed in one of the winter villages---it was as though someone was watching me the entire time---breathing down my neck, waiting to strike! I am not usually the paranoid type, but I left that small village before the moon even came out and did not look back.

週有一百四十- Week 140

I hear that the Fire Lord's mother has passed away and his sister has vanished. Certainly these are trying times for him.

Tenzin's Log: The Makapu Village

Fanon PD- The Fortune Teller

本週一,一百五十- Week 150

Crazy old fortune teller. I know it is wrong of me to think such of my elders, but for once I must agree with my uncle in saying that fortune telling is utter nonsense. A woman named, Meng, who knew I was Aang's son said that I would find love in the most mysterious of ways. When I told her about Lin, she merely scoffed at me and said that I was clouded (whatever that meant?) and that I should try to keep an open mind. Madame Meng stated that I would grow apart from someone dear to me and that I would suffer for my arrogant mind, but then I would find peace, as well as a soul mate---but not if I thought I knew who or where any of this was. Like I said, it was NONSENSE!

Tenzin's Log: The Western Air Temple

Fanon PD- The Western Air Temple

雙百週- Week 200

The Western Air Temple was quite a sight, I really felt connected there among all other places that I had been. Unlike the other temples which house many Acolytes, Villagers in the case of the Northern Temple, and then all of those retched the Western Temple was free of chaos and it was utterly peaceful. It took Oogi and me a little while to find this place, but when we had I found a hospitable group of women, mostly nuns, but a few monks here and there, all who had taken it upon themselves to keep this structure going. They do not welcome tourist unless necessary and they actually make this place feel like what it could have been like over one hundred years ago. These Air Acolytes take their profession here very seriously and even the women have adopted the shaved headline look of my ancestors (unlike the other female Acolytes I've seen all throughout my life). A few of the older women had Airbender tattoos and that struck me as odd before I remembered the stories my father had once told me about Yu Dao, and then I realized that they must have been the girls from my father's old fan least they will not mistake me for Avatar Aang. Seeing them also made me realize how unkempt my beard was getting, so first thing I did when I settled in was shave and give Oogi a much needed bath.

Tenzin's Log: The Fire Nation

Fanon PD- The Princess' Wedding

本週二-O五- Week 205

While at the old palace of Avatar Roku, I learned so much more about the Fire Nation and my father's history. I later received word that Princess Honora is getting married, but not to my brother, the letter was odd, but it did not elaborate. I wonder who besides Bumi was able to win the Fire Princess's heart?

第二週,第一二- Week 220

A trip to Honora's wedding and the rebirth of the dragons. I had a nice chat with my family but alas I had to disappoint them by not returning to Republic City. I still had not seen everything the world had to offer, and if it killed me, I was going to see everything before going back! I've never seen my mother so upset, but I was older, she understood that, as did my father. He and Bumi seemed alright that I still wanted to travel; however, Kya and Mother were not so accommodating. Still, Oogi and I were doing well and the Fire Nation was treating us fairly. Seeing my family after so many years was painful, but I had a mission to accomplish and nothing was going to stop me now, not even Lin---she was there and she didn't even look me in the eyes, not once the entire time I was there.

Tenzin's Log: The Eastern Air Temple

Fanon PD- The Female Avatars

週雙百四十- Week 240

Now at the Eastern Air Temple, where I found another fan club waiting for me, but I also learned a great deal about my father's previous incarnation, Avatar Yangchen. For a nun, that woman was ultimately fierce in such ways I never thought my father would act. Kyoshi too for that matter, something about the female incarnations---they were all stubborn, uncompromising, relentless, and brutal. It makes me wonder what will become of the world when another Avatar comes into this earth a woman? I shudder just thinking about it.

Tenzin's Log: Kyoshi Island

Fanon PD- Cold on Kyoshi Island

本週二,一百五十- Week 250

It has been nearly five years and I find myself back where I started, near the Southern Air Temple. I'm using this time to visit Cousin Koko and the Kyoshi Warriors. The stories I've heard of Avatar Kyoshi are just as remarkable as when I learned them as a boy.

本週二,三百六十- Week 260

Oogi and I have come down with a cold. The Kyoshi people are being most hospitable, even if we have accidentally destroyed four of their buildings. They are nice. My cousin, Koko, is not so nice. She wants to send us home by the end of the week, and I am starting to believe that she is right. I have been to every town in every corner of the world...well at least half of it. You know, two or three more years and I think I might be ready to go back to Republic City. I mean, I haven't even visited with my dear cousin, Sukka? A few more years...and I promise I will be home!

Fanon Trivia

  • Tenzin begins each of his journal entries with the week of its occurrence, written in Chinese.
  • Tenzin's favorite food is his mother's Cucumber and jelly sandwiches. For almost 24 years Katara has made them for her son and always drawn a smiley face with the fruity jam.
  • This is the year that Kavo was born and the first Tenzin has met of his cousin's large family.
  • The rebel Earthbenders who attack Tenzin are in the same general area that Honora and Bumi were attacked back in Year 26.
  • Except for the Flashback, this entire year is written through the eyes of Tenzin.
  • The Parent-Teacher Conference bit was based loosely on this image.
  • Wang Fire was presumed dead in the Avatar Comic Private Fire; here, he is posing as Tenzin's guardian while Aang is at his meeting. Before that, Toph was chewing him out about the "public school" crisis.
  • Meng will later give a fortune similar to Tenzin's to another character living on Air Temple Island.
  • The old women of the Western Air Temple who still have their Fan Club Aibending tattoos appear to have slightly darker colored tattoos then Tenzin.
  • This Year actually blends together past events that have happened between Year 37 and now; while also including information from older years in the Fanon.
  • Tenzin's facial hair grows and is shaved numerous times in this sequence of years.
  • Tenzin will return after many more adventures and learning in Year 47.
  • This would also mark the year that Makoto was born---but he's a different story altogether.

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