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Year Forty-Six


"Oh how sweet!" Katara grinned, reading a letter as Bumi and Aang sat down to breakfast.

"What's it say ma?" Bumi asked, chewing a mouthful of turkey bacon before grabbing for another handful like a rabid wolf.

"Table manners son," Aang chuckled, "You know how your mother gets..."

Fanon PD- Baby Iroh

"Honora and Lee have just had a baby boy, the newest Prince of the Fire Nation. His name is Iroh, isn't that sweet?"

Katara set down the parchment and snarled, "Oh? How do I get, Aang!? LIKE THIS!?"  She hit him once on the back of the head and Aang backed away shyly, stating, "Did I ever tell you how pretty you get when you're mad?"

"Well keep at it darling because I'm about to be gorgeous!"

"Ugh!" Bumi slammed his head on the table top, "Why do I come here on my vacations? I knew I should have stayed with Kya!"

Aang flicked a spoonful of oatmeal at his son and everybody laughed outrageously before the room got quiet again.

"So..." Aang eased, "That letter?"

"Oh right!" Katara clapped, "It's from Zuko. Honora and Lee have just had a baby boy, the newest Prince of the Fire Nation. His name is Iroh, isn't that sweet? And, Zuko sent me a picture---look how adorable the little fellow is!"

Aang took the picture and chuckled, before handing it to Bumi.

"Looks just like them," he smirked weakly. Bumi gazed into the picture as Aang and Katara started talking in the background. His best friend and the love of his life---now they had a kid. Bumi was ashamed to think it, but if it weren't for Tu Zin, that could have been him. Mixed emotions, Bumi slid the photo back to his unaware parents and fled the room to head out to the Bison Stables. Suddenly he just needed to be alone.

Bumi saddled up on Iio and headed into town, landing in the Republic City Park where he let Iio run off to play with the other pets; meanwhile, he leaned over the side of the old bridge and flicked a few tiny rocks into the water, watching them plop effortlessly below the blue.

"Alright dirt bag, hands in the air where I can see em'!" a commanding voice ordered.

He stiffened up and threw his arms up over his head, explaining, "I swear I have a leash for her, officer! It just---fell---in the---the pond?" A clattering step made Bumi turn to see the Metalbending officer out to get him, and the poor soldier let out a huge breath of relief when he noticed that his capturer was only Lin Beifong. "Jeese Louise, Lin! You almost gave me a heart attack."

"I figured you of all people could take a joke, Bumi?" she shrugged, "What are you doing in the city?"

"Weekly Leave---" he shrugged, "Things got a little crowded back on the island with the folks."

"At least you can escape them for a while," Lin leaned over the bridge, "I have home and I have work---either way my mother is somewhere giving me orders."

"That's rough, punkin'."

"So why are you really in the city, Captain?" Lin pressed on firmer.

"What do you mean?" he lied.

"Spill it soldier," Lin grinned defiantly, "I'm not above roughing up a veteran---the law is on my side."

"Alright, alright, Sweet Cheek, you got me...." Bumi chuckled, "It's---well it's just that---" Bumi found it difficult to express his feelings out loud, but Lin was waiting patiently, just staring in the kindest of ways that for the first time showed a look of actual care in her motives. Bumi confessed, "Lee and Honora just had a baby. Cute kid. They named him after Zuko's uncle, Iroh."

"That's nice," she nodded. "But, you still love her, I'm guessing?"

Bumi slumped in humiliation, and flicked another piece of rock into the water.

"There's no shame in that, Bumi---" Lin tried to explain, "I mean...after all your imbecilic brother has put me through, sometimes I still manage to think about what could have been. I even miss the cue ball every once in a while, but that doesn't mean anything, understand?"

"I guess," He half-grinned, "Thanks for the pep talk Sweet Cheek."

She rolled her eyes, "Would it kill you to show me some respect and call me "Officer Beifong"?"

"Maybe?" he teased.

Lin and Bumi let out an equally long sigh of loneliness as they resumed their positions, leaning on the rail of the Republic Park Bridge.

"Guess the universe must have different plans for us, Officer Beifong---" Bumi started.

"Seems that way, Captain," Lin agreed, starring into the water as the wind caused ripples in the pond. She let out one more sigh and then was completely flabbergasted to notice that the esteemed Captain of the United Forces was kissing her on the face! With a groan, Lin shoved him away and wiped her mouth off with the back of her hand, screeching, "WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT!?"

"Uh..." He had no explanation.

Fanon PD- Not Mutual Shipping


she continued, before fanning her hands in an attempt to keep calm, "Ugh, you're like my older brother, my way, WAY OLDER brother, ugh---I'm giving you one B.O.T.D---ONE---because you've probably been hitting the Cactus Bar!" She scribbled on a piece of paper and tossed it at the stunned yet silent Bumi, scoffing all the while, "Here, take this!"

"What is it?" he un-crumpled to read as Lin informed him, "A ticket for piloting a Sky Bison under the influence of Cactus Juice! Plus you are clearly parked in a NO BISON ZONE. Pay a fine of thirty yuans to the office by this time tomorrow, or I'll lock your sorry hide in prison so fast, you won't even have time to pick your nose!"

"I love a strong woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind..." Bumi laughed in a teasing manner once again. Lin snarled and gave him a rough punch, knocking him over the bridge to where he dangled from the rail, still laughing uncontrollably... "Hey Lin, I think I see your mother's name carved into the bottom of the bridge!" he called, "It's destiny punkin', destiny!"

"Crazy cad!  You're truly deranged!" she rolled her eyes, "I can't believe I even felt sorry for you..."

When he pulled himself back to the surface, Bumi started blowing kissy faces at Lin while she stomped back out to do her park patrol... "Call me Sweet Cheek! I'll be here all week!"

"Ugh!" she growled in the distance, "WHEN PIGS FLY!"

Bumi wanted to mention that her family does hail from a flying pig, but in fear that Lin would lock him in prison (which she would have,) Bumi kept the comment to himself. He did however slam his forehead into the railing and take in a deep realization of what just happened. Oh, the kiss didn't mean anything---just a quick, lonely fling that disappeared as soon as it had come. Bumi didn't really have feelings for Lin Beifong---that would be absurd!

"Then again?" Bumi pondered, "NO! No no....easy Captain... All those years at sea---that salt water is starting to break your brain. In three years flat I will probably be as mad as a hatter!" he laughed to himself as people passing by gave him odd looks and Bumi silenced himself with a blush, groaning... "I should have just gone to stay with Kya."


Sud, Kanna, Lugh, and Ramen were on an all-expense paid, grand tour of the Earth Kingdom to show off Lugh's newest invention; this was just the first little stop on the family's world tour to present all of their newest artifacts, discoveries, and inventions to the public. When the couple stopped in Omashu, Lugh and Kanna had their second child, a little girl who they named Chi. Already Ramen has taken the position of the protective older brother, and likewise, Lugh and Kanna already expect great things from their daughter. Little Ramen was nearly nine years old, but he was already completing college level school work as well as outwitting every fellow inventor he met at one of his parents' conventions across the globe. Certainly the brilliant boy was exceptionally bright for his age and the poor scientists and scholars never stood a chance. Even though these grown men and women at the conventions were supposed to be the smartest people on the planet, they couldn't hold a candle to Ramen and his family. In fact, most of the "geniuses" got pretty upset to realize this fact for themselves, but what could they do other than ask a nine year old to help them with their math and chemistry for their upcoming projects?

Fanon PD- Rambunctious Chi

Chi would later grow to be a rambunctious handful for Sud and her big brother-

Ramen and Chi traveled all over the world with their parents and Sud; the secret Metalbending Officer acting mostly as a baby sitter and a body guard as Kanna and Lugh performed their work. He was in charge of ensuring that Ramen did his homework and that Chi didn't crawl off into trouble. Poor Sud wasn't much help to Ramen with school work, but he seemed to be a fun and friendly nanny nonetheless. Sometimes when their parents were too busy, Sud would tuck the kids into bed and tell them stories, he would give them advice, and all around become the best friend the lonely children could ask for---especially because of their constant moving around---it was hard for them to make many friends.

The world tour was set to take about six years and after a few more tours and stops, who knows what the public will think of this family of geniuses, and who knows how the new baby, Chi, will input to the brilliance? All of Lugh's body parts intact, and Kanna holding back on the crazy adventurous side, the family as is at a safe stalemate as the world await more inventions from the planet's craftiest inventor, and more historical artifacts from the leader of the "Knowledge Seekers"... let's just hope they make a little room for family time before they get too caught up in the rich life of celebrities.

Fanon Trivia

  • Other than Sokka and Suki, Zuko is the only other member of Team Avatar that has become a grandparent by this point.
  • The Dragons (last seen in Year 41) are three and a half years old, and have grown substantially larger, though in time they will get much much bigger. Originally they were the size of noodle-like arrows, now they are about the size of large dogs.
  • Bumi and Honora were once a long lasting couple, until the Plight of Tu Zin when Honora fell in love with his best friend, Lee. Bumi never said anything about it and was always happy for his friends, but he was hurt by the action and has been harboring the pain for half a decade.
  • Bumi has been calling Lin "Sweet Cheek" since she got her scars back in Year 27. He also calls her Punkin just to annoy her.
  • This year is based on a very unlikely ship between Lin and Bumi. The Shipping is NOT mutual.
  • The Beifong's bear the symbol of the Flying boar, so when Lin exclaims, "When pigs fly!" This isn't exactly as impossible as it is supposed to sound.
  • For years after this, Bumi will continue to tease Lin in a flirtatious manner; however this is strictly to get under her skin, and not in any actual act of romance.
  • Kanna and Lugh are the most well-known geniuses of their generation.
  • Ramen is notably the smartest child (if not person) on the whole planet. Older minds envy him for his easily sought brilliance.
  • Chi will later prove to be a handful, much to Ramen and Sud's contempt. She gets a wild streak from her mother's side of the family that strongly over powers her need for studying. Chi is supposed to resemble characteristics from "Kim Possible".
  • This is also the year that Koda's son, Arick, was born.

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