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Year Forty-Nine


One afternoon in Republic City, Lin skated over to the courthouse---she was only passing through to see when Tenzin would be through with his meeting, but then she noticed the fancy dinner table and the crowd of citizens inside. This was some sort of special occasion meeting or something, she thought. Lin quickly turned to head back out the door when a voice called her name from across the commotion.

Fanond PD- Lunch with the Council

"Lin, how great to see you! Please, come join us!"

"Lin, how great to see you! Please, come join us!" Tenzin called.

"No thanks," she sneered, "It's not my place to meddle in the affairs of the Council. That's a job for the Chief..."

"Nonsense!" he laughed, "Chief Beifong and my uncle are away on business in the North, and you are the highest ranking officer of your class---Lin, come---sit!"

She smiled in defeat, but reluctantly went over and took a seat at the table, greeting nods to the other three members of the council as she addressed them, "Veera, Chinook, Rocky---always a pleasure."

"Welcome Lin! We already ordered our entrées," the Fire Nation Councilwoman stated, "Hope you enjoy Lobster-Steak."

"That's awfully pricey," Lin gasped, "Glad to hear our taxpayers' Yuans are being put to good use."

"Not when Tenzin here only gets a side salad!" the Northern Water Representative chortled.

"Now any who---" Rocky, the Earth Kingdom Councilman laughed, "Before the grub gets here, let's talk business! First issue is the Sato Mobile gasoline crisis---we need more men working in the gas company, am I right?"

"Well you see, I believe that----Gah!" Veera exclaimed, before the infant child she was coaxing on her shoulder spit up all over her dress.

"Is this really the place to bring a baby, Councilwoman?" Lin pondered in hidden disgust, her facial expression hidden beneath her hand to make it look like she was actually smiling.

"Oh," she laughed calmly, "This happens all the time, I've cared for many a baby in my day; it's nothing to worry about!" She stood up and walked around the table. "I need a quick restroom break anyway---be a dear and hold her until I get back."

"No wait---I uh---" But, before Lin Beifong even had time to protest, Veera shoved the tiny infant in her hands and made a hasty retreat to the bathroom.

"Anyway---" Chinook added, "To clarify on Rocky's statement----"

Lin didn't even hear the rest because she was too busy holding the drooling baby upright and as close to the table as she could get it. The look on Lin's face was cringing as though she had an active land mine held in her hands, but the baby only giggled and drooled some more onto her lap.

"Look at that," Tenzin smiled in a whisper as the Earth and Water councilmen started arguing across the table. Tenzin's voice was full of pride and affection, "Aw, she likes you---" he kissed her cheek and took a sip of water, adding, "Lin, you are going to make one excellent mother..."

"What!?" she nearly squeaked, jumping at the sheer sound of that horrible word.

"Ah, I'm back!" the Fire woman sighed contently as she scooped up her baby granddaughter and took her seat, "Thank you Lin."

Lin cleared her throat and gave the council woman half a nod before scraping the spit off of her metal skirt and scooting her chair into the table as she rose swiftly to a stand.

"Where are you going, Lin?" Tenzin wondered concerned.

"Yeah," Rocky munched, mouth filled with food already, "The grub just got here!"

Fanond PD- Horrible

"That was horrible!"

"Suddenly, I'm not feeling too hungry---and I just forgot---um, I had patrol for Saikhan today while he takes his son to one of those—parent---teacher---uh, things."

"A conference?" Veera wondered, "On a Saturday?"

"Well, alright," Chinook shrugged, "Suit yourself."

"Lin?" Tenzin wondered, grabbing her sleeve before she could escape.

"Really," she insisted, "I'm late for his shift already---totally slipped my mind. You four enjoy your to-do---I have work that needs doing elsewhere." Lin pried her arm loose and shot out of the building as quickly as she possible could, skating away from the meeting post-haste.

"That was horrible!" she groaned to herself, "Obviously ten years of travel hasn't helped Tenzin's memory the least little bit---" she sighed hopelessly and shot up onto the roof of the tallest building in Republic City. Here she could see all the way to Air Temple Island and also got a great view of Aang's statue on Memorial Island. Lin looked to it as though the Avatar were staring back at her and she groaned, shoving her face into her hands, exhaling... "Aang, how am I going to tell him now, what do I do?"

Moments pass and the gulls over on the docks of Yue Bay caught her attention. She stood and looked out at the island, shaking her head with a worried smirk, "What am I doing!? I'm sure everything will be fine later on, but as of now---this isn't important---I have more urgent things to deal with right now. It isn't worth stressing over."

She looked to Aang one last time and let out a sigh of confusion. Lin took one step off of the skyscraper's edge and fell thirty stories below until catching the cables with her own metal whip, and skating off towards the police station to do her job---or at least make something up for the rest of the evening to avoid her boyfriend.


There was a case that Toph and Sokka had to travel up to the upper land of the United Republic, near the coast of the Earth Kingdom bordering the ocean towards the North Pole; it was a ways out of the way from Republic City, but the dispute was moved to the other court after the Republic City Council decided it was a home affair and should be dealt with outside of the capitol. Some couple visiting Republic City got into some big fight about souvenirs or something and were forced out of town by police escorts---it was all very immature and overly dramatic. As the Chief of Police and the Head Councilman, Toph and Sokka were practically begged to take this matter into their own response---no matter how much they didn't want to.

After hours and excruciating hours of court and arguments, Toph and Sokka were free and the enduring trial had come to an end. They walked out of the courtroom and into the streets to head back to their Airship that was scheduled to return them to Republic City. Toph yawned, "That had to be the most boring meeting of my life, and I've literally been to a thousand meetings!"

"It was a civil dispute," Sokka rolled his eyes, "Those are the worst cases. That couple was the third craziest that I'd ever seen, it was ridiculous."

"If you're going to fight all the time, why be together?" Toph groaned, "Honestly!? It isn't worth the aggravation."

"Says the most abrasive Chief I know," Sokka teased, "You fight with everybody Toph, and we all still love you."

"Oh, ha ha..." she snarked, giving Sokka a gruff punch in the shoulder, "Let's just get back on the War Balloon and get the heck outta---" Screaming in the distance interrupted Toph's sarcasm, and she grew alert. "What's going on?" She demanded to know.

Fanon PD- A Stolen Airship

As the crowd started running by, Sokka looked about the town and pointed towards the sky, "It looks like our ride home is flying too low to the city for some reason?"

As the crowd started running by, Sokka looked about the town and pointed towards the sky, "It looks like our ride home is flying too low to the city for some reason?" He pondered.

"Is it crashing!?" Toph gasped through gritted teeth.

"No?" Sokka glared past the light and concentrated hard for any signs of abnormality. "It just seems too low for elevation regulation----wait---"

"They were not ordered to move! What's going on?" she exclaimed in a stomp that cracked the pavement beneath her feet.

"Those are not our men piloting the Airship---I think, oh wow---I think it's been hi-jacked!" Sokka bellowed, "It has! Someone's stolen our ship!"

"How can you tell?" Toph asked strictly.

"There's writing on the side of the ship---it looks like it says "Equalist" some gang called Equalists, do we have them on record?"

"We're about to," Toph snarled, "Where is that ship, Sokka?"

"Above an apartment complex about two blocks dow----oh wait, Toph no, NOT AGAIN---AHHHhhhh!"

She shot them into the sky and tossed her whip out to catch the bottom of the War Balloon. Sokka held tightly onto the Chief's waist while she reeled them out of the sky and towards the plane. Then, using her metal uniform, Toph stuck to the side of the Airship like a magnet, and she marched along the surface until sneaking in through a small hole in the ventilation system of the ship.

"Warn a guy next time, will ya!?" Sokka whispered angrily.

"Quit your whining," Toph snickered, "You have your weapons on you, right?"

"Always---" he grumped, "ready for a fight are you, Chief?"

"Always---" she smiled deviously, crawling through the air ducts with a look of pure determination on her face.

As Toph and Sokka crawled through the vents, they reached a small shaft above the control room and they heard an odd man speaking in the distance.

"Can they see us?" he said.

Another man's voice replied, "Yes sir, the city can see that the Equalists are coming, already the benders of this nation are running with fear."

"Perfect. Then it is on to part two of our plan," the leader's low voice praised.

The leader was a young man; he wore a long trench coat and had on a mask---a white mask with one red circle in the middle of his forehead. And the other man, his Lieutenant apparently, was possibly eighteen years old at best---it was apparent that this group of "Equalists" so called were nothing but meddlesome teenagers looking for a fight. Sokka stared in shock that a couple of kids were able to take out the Metalbenders and steal an Airship so easily. He shouldn't underestimate a group of children, he knew that, but still, Sokka was too astonished to believe a young group was capable of thwarting Toph's Metalbenders.

"Who does this guy think he is?" Toph snarled quietly.

"Some nutcase," Sokka replied, gripping to the blade at his hip, "I'm ready when you are."

Toph smirked and shot the metal vent straight down towards the two figures talking. The first young man dodged out of the way, but the other boy stood his ground and snickered, "Hello Chief Beifong, Councilman Sokka."

"Listen bub," Toph pointed, "Who do you think you are, stealing one of my ships!? Where are my men?"

"They are below deck in the prison chambers," he replied calmly, "You are more than welcome to join them..."

Fanon PD- A New Threat Called Equalists

Toph, these are only kids? And ones in costume at that---try not to rough them up too badly-

"Yeah, you bet I will, right after I kick your butt!"

"Toph, these are only kids," Sokka pointed out in astonishment, "And ones in costume at that---try not to rough them up too badly and we can call their parents."

"Kid or not," she spat, "They stole my ship and shamed my officers! I'm bringing them in! These punks are mine!"

The masked man laughed and a swarm of oddly dressed individuals fell down from above and surrounded the two in a flash instant. They dove in and Sokka flipped the first two over his shoulder, dodging their attacks before another set of attackers came in and punched a series of quick jabs at the councilman and he groaned, falling to the floor paralyzed.

"Toph!" he strained, "Toph---they're Chi-Blockers, be careful!"

She snorted and shot the group away from her by punching a ripple effect into the metal floor. The masked man and the Lieutenant jumped to avoid the earthquake, but afterwards the Chi-Blockers rose and shot over to Toph, punching her armor to immobilize her.

The Chi-Blockers groaned and held their hands in pain---making Toph snicker, "Can't Chi-Block through metal, can you kiddies?" She shot them all away again and fought off the entire army of the odd fighting Chi-Blockers before the masked leader snuck up behind her and gently pinched the Chief on the back of the neck. Toph groaned and fell to the floor of the ship, only to feel the steps of this kid getting farther from her paralyzed body.

Sokka watched as the masked individual shot him in the neck with a similar attack and his vision quickly blurred into blackness as the young chi-blockers laughed at their victory and Toph and Sokka's defeat at the hands of this strange group of young villains.

Toph and Sokka groaned, and woke to a silent surrounding. Sokka noticed that they were inside an odd metal containment room that appeared to be one of the Metalbending holding cells; however, there were no officers in here, and the containment cube was utterly empty.

"What happened?" Sokka groaned.

"We got our butts handed to us by a couple of delinquent brats, that's what!" the Chief snarled, coming slowly back to consciousness herself as she grabbed her aching forehead.

A light knock erupted on the other side of the wall and Toph shot over to it and pounded her fists against it, shouting a serious of taunts before she snarked through the door, "You think your crummy prison can hold me? I am the Chief of Police and the greatest Earthbender in the known universe! I built these containment cells myself!" She turned to Sokka and grinned, "I'll have us out in three seconds Councilman, stand back..."

Sokka did and Toph punched the metal wall, making her smile vanish in an instant. Toph punched the wall again and once more after that until her knuckles started to turn red, but the metal wouldn't budge. Then Toph tried to bend the floors, and even the ceiling---all to no avail...nothing in this cell was bending the way it was meant to.

"What---What is this prison made of?" she gasped.

"That would be Platinum, Chief Beifong," the villainous voice of that masked young man snarled, "My suspicions were correct then, I see. I am glad that our hard work in replacing your cell with our platinum chambers was not an act done in vain. After testing it on your top Metalbending officers, we are very pleased to learn how you are immune to it as well. That will become a very interesting weakness to add to my collection of you pathetic benders."

She pounded against the door and snarled, "Why did you capture us!? Who are you!? What do you want!?"

"All in due time Chief---but, in the meantime, I suggest you and the Councilman get comfortable for your last few hours."

"Last few?" Sokka snickered, "I'd like to see you try and kill us! If Aang finds out, he'll---"

"Oh but Councilman---that is exactly what I am hoping for," the low voice hissed, "If he shows up in time to save you, that is. I have been awaiting this day for a long time---I do hope it was worth the patience."

Sokka pounded against the wall, but it didn't flinch, and the chuckled laughter of their capturer walked deviously away from the impenetrable, white cell.

"Sokka, what weapons do you have on you?" Toph asked.

"None," he huffed back, "They swiped me clean when they ambushed us."

The Chief rolled her eyes and continued rubbing her hands against the metal, trying to find even the smallest scrap of earth within it, but she sighed and stated, "They took my armor and my bracelet---and in this platinum tank, I can't bend---the metal is too pure, even for me."

"What are we going to do then?" Sokka stressed, "We can't just wait around for Aang to fall into this trap!"

"As much as I hate to say it---" Toph cringed, "We have no choice. Either Aang finds us, or they eject this cell and we fall to our deaths---it was a fatal flaw in the construction for crummy cleaning purposes." She slapped her head, "I told them we shouldn't need to clean the prison cells, but they forced it on me! How ironic because now we're doomed, but at least the room is squeaky clean!"

"Don't say that," Sokka gruffed, "This madman isn't going to kill us, we're---"

"We're what, Sokka?" she exclaimed, "Too important---Too powerful? Last time I checked we were just two ordinary people and right now two helpless non-benders."

Sokka slumped against the wall and slid onto the floor... "There's got to be some way out of this? You sit tight, I'm going to think of a way out..." Toph scoffed and folded her arms before leaning back to hit the wall; however, when the Chief fell backwards, the floor was the only thing to catch her and Sokka crawled over and helped her up, his voice curiously surprised, just as Toph's facial expression appeared. "What are you doing?" He wondered.

"I can't see..." she gruffly replied under her breath, blowing the loose hairs out of her face.

"At all?" he wondered in concern.

"Nothing," she frowned, her voice still grouchy and tough, but with the faintest hint of fear lingering deep, deep within it. Sokka pulled her close and the two sat against the wall of the platinum cube, trying to think of a way to escape. Nearly everything though, seemed to be hopeless for the Chief and the Councilman.

It seemed like hours passed by as Toph and Sokka waited alone in the small cell. They sat together waiting for the end to come, but the waiting just prolonged the fear of death for them and it got them thinking about things a little more than usual.

"I'm---I'm sorry I got you into this, Sokka---the meeting I mean. I didn't want to have to endure it alone, and now..." Toph sighed.

Fanon PD- Platinum Trap

"We've been in worse---Don't worry Toph, it'll be okay-"

"We've been in worse---" he almost chuckled at the memories, "Don't worry Toph, it'll be okay."

"That's just it Sokka---I don't think it will," Toph huffed, "We were beaten by a couple of kids. My missing officers were probably killed by a couple of kids, and Aang is miles South of our location. I don't know if you realize it, but Airship tragedies and me---we don't exactly miss each other often---especially after Ohev---"

"Don't say it," Sokka stopped her and hastily retaliated, "They probably just knocked the officers out and kicked them off the ship before they baited us onboard. Probably before they even took off so that they could install this Platinum holding chamber. Look, it'll be alright Chief," Sokka's voice seemed a little more uncertain. He thought about it for a long while and finally understood the direness of their situation---Aang didn't know that they had been captured, the police were missing, and no one was expecting the two home until late tonight. Sokka sighed and accepted the inevitable notion that they might not make it out of this scrap alive, and with that in mind, he said, "---I guess we've had a good run, haven't we? You have Lin, I have my family---they loved us, they can learn from our defeat if nothing else---like Zuko says, there's always a silver lining, right?"

"Hold on," she growled, "Since when do you admit defeat Sokka?"

"Since some brat-genius discovered Platinum and captured us," he sassed, "Face it Toph, this is hopeless---" Sokka sighed and looked to the Chief hopelessly, "Well...since this looks like the end, would you like to know a secret about me, one that I have never told anyone? It seems a good a time as any to get it off of my chest."

Toph huffed, but replied, "Fine, if it'll get the quitter-talk out of your system, I'm all ears."

He shuffled his hands together and eased into it, "Every night for Forty-Nine years---I've gone outside and said goodnight to the moon---to Yue. Even if I couldn't see it, no matter what the weather was like, I could never turn my back on her and I never stopped talking to her. Every night I spoke with her behind my own wife's back, and I've always been too afraid of what Katara and Aang would say to me if they knew."

"This Yue---you really loved her didn't you?" Toph wondered.

"I loved her more than anyone at one time---and, don't get me wrong, I love Suki and the kids with all my heart, but---part of me wonders---if Princess Yue didn't---leave---what would have become of me or my life?" Sokka kicked out his foot and sighed, "I thought I saw her at the North Pole a few years back, but now that I think about it, I can't tell if Yue is still with me, or if her spirit is somehow haunting me. Maybe I've just lost my mind after so long missing her?"

"It's alright to miss someone," Toph frowned, "After Ohev died, I promised myself that I would never love anyone the same way again. Look, at least you managed to go on with your life---I think that's pretty strong of you. The things you're seeing---well who knows what they mean, but at least you got on with your life." She grinned, "And I think Suki would understand it---I do. It's like Twinkletoes said, "death is an illusion" and we never forget those people we loved, not Yue and not Ohev."

"I'm sorry Toph," Sokka stumbled, "I didn't mean to---"

"No," she halted, "I don't mind talking about him. If I do, it keeps him around, you know? It's just talking to Lin---poor girl never even got to meet him, and it kills me that he never got to see her..." She laughed, "He lost a bet we made you know, I said Lin would be a girl, he said a boy, and after the accident, I---I never got to rub it in his face." Toph paused, "After you said the Airship was hijacked, I had to stop the same thing from happening again---I couldn't lose any more officers that way---I've let them all down."

Sokka hugged her calmly, as Toph pulled back and sighed, "Okay, my turn---you want to know one of my biggest secrets?"

"Alright..." he nodded.

She blushed and stated, "When we were little kids, I had the biggest crush on you, stupid huh?"

"Not stupid..." he shrugged, "I always thought it was sort of cute, in a weird sort of way?"

She punched him and exclaimed, "You knew!?"

"Well I assumed?" he laughed, "It's part of the reason I liked Ohev so much when he came to Katara's wedding. Other than me, no one really treated you like someone who needed protecting. They only saw you as a tough fighter, and you are---but sometimes, you just needed someone there to watch out for you---and out of every person in the world, Ohev and I saw it as a responsibility to keep an eye on you."

"I guess I have no room to argue---" Toph snickered, "We are in an impenetrable prison, and you have saved my butt more times than I like to keep track of..."

Turbulence hit the ship making Sokka and Toph grab hold of one another to keep from tumbling across the cell.

"You alright?" he asked.

"You think the masked freak lost his patience?" Toph gasped.

"I---I'm not sure?" Sokka looked about the room, "No, I just the air---there are cables in the ceiling that would have snapped if we had been jettisoned."

Toph touched his chin for a moment and ran her hand across his entire face, "Why do you look so worried?"

"I'm not---" he lied, "It's just---"

"Your facial expression tells me otherwise---oh and so do these wrinkles old man---time is starting to catch up with us, isn't it?"

"No...Toph! It's up there, I think I found a way out!"

She grinned, "What!?"

"There's a light in the ceiling---If we can reach it, you could be able to find a little metal to bust us free.

The cell rumbled again, and Toph shot up, "What are we waiting on? Let's do it!"

Sokka lifted the Chief up on his shoulders and fought the ship's shaking to hold Toph upright towards the small light bulb hidden in the top of the cell. Toph felt the heat and stuck her hand in the tiny circle to grab the bulb, but the fiery glass burnt her hand and she screamed once in pain before waving the pain away.

"Are you okay?" Sokka grunted.

"I just burned my hand," she hissed sarcastically, "Of course I'm okay!"

"Don't try to break the bulb with your hand, use something to block the heat!"

"Duh, thanks for telling me?" she scoffed, removing her black over-shirt to wrap across her hand. Toph grabbed at the light again and the heat seeped through the cloth, scorching her hand in an almost tolerable sensitivity, but Toph only ripped the bulb right out of the socket and the glass shattered against the floor.

Sokka stumbled and stepped on the shattered remains with his bare foot and he hollered from the pain just before an odd floating sensation sent Toph and Sokka crashing up into the roof.

"Now what!?" Toph groaned.

"The cables snapped! It's gravity---we're dropping!" Sokka pieced, "Hurry Toph!"

She pulled her hand through the hole and ignored the gashes she was carving into her hand, before reaching the wires and yanking them out of the light. The electricity ran into her hand and numbed it, but Toph still bent the wires into a successful blade and started cutting away at the platinum as fast as she could slice. As soon as there was a three edged cut in the ceiling, Toph kicked the hole, and kicked again until the thin metal started to budge, and with one final blow, the wind literally sucked the Chief right out of the cell and into the open air before she could even react.

Fanon PD- PLAN B

Sokka looked down and found his former cell falling miles below into the ocean; the splash was like thunder and the silence after made Sokka's blood run cold, before he bellowed out for the Chief, "TOPH! TOPH! WHERE ARE YOU!?"

"Toph!" Sokka shouted, crawling towards the gaping gash in the falling platinum cell. He too was forcefully pulled into the sky and the Councilman grabbed onto a stray wire dangling from the Airship that formerly connected the platinum holding cell to the ship. Sokka looked down and found his former cell falling miles below into the ocean; the splash was like thunder and the silence after made Sokka's blood run cold, before he bellowed out for the Chief, "TOPH! TOPH! WHERE ARE YOU!?"

"I'm over here!" she shouted.

Sokka gasped and looked to the Airship wall where Toph was hanging by the metal wires left behind by the prison cell. She was wide eyed in terror, but hearing Sokka's voice made her regain a little bit of her bravery.

Sokka looked around blindly as the wind rushed past his face and informed, "We're near Yue Bay, about a mile away from Air Temple Island!"

"That creep was going to attack Aang in our War Balloon!?" Toph growled.

"He still is!" Sokka added, "Our cell was supposed to get Aang's attention, the plan is still going on, right now! This was what he wanted all along! He wanted to get to Aang!"

"Not if we can stop him!" she growled, pulling the metal wall apart so she could crawl in side. Sokka swung over into her hand and she pulled him inside. Sokka and Toph ran through the abandoned warship and knocked the door to the control room in to face the masked villain.

"Alright kid, you're under arrest!" Toph growled.

"Toph!" Sokka halted.

She felt around, but the Chi-Blockers, and the two men were gone... "Where'd they go?"

"Obviously they escaped right after jettisoning us---they're loose in the city now."

"You were wrong, Sokka," Toph gasped, "They city. This ship was just icing on the cake---they're going to crash us into the Island! Hurry Sokka, you need to turn this tub around!"

He grabbed the controls and grunted as the steering refused to budge, "It's too late; we're losing too much elevation. The only way to stop this thing is to crash it into the water. As Sokka led the Airship into ocean and lowered the elevation levers; the airship jolted towards the earth and Sokka turned hastily and grabbed Toph's arm as the two limped out onto the roof of the massive ship.

"This brings back memories," Toph snickered.

"Yeah, except I know Suki isn't here to save us this time---we're going to have to jump!"

"We're getting too old for this!" Toph laughed.

Sokka rushed them to the very edge of the ship and then stopped as the ocean grew nearer. Toph could smell the salty sea water and she took a deep breath and held tighter onto Sokka's hand. The metal machine crashed violently into the ocean and the two waited as the giant heap started sinking; Sokka counted and held onto a rail at the head, his voice booming, "Three---Two---One---JUMP!"

He and Toph leaped from the Aircraft and plummeted into the water, twisting as the current from the ship pushed their hands apart.

Sokka swam back to the surface to hear the screams of the people in Republic City who witnessed the crash. He ignored them and coughed up some of the ocean water, shouting for his friend, "TOPH!? TOPH!?"

A frantic coughing sound interrupted his shouts and the old councilman saw the Chief trying to keep her head above the water. Sokka swam over and grabbed her arm just as she cried, "Sokka!" and he pulled her close to him as the thunderous rumbles of the dying ship sank below the dark waters.

The River Rescue ships quickly soared into the harbor and pulled Sokka and Toph to safety. Sokka had Toph wrapped up in his arms as they coughed back water, but as soon as they were safely on deck, he set Toph to her feet and gave her a warm hug, "I told you we would be fine," he shuddered.

She gave him a weak punch and fell into his shoulder tiredly, "I think we need a vacation. I'm getting too old for this..."

"Chief Beifong! Councilman Sokka!" one of the rescuers exclaimed, handing them each a blanket, as the medics started to patch up their wounds. "What happened!?"

"There is a new threat in our midst gentlemen," Toph stated to them sternly, "Some group of thugs from up North called "Equalists". We haven't heard the last of them, that's for sure."

"You didn't happen to catch the punk's name did you?" a random medic asked.

"He didn't say---" Toph snarled, "The only thing we know is that their overall gang is a bunch of Chi-Blockers called the "Equalists"."

"But the question is," Sokka wondered quietly to Toph, "why did they lure us on board, try to kill the two of us, and plot this whole, elaborate scheme just to get into the city---and more importantly, what does this kid have against Aang?"

"Whatever it is---it isn't good," Toph sighed tiredly, "And what's worse is that this is just the beginning of the masked man's attacks. Now that he's where he wants to be---nothing to stop him and no way we can find him without him attacking first. For now---he's completely safe inside Republic City," she spat, "And there is nothing I can do about it."

Meanwhile, deep within the city, the masked man and his followers waited in the shadows as the Chi-Blockers quickly dawned normal Republic City attire. The man stayed concealed behind his mask however, and the Lieutenant rushed over to him, saying, "Amon, sir, the Chief and the Councilman got away. Also, the Airship was destroyed and the Avatar did not come to challenge you. Sir, our plan was a failure..."

"No," the low voice replied in amusement, his blue eyes gleaming through the holes in his mask. "We broke through to Republic City, struck fear into the police, startled the leader of the United Council. We also managed to utterly embarrass the Avatar's pride and he knows of our strengths through the Chief and the Councilman. Those two will tell him of our attack, and all too soon we will unleash our next turn of events in order to equalize this disgrace of a city once and for all. Patience Lieutenant, patience, is the key to victory."


Soon after the Equalist attack, and after receiving medical care, Toph and her troops scoured the city from head to toe in search of the adolescent criminals, but no traces of them were found. No one besides Sokka even knew what they looked like, and he was not much help in the search. It was as though the Equalists simply vanished from the world altogether. Toph was right...there was nothing they could do except wait and hope that the mob would not make any near future attacks on Republic City.

Fanon PD- On Our Minds

"Who is the Powerful Chi-Blocker?" "Why can't I bend Platinum?" "What are we going to do without Dad?" "Who are the Equalists?"

About a week and a half after the attack, Toph received a call from a nearby city saying that her missing Metalbending Officers had been found alive. They say that a local farmer merely found the officers tied up in a cave near the fields, unconscious; they sent an Airship to retrieve them soon after. The missing officers were all completely unharmed---the masked man did not kill them after all, but the Metalbenders were completely disoriented and unaware of anything that had happened in the days before. They said that all of them simply fell over unconscious as though one big gust blew in and knocked them all out in one mighty swoop---the next thing any of them knew, they were waking up in a dark cave and being freed by a hospitable farmhand.

Ty Lee was tracked down and asked about any involvement, or any counterattack to the Chi-Blockers that the police could use against them. She said that the metal armor was enough to protect their body from most attacks, and that it would be a good idea to keep their necks concealed in metal as well. Other than that---Ty Lee was not that much help. In fact, she was shocked to hear of so many people mastering her basic fighting art. It was hard to learn it herself; she stated that she literally had to know the aura, the spirit, and the body itself before she could even perform it. Ty Lee told them that in order to Chi-Block, one had to be as in tune with the body as much as the blood itself, and that mere bond took her years to master---not many people even could. Certainly these individuals were being extremely well trained by their masked leader, and that was the most frightening thing for anyone to realize.

About a month later, Sokka retired as Councilman and took his rightful place back in the South Pole following the peaceful passing of his and Katara's father, Hakoda. All the while Aang was shocked to hear of this new gang that was lurking around somewhere in the city. Toph and Sokka stressed that it was the Avatar that the masked leader was after, but they weren't sure why or what his purpose really was---only that the young man was psychotic and had things planned out to the letter! They would try to attack again, and what was worse is that with their devious leader, these Equalists might actually succeed in their goals. Only time would tell for sure, but if not handled, the mysterious Equalists would become the worst threat to Republic City in all of history!

Fanon Trivia

  • Fanon- Veera's Daughter
    Veera's daughter, Ruby, is an equally important woman in Republic City Government, so she often has her mother babysit her daughter. Ruby will eventually take her mother's place on the council as the Fire Nation Representative and she looks like this:
  • Let it be known that Lin Beifong does not particularly care for children.
  • As the Head of Police and the Head of Council, Sokka and Toph Beifong often have to work together and travel around to solve court cases and crime issues.
  • When Lin is upset, she often finds herself talking with Aang, or at least with Aang's Statue.
  • The first time that a Police Airship was hijacked, was the Great Airship Tragedy that killed hundreds of Metalbending officers and Toph's husband, Ohev.
  • The Equalists switched out the holding chamber with their platinum trap days before the Airship was scheduled to pick Sokka and Toph up from the Northern City.
  • This is one of those rare bonding moments shared between Sokka and Toph.
  • At this point, Amon and most of his gathered cohorts are only about seventeen or eighteen years old. It is mostly unknown how he has been spending most of his time in the years that he has been away from the Northern Water Tribe, but it is apparent that Noatak has gathered some numbers, and learned new skills that enhance his rare Bloodbending capabilities. He has also started plotting to remove the Avatar from history seeing as though it is (through his eyes) Aang's fault that his childhood was so rough under the fathering of Yakone.
  • This is the year that Sokka and Katara's father, Hakoda passed away of old age. Following his passing, Sokka and Suki retired from the dangerous city life and moved to the South Pole near their son, Koda, and their grandkids.
  • This is the first year that we see Ty Lee with her hair in an "old lady" bun.
  • She also thinks about the boy from her past days as a carnival girl, and how he helped her perfect her chi-blocking. This event was side-mentioned in "Yakone's Backstory" on Year 27.
  • The symbol that Toph is thinking about is the only thing I could think to represent Platinum. It's actually the Alchemic symbol for Platinum.
  • Equalist power will only continue to grow and spread like a disease through Republic City as the years in this Fanon progress.
  • Amon's plans have worked perfectly so that he can strike fear into the hearts of Republic citizens and also into Avatar Aang. This however was merely part one of his diabolical plot to Equalize Republic City. The rest is yet to come...and it is coming very soon...

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