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Fanon PD- Aang and Katara

While taking Katara on a tour of the forest on Air Temple Island, Aang brought her to a waterfall oasis where the two did a little Waterbending-

While taking Katara on a tour of the forest on Air Temple Island, Aang brought her to a waterfall oasis where the two did a little Waterbending and Aang showed her all that he's done to make the forest happy and full of life. Katara enjoyed the tour and was awestruck at all of the beauty and animals around the falls, and with such bliss around them, Aang decided that it was time to make his big move.

"Hey Katara?" he eased in.

She stopped playing with the water for a moment and smiled at him, "Yes?"

Smoothly, Aang replied, "Can I see your mother's necklace for a minute?"

"Uh----I guess so?" She shrugged, removing the necklace and placing it in Aang's hands. He turned his back to her a moment and spun around to face her again, on one knee, with her mother's necklace held up to her face.

"Katara, we've known each other for years...and you already know I love you more than anything else in the whole world---and even at the risk of giving Sokka "the oogies"...I was hoping that----I mean not hoping like desperately, but I was just thinking, not just me, but I've talked to some people about it for some time----not people---about us---is that creepy? Look, see I have your necklace---not that I didn't want to make one of my own---I just thought you wanted to keep this because it was---well----I mean---um, let me start over. Uh, Katara I uh------" Katara hushed him with her finger and gave him a calm smile, making Aang continue with more confidence, asking, "Katara, will you marry me?"
Fanon PD- The Proposal

"Katara, will you marry me?"

"Yes, Aang I will!" She teared happily as Aang stood up and hugged her. They kissed for a moment and Aang gave Katara her necklace back before kissing again and they both started to laugh afterwards.

Aang's laughs slowed, but his smile still remained as he and Katara pressed their foreheads together. "Now what?" He wondered.

Katara pondered about that as well and snapped, "I guess we tell people about it?"

Since Toph was just a Bison ride away from Air Temple Island, Katara told her the good news first and they all agreed that they needed to send out wedding invitations right away if they wanted all of their friends to be there on the big day. So...Toph, Aang, and Katara traveled on Appa up to the Earth Kingdom where Toph used to live and with the help of Toph's parents, they borrowed every single messenger hawk the large store had in order to send out wedding invitations to everyone they had ever met (well---everyone who they wanted at their wedding for the most part).

They sent letters to: the South Pole, the North Pole, Bumi in Omashu; The Freedom Fighters, Iroh, King Kuei and Bosco, Ying, Than, and Hope, and the Council of Five over in Ba Sing Se; Aang's Fire Nation classmates, Doc, Xu, and Bushi, plus the other villagers that Katara had saved as the Painted Lady, and also Zuko and Mai; the Northern Air Temple dwellers where Teo and his father live; Meng and Madame Wu in Makapu; the Swamp Benders; the members of the White Lotus; the Duke and Pipsqueak who help keep peace in Republic City now; Haru and the Earthbenders; Aang even invited Guru Pathik and the Kyoshi Islanders---including the foaming mouth guy who nearly had a heart attack when Oyaji read the town their letter. Plus, as a romantic gesture, Aang and Katara tracked down the traveling nomads, Chong, Lily, and Moku to sing at their wedding.

While Aang and Katara were writing a massive mob of letters, Toph walked over to her old home and personally invited her parents to the wedding, and then she also proceeded to invite her old wrestling buddies from Earth Rumble Six to join in on the festivities in order to bury the hatchet with all of them. Toph also talked to the Boulder and the Hippo (who had gone back to the performance life,) and she explained this new thing she was in the process of inventing---a game much like their old wrestling hobby---she was calling it Pro-Bending.


By the end of year five---five long, hard years after the end of the Hundred Year War, Republic City was finally at a stopping point of construction, and it was now a thriving city full of buildings, roads, shops, homes, and bridges. The city was complete; the Air Temple was complete; the peace was all but healed and the nations were becoming friends again---though trust was slowly following after, but not quite yet a full reality. As the boats and balloons made it into the city, people from all over the world had come to Republic City for one sole purpose---to hop on the cruise liners heading to the Fire Nation Royal Palace, where in just a few short days the Avatar was going to be married! A massive occasion that those fortunate enough to attend will be talking about for centuries to come!

A Few Weeks Later:

Fanon PD- The Wedding of the Century

After months of waiting and planning, the day had finally come at last-

Then came the wedding of the century---literally! It isn't every day that the Avatar gets married, now is it!? And, after months of waiting and planning, the day had finally come at last! The ceremony was held at the Fire Lord's palace, where everybody could fit. They decided to hold the wedding on a familiar winter's day---ironically it was a warm, sunny day for the people of the Fire Nation, but it was winter nonetheless. Today was the day that marked the return of the Avatar, the start of Zuko's conquest, and the reunion of the time Aang first laid eyes of Katara, today was the day that just six years prior, Aang broke free of that iceberg and began his mission to save the world.

Gran Gran, Pakku, Sokka, Suki, Yue, Hakoda, Bato, and the Southern Water Tribe made up most of Katara's side of the family. Then, the Kyoshi Warriors, Ty Lee, Mai, Smellerbee and Longshot, The Duke and Pipsqueak, and then the Kyoshi Islanders (those who could come) made up a lot of the back row seating. Teo (who grew a mustache) and his Father, then Due, Huu, Tho; King Bumi and Flopsy; the Zhangs and the Gangins; June and Nyla; Meng, her big-eared boyfriend, also Madame Wu, the twins Ping and Poi; the members of the White Lotus, and many friends from Ba Sing Se---PHEW! They were all in attendance---all of Team Avatars' friends and allies, all together in one place again. Well, all except for the Earth King who could not make it, but he sent his regards and Bosco to take his seat at the ceremony. He and his wife were busy raising their new son, the future 53rd Earth King, Yuan.

Then there were also, a few members of the Northern Water Tribe, as well as the Earthbending Rumble 6 Wrestlers, The Hippo and The Boulder, the Council of Five, Xu who acted as the only brother of the "three" who could come to the wedding (although he thought Doc came with him and was hiding somewhere); then there were Aang's Fire Nation Classmates (all of which were in college now), the Beifong family who came comfortably protected by a horde of classy Beifong Servants, Chit Sang was there, as were Aang's prison friends, and of course---way---WAY in the back was the humble Cabbage Merchant trying to keep Slim the catgator from eating his cabbages.

They all made it to the ceremony of a lifetime where, under the power of Fire Lord Zuko, Aang and Katara were finally married, and as the couple walked down the steps of the palace, the musical nomads: Chong, Lily, and Moku sang their love songs for everyone to hear---the song familiar to the couple as the song of their "first kiss" in the Cave of Two Lovers... "Love is in Your Heart".

The song echoed romantically through the Fire Lord's plaza where the ceremony was held. Soon every eye turned as Katara came walking down the stairs from Zuko's palace; she was wearing a gorgeous gown of white furs and silks, a crown of thin silver that glistened from the setting sun as her smile widened and she held tighter to Hakoda's arm.

Thousands of tailors and caterers offered to serve at the wedding, but in the end, Katara chose the gown that reminded her most of her home, and as for Aang, he was standing at the altar, Toph on his right and Sokka on his left, his robes similar to that of his ancestors except they were white and gold to signify peace and prosperity in his marriage. Zuko placed a hand on Aang's shoulder from behind and Aang grinned wider, his eyes stuck straight on those of his future bride as their glances locked in place refusing to budge.

Hakoda handed the Avatar his daughter's hand and with a proud tear, he kissed his daughter on the cheek and walked back into the crowd. Hand in hand, Aang and Katara smiled to one another and listened as Zuko's voice echoed some words of importance in the background of their minds---but to be honest they weren't really paying that much attention to anyone else but one another.

"Did you want to exchange your vows now?" Zuko chuckled.

Aang blinked and nervously started fumbling as he held firmly to Katara's hands. He looked down at her and smiled softly, his words warm and welcoming as he poured out his heart to her and added, "I vow to always be there for you, to be faithful, and to always do anything in my power to make you happy. You are my everything, my friend, my mentor---and I will always, ALWAYS be right by your side to lift you up when you are down and to be there when you need me. In your eyes, I have found my home; in your heart, I have found my love; and in your soul, I have found my forever girl. With you, I feel whole, full, and alive---you make me laugh and you are always by my side. You are my breath, my every heartbeat, and I am yours. Wherever our journey leads us, Katara, it is your hand that will be in mine and I will follow it to the ends of this earth." He snickered and added, "I also promise to pretend to like any Water Tribe food you make for me...and eat it with no complaints, no matter how bad it is..."

The crowd laughed.

"Katara?" Zuko motioned.

"Aang," her smile lit up, "I vow to be the first and last thing you see every day. I will always love and help you every waking moment. You are the magic that I've always dreamed about and you help me laugh, you teach me love, you provide a safe place for me unlike I've ever known. You are more of amazement to me, each day I rediscover you, and every day for me you hold a surprise. You have been my best friend, a pupil, a hero, and in a way, my greatest challenge. But most importantly, you are the love of my life and you make me happier than I could ever imagine---more loved than I ever thought possible. You have made me a better person, as our love for one another is reflected in the way I live my life. So I am so happy to be a part of your life, which as of today becomes our life together."

"Do you take one another to be your half in the same whole---together, one mind, one body, and one heart---as long as you both shall live?" Zuko asked with a grin.

"I do," Aang nodded.

Katara smiled, "I do..."

"Then by the powers vested in me as Fire Lord..." Zuko smiled and placed his hands over their own, "I now pronounce you husband and wife. Aang, you may kiss the bride."

So he did...and people cheered. They laughed to each other as the army of loved ones shouted and whooped in excitement and Aang leaned forward and kissed his wife again.

Later, the new couple were talking to their guests and catching up on old times...The after party had taken off in a massive uproar of laughter and enjoyment---also some fighting---when inviting the Zhangs and Ganjin's (who finally realized Aang's lie was in fact a fib and went back to hating each other...) there is going to be confrontation.

"Smellerbee, Longshot! I'm glad you made it," Katara greeted.

"It's not like we were busy? Things in Ba Sing Se are so peaceful now that things have changed---we don't even need the Freedom Fighters much anymore, so the two of us are just focusing on starting over---and living new lives like we tried to do before..." Smellerbee informed. She had grown up since the last time the gang had seen her in Ba Sing Se; now, she had grown the slightest bit more feminine and also more gentle and less hostile, if it were possible? Smellerbee grabbed onto Longshot's arm and added, "Oh, and I go by "Honey" now, Honey is actually my real name---and Longshot has started going by Beau."

Aang added in, directing a comment towards Longshot... "That's great! So---"Beau" how is the Ba Sing Se life treating you?"

He starred at Aang seriously and all around them got quiet...

"I know, Bosco is pretty great isn't he?" Aang laughed randomly.

Fanon PD- Mingling

Katara was baffled until the big prisoner put her back on the ground and she rushed over to Aang in terror-

"Excuse us, we have a little catching up to do with The Duke and Pipsqueak," Honey smiled. Then the two walked away as Katara and Aang watched after them. It was amazing how much they have changed, and how happy they both seemed? Longshot took Smellerbee's hand and they walked as a couple over to their old friends nearby, and Katara and Aang weren't sure if their "couple-hood" was cute or if it gave them both the oogies, but they didn't have time to think because from out of the blue, two big, burly, frightening men with bald heads, tattoos, and gruesome looking scars came over and picked each of the two up in constricting hugs.

"We told you, you could do it Aang!" the sensitive ruffian exclaimed in tears at the sight of Katara.

Then a very scary looking ruffian added, "See, we told you she would come around!"

In a condensed voice, Katara muttered with a fake smile and collapsing lungs... "Aang, who are these nice, scary gentlemen?"

"Oh, just my friends from prison," he laughed meekly.

Katara was baffled until the big prisoner put her back on the ground and she rushed over to Aang in terror.

Meanwhile, Toph had just finished a talk with Sokka and Suki, when she left to wander through Zuko's garden bored and alone. She heard the hundreds of people talking in the distance, and she sensed where every single conversation was taking place, but all at once she just didn't see anybody she wanted to talk to---they were all having conversations already, and the mixed commotion was starting to give her a headache. She escaped the precession and Toph stepped lightly onto the bridge leading to the other side of the garden, when she hopped down onto the ground only to feel that someone was following her.

"Who's there and why are you stalking me!?" she hollered gruffly. Toph turned and raised a fist in warning before pointing towards the figure, "You might want to think about your next move very carefully buster!"

"Off all alone again, Toph?" a familiar voice erupted back; it almost seemed amused by her fury towards him, and continued stepping off the bridge to be beside her.

Toph's boredom melted away and she looked eagerly over to her side where she listened to the voice speaking and instantly recognized who he was... She smiled wide, "Ohev!?"

"Hi Toph, it's good to see you again. If you don't mind me saying---you look beautiful as always," Ohev replied kindly.

"Don't get used to it! Katara made me dress up for this love-fest, it wasn't my idea..." Toph replied with a small smile and a blush, then she added, "I didn't think I'd see you here, Ohev? Well, not see you---but---what are you doing here, are you still traveling with Chong and Lily?"

"No," Ohev answered in a stretch of embarrassment, "I went back to serving the Beifong Family after I apologized to my parents. In fact, I came back from the store one night only to hear from Lady Beifong how her daughter came and visited---they invited me to join them at Aang and Katara's wedding as an assistant. Still---I couldn't believe I missed you at their estate." Ohev stepped over and gave Toph a gentle kiss on the cheek, "I've missed you."

Fanon PD- Toph and Ohev

Toph laughed, blushing some more, then she punched him harshly in the shoulder-

Recovering from her pleasant startlement, she blushed and shoved him off, whispering, "My parents didn't see that, did they?"

", no..." he stammered.

"You're lying!" Toph laughed, blushing some more, then she punched him harshly in the shoulder and asked gruffly, "So are you sticking around or what?"

"Well..." he started, "Don't tell your parents that I told you this, but they sent me here to watch over you---I'm supposed to be spying on you right now actually."

"What!?" she exclaimed, "Can you believe after all I've done, they don't think I can handle myself? I built an entire city block of Republic City with my bare feet! I created a new type of bending! I invented a new type of wrestling related, dangerous, skull-crushing bending sport! I saved the whole stinking----"

"Toph, Toph..." He paused her and held firmly to each of her shoulders as he informed, "I think they just love you too much for them not to worry. You know, when they asked me to be around you every hour of every day, well...I thought the job didn't sound as bad as they were trying to make it." He blushed. "I know you can take care of yourself, but---to ease your parent's nerves, I'm afraid I'm just going to have to not leave your side until they say otherwise. I'll need to move to Republic City just to fool them anyway---maybe if there's an empty house on that block you built?"

Toph felt her cheeks burning, she kicked Ohev in the ankle gently and shrugged, "I think I can find room for you somewhere?"

He grinned down at her and Toph jumped back suddenly. "Alright, enough of this mushy junk---" Toph looked away with a hidden smile, then she shot up and smiled at Ohev suddenly speaking with excitement... "I want to show you my new Pro-Bending Arena!"

"Your what----Whoa!" he tried to ask, but Toph yanked him away and the two left for the arena.

Elsewhere, Hakoda had finally fought his way over to his daughter to say his goodbye's before she and Aang left the Fire Nation. He kissed her cheek and smiled warmly at her as he said, "I'm so proud of you Katara. You are the most beautiful bride I have ever seen and your mother would have loved to see you on this day---to see what a strong young woman you've become."

"Thanks dad..." Katara teared up, "Goodbye Gran Gran, Bato, Master Pakku."

Katara's grandmother hugged her tightly and said, "Goodbye Katara---and Avatar---"

"You can just call me Aang..." he eased, but she ignored him and continued, "You take care of my granddaughter now, you hear?" she gave him a stern, scary look then smiled up at him and took Pakku's hand.

Aang promised, as the sight of Pakku and Kanna gave Hakoda the oogies and he averted his eyes back to his daughter and Aang. Bato gave Hakoda a hard pat on the back and waved to the couple, "Go on kids, go have an adventure!"

Then Sokka interrupted, "Even though this is super oogie---I'm proud of the both of you, and Aang------"

"Yeah Sokka?"

"WELCOME TO THE FAMILY LITTLE BROTHER!!!" He squished Aang in a hug and Suki interrupted (baby Yue giggling in her arms, while her stomach bulged out with another baby on the way...) "Um...wouldn't Aang be your older brother Sokka---I mean, he is almost one-hundred and twenty years old..."

"Not as far as the iceberg is concerned!" he exclaimed, "DON'T RUIN THIS FOR ME WOMAN!"

In a spiteful, scary shriek, Suki bellowed, "DO NOT GET ON MY BAD SIDE!!!"
Fanon PD- Farewells


Sokka's expression melted into fear, and with a timid smile, he hugged her and sweated, "Love ya honey!"

Aang and Katara got on Appa and were waving a last goodbye to everyone at the palace, when Zuko waved over to them and said, "Aang! Katara! Don't worry about Republic City, I'll keep it in good shape until you get back!"

"Thanks for everything Zuko!" Katara grinned.

"See you around guys..." Aang waved... "Yip, Yip!" And after the wedding, Katara and Aang flew away into the sunset, to travel the world and start new adventures as husband and wife.

Fanon Trivia

  • Aang is eighteen years old when he proposes to Katara, and they have been dating for a little over six years.
  • SPOILER ALERT! Aang will eventually make Katara a necklace of her own...but that won't happen for many, many years.
  • After exciting news happens, Katara's first instinct is to go tell Toph.
  • This is the most amount of diverse people that have ever attended a wedding for the Avatar---and it is also the most amount of people that ever show up in an illustration thus far.
  • It is also the second wedding held for an Avatar at the Fire Nation Royal Palace.
  • King Kuei and his wife were married back in Year Three. Their son Yuan was named for the Yuan Dynasty, but eventually "Yuan" would become the bill term in the United Republic.
  • I'm not good enough to write all of Aang and Katara's wedding vows! Some of them came from this site here.
  • If you look at the Illustrations, Toph is wearing make-up, Teo has a mustache, Zuko and Sokka have both grown beards, Meng has a boyfriend with pointy elf-ears, and the Cabbage Merchant gets his cabbages eaten by Slim.
  • Smellerbee and Longshot changing their names is supposed to signify the end of all Freedom Fighters because the world was already free.
  • Most every ATLA character is at this wedding, each mingling in their own ways and forms. For example: the Prisoners talking to Aang and Katara were last seen in the ATLA episode: "Avatar Day", and then the leaders from the episode: "The Great Divide" are about to brawl it out.
  • Ohev was a (non-canon) character that first appeared in Love Potion 8. He has long since been infatuated with Toph Beifong, and will make a major appearance later on in this Fanon.
  • Note: Toph is currently trying to create Pro-Bending.
  • This is also the second time we see the Northern Water Tribe woman that Bato was said to have had a crush on. Rumor is that they are now married.
  • Note: If you exclude the effects of The Iceberg, Aang would in fact be Sokka's younger Brother-In-Law.

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