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Year Sixteen


On the latest trip to the Fire Nation, a very pregnant Suki, as well as Sokka and their four young daughters, traveled up to the city to enjoy the Reunion as always. Yue is now eleven, Koko and Sukka are ten and Kanna is four---not to mention their latest baby that awaits to be born and Sokka REALLY HOPES this one is a BOY! Sokka and Suki's daughters are all training in the arts of the Kyoshi Warriors, and Sukka is even training in "Piandao style" swordsmanship like Sokka. Little, five year-old Honora greeted the guests with a display of her new Firebending abilities, then Sokka's girls gave a follow-up demonstration of their warrior stances and fighting abilities. Kya was eight now, and she displayed her skills of Waterbending, meanwhile Bumi was now three years-old, the only boy in the team's children, and he loved making weird faces at people and being the center of attention, though he hasn't shown any interest in bending abilities thus far.

Fanon PD- Year Fifteen

Just as this seemed to be one of the best reunions yet, a knock at the Fire Lord's door proved otherwise-

Just as this seemed to be one of the best reunions yet, a knock at the Fire Lord's door proved otherwise.

"I am not accepting visitors at this time...send them away," Zuko called to the servants.

"Sir... the man refuses to leave until he has spoken with you and the Avatar?" the servant replied.

"Wait, how does he know I'm even here?" Aang wondered.

"Children go play in your room, Honora, we need to have a quick grown up chat with our guest."

The kids fled the room just in time for the man to enter. At sight of the man, Zuko didn't look pleased and ordered an explanation, "Who are you and what do you want?"

"My name is Yakone my Lord... and I come to you with vital information about Republic City."

"What are you talking about?" Toph scoffed coldly, "Republic City is the best place in the Earth Kingdom---nothing bad ever happens there?"

"Not to everyone... you see there have been many benders oppressing us normal citizens in Republic City... stealing our crops, our wares, and threatening our very lives," Yakone told.

"WHAT!?" Toph exclaimed.

Calmly, Aang directed his attention and replied, "I'm sorry to discover that Yakone, and believe me it is the utmost important thing on my list of things to do when we return to the city... but why follow us all the way to the Fire Nation just to tell me that?"

The man grinned, "Because Avatar Aang, I would like to issue my own task force to Republic City... a few of my friends and I have mastered the art of chi-blocking and we could be of much help to the people in my part of town."

"No way are a couple of jabbing vigilantes running my town... You just let me and my Metalbenders deal with these crooks... save your fancy punches for the ring," Toph sassed.

"Trust me, we know how to handle these sort of things," Sokka added officially.

"You really have nothing further to worry about Yakone, the problem will be dealt with..." Katara smiled.

Fanon PD- Yakone



"Hey!" Aang stood, "I would appreciate you lower your tone to my wife and my friends. Mr. Yakone, I'm sorry for the trouble it took to locate us, but I think for now it would be best if you headed back home now."

"Guards, please escort our friend Yakone to the nearest dock and pay for him to return to Republic City..." Zuko ordered.


"Well, that was pleasant?" Suki scoffed.

"More like unnerving...Did you see the way that man looked at us?" Katara gasped.

Sokka crossed his arms and rolled his eyes, "Just a crazy, hot-tempered fellow looking to complain to his superiors... nothing to worry about, I'm sure he'll forget about the whole thing by tomorrow."

About a week later, Suki and Sokka had their first and only son! They named him Koda after Sokka and Katara's dad who was still running the Southern Water Tribe while Sokka represented them in the city. He had dark skin, but Suki's eyes and hair...and after their son was born the busy parents agreed that he would have to be their last, and they stopped having children all together in order to keep up with the rambunctious ones they had.


At the meeting of the council in Republic City not long after, the gang reunited to discuss the city's rising crime problems. Even Zuko and Katara came to be a part of this meeting as Toph also appeared to make her voice heard for the police force.

"A little Avatar action and it'll send those marauders packing..." Sokka offered.

Toph agreed, "And, if they think they can outsmart my Metalbenders... they got another think coming!"

"We just can't go smashing everything up we don't like guys?" Katara sighed.

Sokka protested, "Sure we can... it's the Team Avatar style."

"All these years Sokka, and you still feel the need to be sarcastic?"

"Katara, I'm just saying that a little display of power will show everybody just whose rules need to be followed---otherwise the city will go into chaos."

Suki was in the crowd and she added, "I can call on the Kyoshi Warriors if you need a little extra girl-power in the far side of the city... That's where the Yakone guy said most of these raids were happening?"

"And I can check my control on the people of the Fire Nation...for once, if anybody is terrorizing the city, it won't be us," Zuko assured.

"Yakone said his area was under attack by Fire Benders---no doubt one of the triad gangs that have decided to take refuge in the city?" said the Council member from the Earth Kingdom.

"With all due respect," Toph said, "The Police and I have always been crashing down and crashing hard on every gang that tries to form within the city. Only a few meetings and raids have ever occurred and it has never been out of our control."

"Might I add," the woman representing the Fire Nation stated, "That ever since the outlawing of Bloodbending, more and more reports of illegal waterbending attacks have occurred throughout the streets?"

The Air Nomad representative agreed, "It seems our attempt at banning the dark bending maneuver, has somehow introduced this new element to the hungry, curious world..."

"But, all of these attacks are indigenous to the night of the full moon," the Northern Representative acknowledged, "And they are all prone strictly to gangs in the city."

"Which brings us back to the gangs---" Sokka gruffed.

"Aang, what do you think?" Katara whispered to him.

Fanon PD- The Meeting

"I want these outbreaks to stop before this city spirals out of control..."

He thought for a moment, then stood and earned everyone in the court rooms' attention, "I want these outbreaks to stop before this city spirals out of control... I think because of the new families moving here, a little extra police force can be a good thing. Toph, tomorrow your Metalbenders become the chief task force of Republic City. I want your division to spread further out of the center of the city and into the surrounding area. Suki go ahead and see if Kyoshi Warriors are willing to come help keep order on the most outer parts of town---and as for me, I'll reconsider Yakone and his chi-blocking friends to help keep their neighborhood under watch and within safety. Republic City will remain the safest utopia for all people, both benders and nonbenders alike, and I won't have that change because of a few misguided civilians."

Fanon Trivia

  • This is the first Reunion where we've see Team Avatar together as a group in five years!
  • This is also the first time we see all of their children playing together.
  • Plus, it is the very first time we are introduced to Yakone.
  • Sokka and Katara's father's name is Hakoda, while Sokka and Suki's son is simply named Koda.
  • This is the second meeting we've seen held in City Hall. It is also the first time we see the Council's point of view, looking towards the crowd.
  • The symbol of the United Republic is hanging on the back wall of the Council Room. (Spoiler Alert: One member of Team Avatar had a big role in making that symbol.)

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