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Fanon PD- Letter from Home

"Sweetie---it's---it's not good news-"

It was a late night as Katara and Aang were still awake, trying to take care of their persnickety daughter who refused to sleep peacefully and demanded a snack before bedtime. They had been at this game of Kya's for about twenty minutes now, and the poor parents were about to pass out from exhaustion if their four year old did not pick something soon.

"No!" the toddler screeched.

"Fine then," Katara yawned, "Do you want some papaya?"


"Steamed Cabbage?"

"No!" she pouted.

Aang, who was leaning on the counter, half asleep butted in, "What about a sippy cup of Lychee Juice, Kya?"

She hummed it over and then giggled, "No!"

The parents slammed their heads down in exasperation when a piercing screech woke them up only to discover Hawky, Sokka's Messenger Hawk, had flown into the Air Temple with a note from Sokka and Suki attached to the satchel on his back.

"Hey Hawky..." Aang greeted in a yawn as he took the note and gave the bird a little bowl of birdseed before he opened the envelope to read the letter; upon doing so he gasped and quickly slammed the paper down before Katara could see what it said.

"What's wrong Aang?" She wondered at the sound of his abrupt slamming.

"Sweetie---it's---it's not good news..." He shook his head sorrowfully.

"That's Sokka's Messenger Hawk! What does the note say? Did something happen with Suki's baby!? What's wrong!" Katara snatched the note away and read it allowed in a mumbled tone:

"Dear Katara and Aang, I regret to inform you that Gran Gran passed away the other night. She went peacefully in her sleep and Pakku and Dad are going to hold her ceremony as soon as your arrive. Please come at your earliest convenience, and we can talk in person. Sorry baby sister.


Tears in her eyes, Katara flung the note away and burst out the back door on a path running straight into the dark forest; Katara pounded through the woods completely distraught as she left Aang and Kya alone in the kitchen.

"Daddy?" Kya started to whimper with tears in her eyes as Katara's reaction began to frighten her.

"It's alright honey," he smiled, "Mommy's just a little upset about something. Now, how about that juice and I'll tuck you in for bed?"

Sniffling, Kya nodded and Aang scooped her up in his arms with a little cup of juice and calmly put her to sleep, kissing her forehead, and telling Kya goodnight, before he shut her door and rapidly lost his composure as he retreated into the dark woods after his unstable wife.

Aang found her not long after; she was shooting icicles at the waterfall, every blow a little harder than the last as the tears poured down her face. Katara noticed him watching her and she started crying harder as soon as her mouth attempted to make words. "I should have been there!" She managed to yell, "I should have been helping her, I could have healed her!"

Aang walked over and grabbed his wife's wrists firmly in his hands in order to stop her angry Waterbending; he then wrapped her in a tight hug and calmly stroked her hair in means of soothing her as she broke down and cried into his red robe. "Sweetie, there was nothing you could have done," Aang whispered softly, "Gran Gran was not sick and she had nothing inside her to be healed; it was just her time to leave. Remember what Huu told us: death is an illusion, no matter where our loved one is they never really leave us." She looked up at him and he stroked her bangs back in order to wipe the stray tears from her cheeks. He cupped her face tenderly and added in a soft tone, "---and that's something no amount of Waterbending will ever be able to change."

"That doesn't make me feel any better," Katara whispered painfully as she buried her face against the comfort of her husband's chest and embrace.

"I know it doesn't..." Aang sighed gently, "I am so sorry Katara."

The funeral was quick and quaint; many tears were shed and the entire tribe gathered to express their condolences for the family's great loss. Aang, Katara, and Kya stayed with Suki and Sokka in their father's newly refurbished home (a dwelling that was nice, warm, and not made of ice like Aang remembered). The renovation of the South Pole was very nice and the Southern Water Tribe seemed generations older and updated since the last time Aang had visited.

Fanon PD- The Funeral

Suki and Sokka named her Kanna, after their beloved grandmother-

Appa slept snuggly in a shed nearby as the family ate dinner quietly with Pakku. Hakoda and Pakku were taking Kanna's death the hardest, Katara was no exception, and even Sokka was sad and quiet all evening long. Gran Gran had always been there, she was the oldest woman in the entire South Pole. She had survived the Raiders, the snowstorms, the attacks, and diseases as well, but to think she was just gone now, was too farfetched to even comprehend.

Bato was at the house, keeping his best friend calm by telling funny stories about the pranks they used to play on his mother when they were kids. With the help of Aang and Bato, the family started to remember all of the good and hilarious memories they had shared with Kanna, rather than the mourning sadness of losing her. For a few moments, it seemed that everyone was starting to get a little happier as the night went on and the story telling progressed.

Eventually nightfall came, but it was not as quiet as the family would have thought. Suki went into labor and had the baby that very night. Bato's wife helped her deliver, and it turns out, Sokka was right for once and their fourth child was in fact a healthy baby girl. In light of recent circumstances, Suki and Sokka named their newest daughter, Kanna, after their beloved Gran Gran, and already the arrival of new life had managed to bring smiles to every face in Hakoda's house. Death it seemed was just a small part in a whole new world of beginnings, and wherever she might be, the family knew that Kanna would be proud and happy to see them move on with their lives and care for the new things in the world, rather be stuck in the past with their losses.

Fanon Trivia

  • This is the first time that a character has died in the fanon, and also the first time there has been a funeral.
  • This second letter read in the Fanon. The last letter was an invitation to King Kuei's wedding back in Year Three.
  • It is also the first mentioning of Huu and the Illusion of Death which he referenced numerous times throughout ATLA.
  • Let it be known that: This is one of the few times that the Universe did not prove Sokka wrong.
  • Kanna was the name of Sokka and Katara's Gran Gran, and now it is the name of their fourth daughter.
  • The Illustration shows us the interior of a refurbished, high class, Water Tribe home for the very first time.

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