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The large statue of Aang was nearing completion as more and more people moved into the city, some even volunteering to help with the vast construction project. In a few months' time, Aang's statue stood proudly overlooking all of Republic City.

Fanon PD- Avatar Aang Memorial Island

The large statue of Aang was nearing completion-

Meanwhile, within the walls of the growing city, Toph and Ohev were practically running the town and loving it! Toph resides in her own home that she made herself, placed just a few blocks from her expanding Police Academy and the street she carved with her own two feet. She would name the block after her if she could---but Aang instructed her against it. Also on this "Beifong Block", was a fancy day spa down the road, and also a nice string of neighborly homes in which Ohev resides nearby. Unlike most of the apartments and vertical towers used for housing, Toph built her home large like the estate she and Ohev had grown up in back in Gaoling. Her home housed a beautiful backyard with enough room to Earthbend and throw parties for each individual living in the area.

At their lovely house near the new Council Building/ City Hall, Suki and Sokka are training their young daughters in the ways of Southern Water-Tribe warfare and also Kyoshi Warrior style fighting and defense. Already the girls seem to be immensely skilled in the art of stealth and fan waving, like their mother; but, it is their youngest daughter, the two year old Sukka, who seems the most interested in swords and weaponry used by her father. She is known to start giggling ecstatically whenever she watches her father and Master Piandao practice on the old White Lotus member's visits to Republic City.

In the Fire Nation, things are at peace, except Zuko still searches for his mother to no avail. Meanwhile, another troubling task for Zuko is his father's long imprisonment. Disowned or not, Zuko didn't like the thought of any man rotting away behind bars forever. He still had many years left on his sentencing, but if the ex-Pheonix King showed a bit of good behavior, then he would be released on parole sooner than later. Ozai simply sits in his cell, lost in his thoughts---never any closer to admitting he had done wrong, but not maliciously trying to break free Either. If somebody tries to get a sliver of good will out of him, the prisoner would only laugh maliciously and make crude remarks about them. Zuko wishes so badly that he would change his mindset so he could return home, but there was no such luck, no similar breakthrough coming any time soon, and he feared his hateful father would never recover from his hate and wicked nature.


"I can't believe that after all this time I'm finally going to see my sisters again!"

"Why did you drag me into this again?" Mai wondered gloomily.

"I'm not going in there alone!" Ty Lee exploded, "Are you crazy!?"

"Azula took most of my crazy with her," she rolled her eyes.

Ty Lee chuckled, but soon frowned and whispered, "Is it okay to be making fun of Azula like that?" She thought about it, "I mean technically she was our friend, right?"

"Azula was never our friend, Ty Lee," Mai scoffed, "She just used us because she saw our potential. When she was through with us, she left us to rot in prison, remember?"

Fanon PD- Answer Me This

"That is completely different!"

"But your uncle let us out eventually," Ty Lee retaliated, "You know---to move us to another prison, yeah sure, but he did technically request we got special treatment---and I did make friends with the Kyoshi Warriors."

"Which reminds me," Mai gave her friend a look, "You ran off to the circus because you were afraid of being a matched set with your sisters---yet you joined an all-girls club with uniforms that look exactly the same?"

"Th---that is completely different---" Ty Lee stumbled, "At least on Kyoshi Island I am treated like an individual---at least they knew my name!"

"Well, you better hope your family finally figured their priorities out," Mai pointed, "Because we're here."

Ty Lee's old house; it was not too far from the royal palace, but still a good walking distance away from any surrounding neighbors. The mansion was built near a Cliffside and it had a grand view of a surrounding river nearby that lead straight into the ocean one way and then right past the palace in the other direction.

"Here goes..." she swallowed nervously and rang the doorbell. There was a long silence and Ty Lee pushed the doorbell in again.

"Are they even home?" Mai asked.

Ty Lee pressed an ear to the door and nodded, "I think so...I can hear noise?" She took a few steps back an looked up to notice a second story window open, and she pointed up at it, "Come on, we can get in through there!"

Mai looked and then returned a glare to her friend, "I don't think I feel comfortable breaking into your house..."

"Come on, Mai! You aren't even wearing your expensive royal robes or anything---you can do it!"

"Just because I didn't feel like people kissing up to me on the streets, it doesn't mean that I wouldn't still climb up to the window," She blew the bangs out of her face, "I just don't think it's such a good idea, that's all..."

Hands together, Ty Lee pouted with big puppy-dog eyes and begged, "Please!? Please...Please...Please..."

Mai slapped her forehead and started climbing, "Fine...whatever...but, you totally owe me, Ty Lee!"

"Yay!" She squealed, basically hoping right to the window with glee by the time Mai had managed to catch up. Ty Lee looked over and noticed the sweat on Mai's brow and she observed, "You know, you used to be a lot quicker than this?"

Mai scoffed, "Some of us don't train anymore if that's alright with you!"

"Oh right---you live up in the palace with Zuko now, getting pampered and living the highlife!" she blinked, "How is that by the way?"

"Are we here to talk about me, or are we sneaking into your place to find your family?"

"Fine grumpy...Let's go!"

They snuck in through the window and looked around the silent house. Ty Lee motioned and practically twirled happily down the hallway as Mai slumped behind her in embarrassment. There were no guards or alarms or anything, but still Mai couldn't help but feel as though they shouldn't be in here.

"Did you even tell your parents you were coming?"

"Uh, no?" she shrugged, "But it's my birthday, I'm sure they're around here---ooh! I know, let's see if they kept my room the same as when I left it! Come on!" She grabbed Mai's sleeve and bolted down the hall. When she made it to her room, she opened the door and walked in with a huge smile, only to frown as soon as she caught sight of her old bedroom. The pink walls were gray and where all of her stuffed animals and knickknacks had been were replaced with punching dummies and training equipment.

"I don't understand?" She frowned, "We have dozens of empty rooms in here----why would they completely gut my room? Did they forget I was even here?"

"Hey," Mai called, "Look out the window, it looks like everyone is out in the backyard. No wonder nobody heard us, I think they're throwing some sort of party?"

"Yeah," she spat, "a party to celebrate their other six perfect daughters being born!"

"You need to go out there..." Mai beckoned.

"Why should I?" Ty Lee teared up, "My own family doesn't even care where I went or what happens to me, Mai! This was a mistake---"

"No, you really need to go out there..."

"I'm just going to hang around with you and Zuko until I can hitch a ride back to Kyoshi Island---at least my sisters there miss me."

"Ty Lee!" Mai snapped, "Shut up and look out the window, will you?"

Unenthused, Ty Lee stood and looked down into her backyard and saw a huge party full of red and pink balloons and seven cakes all a little different than the last. On each there was a name written out in gold-colored frosting of each girls' name: Lin Lee, Rye Lee, Ky Lee, Bae Lee, Natta Lee, and Emma Lee---then on the very end there was a cake just especially for her with the name "Ty Lee" written across and a few small circus animals setting on top of it to make it unique.

"What in the world?" she mumbled, grabbing onto Mai's sleeve, "Come on!"

Within seconds, they were outside and everybody started cheering as a swarm of women dove in and hugged the two new and unsuspecting guests.

"We thought you weren't coming again!" One sister said.

"Good to see you again sis!" Another called.

"We've been hearing such stories about you, Ty Lee!"

Another shagged her hair, "Is this your friend, Mai? She's grown up a lot since the last time we saw her!"

"Mai---as in the Fire Lord's wife?" A girl squealed, "Ty Lee, you're so cool!"

"There she is!" A man laughed, "My daughter, come home at last!"

The mother added in, "We've missed you honey, and we're sorry that we never gave you enough attention as a kid----all of you really."

"Mom and Dad have been throwing us big parties for our birthday ever since you ran away," a sister informed.

Another added, "We have cake and dance, then we go camping or on a cruise---and we all hang out as a family for at least a whole day before things go back to normal!"

"It isn't much, but it sure is fun while it lasts!"

Ty Lee smiled with tears in her eyes, but they blinked away and she stuck a finger out at her family in accusation, "Then why did you all get rid of my room!?"

Her father laughed, "We were turning it into a training room!"

"Yeah," a sister jumped eagerly up and down, "We wanted to get to be just like you sis!"

Fanon PD- A Party with Ty Lee's Family

Mai inched backwards only to see a wall of happy, smiling Ty Lee's behind her, blocking off her exit-

"We've been practicing our Chi-Blocking for months!"

One of the sisters nudged her, "We felt that the room had a sort of Feng Shui to it and it would help us all train better!"

"Will you show us a few moves, sis?"

"Forget that!" a girl laughed, "I want to hear the story about how you punched the princess----or the one about the Kyoshi Warriors guarding the palace---when you took down the entire Terra Team---that was amazing!"

"Glad you patched things up. I'll just let myself out," Mai inched backwards only to see a wall of happy, smiling Ty Lee's behind her, blocking off her exit.

"Oh please stay Madame Queen, Lady Mai!" the mother clapped, "Your presence brings much honor to my family!"

"Uh..." She stretched.

"Zuko's not even at home right now!" Ty Lee inched, "Of course Mai can stay for the party!"

The seven girls and the two parents cheered as the music rang louder and Mai slapped her forehead in distress, wondering what in the world she had gotten herself into.

Fanon Trivia

  • Most construction in Republic City was done using either workers and tools, or Earthbenders and Toph.
  • This is the first time we see Sokka's daughters learning the ways of any sort of warrior.
  • Master Piandao often visits his favorite student, Sokka, and the two share a friendly sword fight every now and again. Sokka has long since crafted a new sword (not as cool as his lost Space Sword mind you), but he was still an official swords master in the eyes of Piandao.
  • Spoiler Alert: Sukka will one day grow up to love sword fighting, more so than her siblings.
  • Ozai has officially been locked away in some form of prison for a little over nine years by this point.
  • The river behind Ty Lee's house was first referenced in the ATLA episode: "The Headband".
  • Let it be known that Mai is one of Ty Lee's closest friends and vice versa, though they don't really communicate much in their busy futures, the bond is still there.
  • This is one of the few times we see Mai in an illustration wearing something other than her "Royal Clothes". If you look really hard you can still see her crown hidden beneath her bangs though.
  • Ty Lee's sisters names are all puns on real names that end in "Lee": Linley, Riley, Kylie, Bailey, Natalie, and Emily.

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