Late in year 1 of the War, Firelord Sozin launches his armada upon the world, bringing with them an era of pain and conflict...

Day 30 of the 11th month, 12 BG

The Avatar is dead! Firelord Sozin delivers this news to the world in a public rally in the Fire Nation capitol. "The Avatar," he says "has perished in a volcanic eruption of his home island." Sozin claims to have done everything in his power to try and save his old friend, but only managed to save the other villagers. The news of Avatar Roku's demise is seemingly dampened by the Firelord's testimony of his alleged bravery and good will, perhaps this declaration was also meant to sweeten the news he would deliver next.

"The Fire Nation is enjoying peace, wealth, and good times! When I tried to share this greatness with the rest of the world, Avatar Roku stopped me. But he did not know the truth! The truth of fire! Now the Avatar will not interfere, even if he meant well, for the Avatar is no more and the world will now too enjoy the power of the Fire Nation!" The people of the Fire Nation greeted this news with cheers, but not all of the Fire Nation was pleased. Small towns in the outer islands sent formal complaints to the capitol, these were most probably burned and the towns would be the first targeted for drafting.

For the next twelve years, the Fire Nation would start creating a massive army, despite the protests of the United Council.

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