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Yassen Xul
Biographical information



Late twenties

Physical description


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Skilled with many different weapons

Fighting style(s)

Weapons, martial arts


Obsidian Order, Pyro Xul


Team Avatar, Earth Kingdom, many others

Chronological and political information

Assassin/contract killer/bounty hunter


Obsidian Order

Yassen Xul was an assassin who worked for the Fire Nation during The War, but secretly was an operative of an assassin organization known as the Obsidian Order. He worked alongside fellow contract killer Pyro Xul. They were not related, but the Obsidian Order was mostly made up of members of the notorious Xul Family, and so every one in the Order, even non-Xul Family members, had Xul as their last name to signify their membership of the Order.

Yassen was a non bender and his origins were unknown. Barely anything was known about Yassen's childhood and early history, other than that he had allot of experience with weapons, being raised by the Obsidian Order, and was very skilled with them. He also knew martial arts. His weapon and martial arts skills matched that of a master bender, and he knew the weaknesses of benders.

Yassen was born sometime during the War at an unknown date and unknown location. Early in his life he was taken by the Obsidian Order and trained as a killer. Yassen was a quick learner and was ahead of all of the other children that were being trained with him by the Order. During his training, he met a fellow assassin, who became one of his best friends, named Pyro Xul. Pyro's skills matched his and they often were partners during the trainings. Luckily, in the final part of the Obsidian training, when there were only a few trainees that remained, the rest killed, Pyro was injured in the last training and was unable to attend, so Yassen was partnered with someone else. In the final test, he was ordered to kill his partner, and he done so successfully, and killed the other trainee before he even knew what was going on.

Yassen worked with the Fire Nation during The War, though secretly it was because of an order from the Obsidian Order. Secretly, the Order was responsible for most of the Fire Nation's victories, and many of the Fire Nation's high-ranked military officers were members of the Order or were somehow affiliated with it. Yassen was given the vital task of hunting down Team Avatar, and had taken several attempts at Aang's life. Each time, Aang or another Team Avatar member were heavily injured, but not fatally injured.

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