By Agent Slash Part of the Suki's Story continuity.
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Earth Kingdom



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Bow and Arrows

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Tai Kun, Kang Dae, Shun, Hong Wu, Shuang


Suki, Bo, Ling, Rong, Feng, Gahno, Ren, Kuong, Otaka, Wen, Kuei, The Council of Five

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Zhiming Assassins

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Battle For Ba Sing Se, Part 2: Suki of Kyoshi Island

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Judd Nelson


Pre-Suki's Story

Yanshu was once a Colonel in the Earth Kingdom Military. He was the leader of a special elite force known as the Qing Chang Che Squad, which was comprised of those who had been taught special tactics in the Earth Kingdom's Military. Yanshu excelled in archery and was instantly the best in his class; exceeding even the skills of a Yu Yan Archer. However, Yanshu eventually went rogue due to seeking a better purpose. He was always dissatisfied with the military's efforts to bring down the Fire Nation and thought it was best to do things his way and find someone who agreed with him. Yanshu was eventually recruited by Hong Wu; the knife-thrower having read his files and thinking he was the best choice to lead a new squad. Yanshu was put in charge of a new team consisting of Fang, Zhung, and himself.

Book 1

Hong Wu dispatched Yanshu, Zhung, and Fang to kill Suki, Bo, and Ling who had taken refuge in Chin Village. Once the trio arrived, they demanded to know where Suki and her friends were and after a brief scuffle, Fang and Zhung were hurled into the ocean below and killed. Outnumbered and outmatched, Yanshu chose to retreat. Once he returned, he apologized to Tai Kun for failing. More Coming Soon...


Yanshu is a gruff, no-nonsense kind of guy. He is always determined on his mission and does not tolerate stupidity or weakness. He is also close to Hong Wu; serving as his most loyal follower.



Yanshu's arching abilities were inspired by the character 'Rodimus Prime' from the Transformers franchise.

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