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Yansen, formally known as Prince Qiying, was a statesman and admiral of the Earth Kingdom who lived during the reign of the 38th Earth King Gong. A powerful noble from the northern part of the country, Yansen was one of Gong's closest supporters and was granted the title "Prince Qiying of the First Rank" for his loyalty. He fought in the Hu Xin War against the Fire Nation, personally taking command of the Earth Kingdom Royal Navy, but was killed during the Battle of the Mo Ce Sea.


Yansen was born in 1146 BG in the northern Earth Kingdom to a prominent noble family. A shrewd politician, he maneuvered his way through the Ba Sing Se imperial court and became a friend of Crown Prince Gong. Yansen was rewarded for it after Gong became the Earth King and gave him the title of "Prince Qiying of the First Rank," which gave him authority over the northern provinces and made him one of the most influential members of the court. Along with six other appointed princes, Yansen effectively became one of the most powerful men in the kingdom.

When a conflict broke out with the Fire Nation following some disagreements, Yansen personally took command of the Earth Kingdom navy's Ba Sing Se Fleet and led it to the Mo Ce Sea. There, he took part in a battle against Admiral Takashima's combined fleet, and gave them considerable casualties, but was ultimately defeated. Yansen himself was killed along with most of his command staff when his flagship, the Zhenyuan, was hit in the bridge.

His son Zaixin succeeded him as Prince Qiying of the First Rank.


  • He is named after a Manchu imperial prince that lived in the late nineteenth and twentieth century.

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Prince Qiying
1124 — 1100 BG
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