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An Unnormal Day
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A Shy Girl

"Yangchen get up, it's time to for our lesson" Jade said

"Okay I will be right there!" replied Yangchen. Right as she said that something odd happened, it seemed like the ground was shaking violently.

"Get out side now!" Jade screamed

Yangchen ran as fast as she could, she looked at the ground above the temple. She noticed many boulders flying down the trench. Jade then created an air bubble around her and Yangchen. As the shaking continued the temple's walkway's began to crack...

Minutes Later

"Jade what was that?" Yangchen nervously asked

"I don't know Yangchen but I am sure it isn't over" Jade replied

"Attention everyone attention, 2 Earth Kingdom colonies are battling to who gets a large piece of land about 1 mile away, it is unknown why they have come here but I assure you everyone we will have this worked out by day's end." Council Member Li announced.

"Yangchen come and I will teach you the air shield." Jade told her

"Could I learn that air bubble you created around me?" Yangchen asked

"That's a little bit advanced maybe some other time." replied Jade

Right then Yangchen heard something, something she could never forget, she heard Council member Li screaming.

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