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Chapter 1: A Shy Girl

"She has to be the one. She chose the toys!" said Council Member Li.

"She is!" remarked Sister Ui

"I'll tell her when she becomes of age," suggested Sister An.

Back at basic airbending school Yangchen was sitting all alone. She only had one true friend, and her name was Song, who was nine years old. She was the complete opposite of Yangchen: she was active had many friends and talked to anyone who she saw. Yangchen often wished she could be more like her. As they were demonstrating air techniques, Yangchen always made the smallest air spout. Everyone except for Song would laugh. The teacher said that Yangchen was only six and she didn't know much yet.

After training she went to Jade, her guardian, and asked why she wasn't better at airbending. Jade told her she didn't know, and told her not to worry about it. Yangchen hugged Jade and ran out of her room, to find Song waiting for her. As always, Song was with many friends. Yangchen was ready to try to make new friends and as she walked over there Song ran and hugged her. Yangchen told Song she would like to meet her friends.

Song walked her over and introduced her to them. "This is Jia, Far, and Fung."

"I'm Yangchen," she said nervously.

"Nice to meet you," said Jia, smiling.

After a Long day of chatting, Yangchen returned to her room. She ran into Jade, who was meditating. Yangchen hugged her, saying she met some new friends.

Jade smiled. "That is wonderful," she told her.

"I also learned a new move!" Yangchen said Joyfully.

"Well, lets see it," Jade said, smiling.

"Okay - here goes!" Yangchen created a small funnel-like shape for three seconds.

"That is Wonderful!" Jade said cheerfully. "But it's time for bed."

"Okay, but will you show me more moves in the morning?" Yangchen asked.

"I will," said Jade.


Guys, I will add more to this chapter but right now I have to go to do cross country. So, if you want to suggest anything, I will finish it later tonight and get working on some art for it.

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