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Earth Kingdom


Earth Kingdom

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Ba Sing Se




153 AG


174 — 175 AG




None, monarchy abolished

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Hou-Ting Dynasty, Military of the Earth Kingdom, Dianying


Kuvira, Military of the Earth Empire

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Earth monarch

  • Earth Kingdom Royal Family
  • Earth Kingdom Royal Cabinet

Yang was the 55th and final monarch of the Earth Kingdom, in power for a few months following the fall of Kuvira and her regime. The grandson of Queen Hou-Ting, he was second in line for succession after Prince Wu, and became his successor following the crown prince's abdication in late 174 AG. Yang was put in power by General Dianying, a royalist who was loyal to the Hou-Ting Dynasty and determined to restore the Earth Kingdom. Yang, who was greedy, arrogant, and power-hungry, intended to create an absolute monarchy, with himself having authoritarian power similar to one of his ancestors, the 46th Earth King. However, a rebellion in Ba Sing Se resulted in the fall of his regime, ending the Earth monarchy and ultimately leading the way for the formation of the Earth Republic.


Early life

Prince Yang was born to the Earth Kingdom Royal Family in 153 AG, the grandson of Queen Hou-Ting. He was always the second in line for the throne after Prince Wu, but quickly developed ambitions of taking the crown for himself. Imagining himself to be an authoritarian emperor who would restore the Kingdom's glory and respect for the royal family, Yang plotted to have Wu assassinated, whom he viewed as nothing more than a fool. However, the fact that Wu left Ba Sing Se to study in Republic City prevented this from happening. Yang remained active in royal court politics for the next several years, and when the Queen was assassinated by Zaheer and the Red Lotus, he was forced to go into hiding during the subsequent period of anarchy in the Earth Kingdom. Yang was assisted by royalists who were planning to eventually restore the Hou-Ting Dynasty.

It was during the years of Kuvira's leadership as interim leader that Prince Yang met with Prince General Dianying. The man was a loyalist who agreed to help Yang take the throne after the inevitable clash between Kuvira's regime and the United Republic of Nations. Unbeknownst to him, Dianying was just making them as back-up plans in the event that something happened to Wu, had been coronated as the next Earth King. Although Yang did not like the old general's own political ambitions, he cooperated with him in order to gain the backing of his military strength and tactical genius. He regarded Kuvira as an illegitimate usurper and secretly aided anti-Kuvira rebel and bandit groups in the Earth Kingdom countryside with finances and intelligence. After the Battle for Republic City and the fall of the Kuvira regime, as well as King Wu's abdication in favor of a democratic government, Yang and his royalist backers decided to make their move.

Power struggle





  • Yang is somewhat based on Kaiser Erwin Josef II from Legend of Galactic Heroes, both of them being the nominal heads of state, but figureheads of a military officer.
Preceded by
55th Earth King
174 — 175 AG
Succeeded by
Monarchy abolished

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