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Yanae (Scar)
Biographical information

Northern Water Tribe


Water Tribe

Birth place

Northern Water Tribe


Republic City



Physical description


Hair color


Skin color

Pale with red scar

Eye color

Mismatched: One yellow, one white

Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)

Waterbending/ Slight Firebending







Yanae is the oldest son from a multiracial family. He is convinced that he was supposed to become the Avatar.


Yanae looks similar to General Iroh II, but with a large scar streaking across his face. He also has a beard and mustache, and his left eye is blind. 


Yanae was born in the Northern Water Tribe as soon as Avatar Aang died. He was convinced that he was supposed to be the Avatar, and that Korra had
Yanae (Pre Scar)

Yanae before he was scarred

somehow stolen it from him. Many times, he tried to bend other elements. He does seem to have slight firebending ability, but he can not control it. One day, when he was attempting to firebend, a flame that he was attempting to manipulate exploded, scarring his face and that of his brother, who was watching him. At that point, Yanae decided that he needed to reclaim his power from Korra. He booked passage to Republic City with his brother, Yarruk. Once there, he started searching for Avatar Korra. He had almost found her when the Equalists attacked the pro bending stadium, and Yanae went into hiding. After Amon was unmasked, he reentered Republic City's society. One day, he was sitting on the banks of a lake in the city, when he noticed a small, white shape on the other shore. He swam across, and saw that it was Amon's mask. He picked it up and brought it home, where he hid it under his bed, unsure of what to do with it. On the one hand, he should be the Avatar. It was his duty to keep the peace. On the other hand, Amon had opposed Korra, who he despised.

Some months later, Yanae saw a crowd gathering in the city. He went to see what it was about. It was a speaker talking about how his life was changed when Korra came to the city. Consumed by jealousy, Yanae marched up, stole the man's megaphone and announced that he, not Korra, was supposed to be the Avatar. He was met by a rain of rotten tomatoes and a cry of "Go home, we know that 'fake scar' trick!". He returned to his apartment, where he made his choice. He would use Amon's mask to become "The Shadow" and hunt down the Avatar. He spent months trying to hone his firebending ability, resulting in scars on his leg, arm, and chest. He eventually got it to the point where a flame he was attempting to expand would expand, but not to dangerous proportions. He still cannot generate fire, and has only the most basic control over it, using a style more like the forbidden art of Bloodbending then actual firebending.



Yanae has never met the Avatar, but he believes that she stole his Avatarness. He is currently attempting to find a way to transfer her power back to him.


Yanae's brother has always been fascinated with his undeveloped ability to bend fire. He journeyed to Republic City with his older brother to help him get his powers back .

Author's Note

If you read this, please add to Yanae's history and update the rest of the page accordingly. Please do not add or remove pictures of his face, because it would be too hard to replicate his scar. Please do not kill him (because then nobody else could use him) and please do not have his bending permanently removed. Thank you.

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