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Yan Beifong
Biographical information

12-30(time skip)

Physical description


Hair color


Skin color


Eye color

Silver (blind)

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Earth, metal, lava

Bending style(s)

Earthbending, metalbending, lavabending


Beifong family

Race: Human

Familiars: None 

Status: Alive 

Appearance: She has long black hair that reaches down to her waist and she has white skin and silver colored eyes (blind), she's always wearing a white Yukata and almost never wears shoes. She's almost rarely seen with a different outfit on and shoes.

Hobbies: She loves to relax as well as to fight.

Hates: Being bothered, weaklings, being told what to do.

Personality: Yan is a very independent and rebellious person. She may be blind, but she's proven to be one of the most powerful earthbenders in the world and she's perfectly capable of taking care of herself despite not being able to see. She also comes off as very bitter and irritable on the outside most of the time but she has a soft side that she rarely shows. She's very bold and blunt and she has a dislike for weak opponents for she loves to fight and expects the battles to be long and good and get's angry when she doesn't get her wish. She also loves to relax and enjoy a little time to herself and hates to be disturbed for any reason. Yan also hates being told what to do and would go as far as to break rules just to get her point across, she prefers to be her own boss and listen to her own commands. Despite being rude and bitter on the outside Yan has a sense of honor and will fight if it meant saving the people she cares about and she is capable of compassion but she shows it in her own way.

Past: Not much is known about her past except that she's Toph's ancestor and that she became the strongest earthbender at the age of 7.

Powers/skills: Earthbending, metalbending and lavabending.

Relatives: Toph Beifong (Ancestor) Unnamed mother and father

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