By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe and Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
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Future meets Past

Yamato is a young Kishu and Terra's old friend. His past matches Toube's pretty well. He and Hyata both were childhood friends to Terra until some accident made them fall into the SOTC universe. Unlike Hyata though, he grew up to be a much better hunter, instead of a fighter. He's much faster then Hyata, so it makes him a great hunter.

Avatar: New Universe

Colossi Arc

He first appears moments after Hyata started fighting Basiliscus, seeing if Terra is okay. He explains to her some things about how he and Hyata ended up in the hidden lands to catch up as Hyata got the idea to split up. While Hyata went with terra to fight Pelegia, Yamato went off to find Mel so he can help fight Barba.

After arriving and meeting Mel, he and Mel tried their best to fight Barba, though at first it was mostly a run around. He went into action though when Mel tells him to bite his right shoulder, where one of his weak points are. He tries to stay by after he was done but Barba grabs him and throws him up to the entrance, outta harms way.

he appears later when he finds Robin. He explains to robin that the JD colossi are no longer on their list of fighting and tells Kuroiyara to let robin pass so he can fight Argus.

Final Arc

During most of the fight, he and hyata were just on the side lines until the team all merge into an ultimate being. they both could only watch as Yin (the ultimate form) and Yang (Raviente). He tries to run in to help but in the end was knocked out by the attack that ended raviente. He wakes up the next day just fine though.

Avatar: New Universe II

Arc 1

Yamato appears here with the Teen Titans when they were called into a robbery. During the fight with the HIVE, he was the first to see Tails Doll before he blew a dog whistle, immobilizing him.

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