By The Parius Part of the Avatar: Darkness and Light continuity.

Yamamato is an assassin of the Remnants, and is number 14. He uses clawed gloves, with wires that are as sharp as a sword. His whereabouts in Darkness and Light are currently unknown.



Yamamato was one of the only people to be born in the Remnants. All he remembers are his training, and becoming number 14. He says it was the proudest day of his life.


Yamamto was the one whoo ordered the guard to take Parius's sword. After Parius killed the man, Yamamto ran to the Leaders, and told them. He was there, when the Leader asked Parius to join. He didn't trust Parius, but soon respected him of his abilities. He said, when Parius was named number one, that no one would be better.


Yamamato is a very calm person, and doesn't panic easily. The only time anyone has said to seen him panic, is when Parius woke up. Yamamato also is the top strategist in the Remnants.


  • Yamamto is the oldest of the Remnant numbers, being 67.
  • He has the most respect out of anyone, even Parius, and Kaane have stated this


  • Yamamto's picture is going to be of Yamamato, from the anime, Bleach, as they look alike.

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