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Yin Huanghou is the loving wife of The leader of The Sediao. and will help him further his goals.

(Ranked Di (1st)- The Heartless Viper)

The White Butterfly by Qinni
Yin Huanghou
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She came to love Mòrì Shāshǒu a long time ago with an utmost passion, which he returned. Thus, she joined The Sediao. and has faithfully served and loved him since then, Now she will help him unleash the beast


Her mind is a dangerous one. Seeing war as a game of domination, she relishes bloodshed and enjoys toying with other people's lives. At times, she has been seen as being perceptive of others thoughts. Either she seeks to torture those who cross her with this knowledge or satirizes the ones on the same side as her. Not a moment of guilt runs through her as she defeats people in her path, scoffing when she ends their encounters too quickly. Hearing her husband reviled as a cold-hearted conqueror makes her pleased with her own title as the Demon Emperor's wife.


She has shoulder length blond hair and red eyes. She also sports a black, sleeveless shirt that exposes the midriff with a closed collar. Black half-sleeves that turn to fingerless gloves that reach from her forearms to her wrists, she also wears tight black shorts and black boots.

Abilities & Equipment

She is a very talented mixed martial artist. She capable of fighting Tora when he is armed with his katana, despite not wearing any sort of armor. She is also super humanly quick, being able to appear behind Tora during their fight with little effort, and is very strong, being able to thrust her hands right through flesh.


Based off Jeane from No More Heroes and Noh from Samurai Warriors.

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