By Philanahembree Part of the Forces of Nature continuity.
Biographical information

Southern Air Temple, Earth Kingdom


Southern Air Temple, Earth Kingdom


Southern Air Temple (formerly)
Haiqo (formerly)
Air Republic

Physical description


Hair color

Dark brown (typically shaved)

Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)

Airbending (Baguazhang and Jeet Kune Do style)


Cuaiua, Linjon, Order of the White Lotus (formerly), Meelo (formerly), Ogomu, Vinina, Lyo (formerly)


Earth Kingdom bandits

Chronological and political information

Airbending teacher


Airbending master
Air Republic diplomat

Xuhon is an airbending master and the husband of Cuaiua. Like Cuaiua he also became a member of the Order of Wan after the death of Avatar Korra. He was one of the first airbenders to master airbending through the Order of Wan technique, or Jeet Kune Do style, far more aggressive than the Air Nomad Baguazhang.


Xuhon is the grandson of Ogomu and Vinina, two of the new airbenders following the Harmonic Convergence of 171 AG. He was born and raised at the Southern Air Temple and was partially raised in Haiqo. Xuhon was a committed student, learning almost everything there was to learn about airbending and the Air Nomad culture, but as he explained to his mother and father, he never truly had the peaceful heart of an Air Nomad, and was secretly looking for another purpose in life. Xuhon mastered airbending after a number of years at the Southern Temple, and even began a relationship with a White Lotus member named Cuaiua, who like him, wanted something else out of life.

Their wish was realized after the attack on Haiqo by the Bouchang Pirates. Lyo, an airbending master, returned to the Southern Air Temple along with his wife and his son Linjon. Linjon had been terrified by the attack, and took note of Tirriu's retaliation against the pirate leader Braqan and most of his fleet, and decided that he wouldn't live his life in peace and evading his enemies like he was expected to as an airbender. Cuaiua, alongside Linjon, decided to leave the Southern Temple and move to the southern territories of the Earth Kingdom. Luckily to them, certain lands in the Earth Kingdom had been lost following King Wu's abolition of the Earth monarchy in 174 AG. Bringing a number of other Air Acolytes and airbending students with them, they planned to eventually found a new Air Nation known as the Air Republic.

Knowing that they would soon be under attack by bandits, Linjon decided to train the airbenders a new way through a new form of airbending, the Jeet Kune Do style. This proved more than effective against the numerous attacks on their village, but eventually news of this reached the Southern Temple, forcing Masters Meelo, Ogomu and even Lyo.


Xuhon is an airbending master, both in the traditional Baguazhang style and the newly used Jeet Kune Do style of the Order of Wan. Using airbending as an ultimate form of defense and attack, he surpassed even other airbenders such as Tenzin and Zaheer, and became one of the most experienced airbenders of his day.

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