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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.

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Earth Kingdom



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Light Gray

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Two-Handed Axe

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Earth Kingdom, General Senlin, Kimaru, Admiral Palartok, Captain Ra-Den

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Black Market Fencer


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Earth Kingdom Military (Formerly)

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Book 2: Water Chapter 16: Comrades and Connections

Last appearance

Book 3: Earth Chapter ??: ???

Xuen is a minor character in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan series. Xuen, is an old comrade of General Senlin back in the Thirty Year War, he too was a soldier and was Lieutenant-Captain of the Earth Kingdom Army. Now he is retired and owns his own black market shop, where he buys stolen or illegal items and/or sell these items.


Thirty Year War

No check Not done

Present Day

In the present day of the Earth Kingdom, Xuen, resides by a nearby port town named, Lu'an. He once was the Lieutenant-Captain if the Earth Kingdom Army, retired of his duties he is now a fencer, who owns his own black market shop just a few miles from Lu'an in his local residence.

Xuen, has in stock valuable stolen and/or illegal goods, and also buys/sells these items for profit. It is also shown that he is friends with Ra-Den, the captain of a ship that imports and exports "certain goods". These goods are none other than wanted criminals and/or illegal immigrants from other nations. Requesting for tickets can only be given to said person through selling Xuen valuable items.

In Senlin's case, not only was he Xuen's friend but also he had brought him a caravan full of goods, that is what got him three tickets for the ship heading to the Northern Water Tribe. Xuen, also has various clothing items from the different nations, as he gave Senlin a free Water Tribe coat northern style, for his trip to the North Pole.


Xuen, was born a non-bender, although his axe fighting skills make up for it. Within the army as a recruit he was trained in axe weapons, years later when they need soldiers for deployment somewhere near Taku he had already mastered the use of the axe.

Xuen, also wields a large two-handed axe, within his store he has his trusty axe on display along with his Earth Kingdom army uniform.


Book Two: Water

Book Three: Earth


  • Xuen is just one of the many people that were corrupted soldiers within the Earth Kingdom Army under the command of General Senlin. Although, many of them were exposed to be traitors only a few remained protected from treason.

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