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Xu Ki
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Xu Ki was born in the Fire Nation capital in 958BG, the son of a high ranking Fire Nation General. As a child Xu was a Firebending prodigy and in his teenage years was addicted to fighting in Agni Kai.

Xu then enlisted in the military at age 18 and advanced quicker than anyone before him, reaching the rank of captain at age 22. As such he was transferred to his father's regiment. However their relationship became strained and after his father's death he returned home.

Xu soon longed for battle again but instead caught the attention of Fire Lord Zuang and at age 30 became Prince Zukai's tutor. Prince Zukai was thought to be the Avatar after a test at birth that supposedly confirmed it. However Xu soon found out from the Doctor that the prince had merely got lucky with the discovery of the true Avatar, Shinn.

Xu traveled to the southern Fire Nation and did indeed find Shinn. He brutally cut down Shinn's parents before bad wounding Shinn himself. He then, believing the boy to be dead, destroyed his home and returned to Lord Zuang victorious.

Xu later trained Prince Zukai and easily beat him a duel with just one hit. He then later met the Fire Lord to discuss Shinn's resurgence and was ordered to go to the Earth Kingdom to assist in his death and ensure he stays dead this time.

Xu did indeed travel to the Earth Kingdom with intent of killing Shinn. He torched the nearby village prompting Shinn and his friend Liu to show up, after a heated battle Shinn momentarily gained the upper hand but is stopped by Xu's unmasking. Xu now had a massive advantage is still, however, caught of guard by Liu who unleashes a devastating attack. In response Xu incinerates Liu before, apparently, killing Shinn through electrucitation.

Xu isn't seen again until he travels to the Earth Kingdom to try to kill Earth King Kyu for unknown reasons. He then gives Shinn a chance to switch sides, Shinn quickly refuses and begins to fight Xu.

After a long and hard fought battle Xu eventually loses to the Shinn who, having entered the Avatar State, had increased his powers immensely. Xu is then lead away by Earth Kingdom guards.

Although not much

'Xu Ki prepares to face Shinn'

is known about what happened to Xu in the two months that had passed it is known he had escaped custody and had been on the run. He later encounters Fuma and after a quick battle meets the fearsome warriors known only as, The Immortals.

Fortunately for Xu, after a heated battle with Fuma and his minions, a second group of men manage to save him before he is overpowered and killed.


Xu Ki's personality had a number of defining traits. Firstly his attitude to battle is relaxed and he mainly mocks his opponents before ending them swiftly. He is also very persuasive, being able to turn friends against each other. He also doesn't care about a man's title and will openly challenge someone's opinion no matter who it is. He even challenges the Fire Lord if he strongly disagrees much to the Lord's disgust.



Xu Ki had been a master of Firebending for over a decade and as such was a formidable opponent. He also was one of the first Firebenders to put lighting generation into his fighting style. (Lighting only being discovered in early 900BG). He is also very agile as such he was able to dodge most attacks effortlessly.

Lightning Claw

Xu Ki being the Fire Lord's adviser had a number of powerful connections, because of this he had a special weapon dubbed 'The Lightning Claw' made. It aids in the generation of lightning at makes any attacks significally more powerful.


  • Mysteriously, Xu's emblem seen on his armor closely resembled that of the White Lotus.

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