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Xue Hudie is as sadistic and insane as her lower member Zhèngyì but she has learned to better control her need for destruction and has become a high-ranked member.

(Ranked Dì sì(4th)- The Venomous Butterfly)

Juri by iwaisan-d3h6afm
Xue Hudie
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She used to be apart of a noble family in Ba Sing Se but was traded by her family to a group of bandits for their lives, She went through years of struggle and pain and is now the leader of the very bandits that took her away from her family, now as a ranked assassin she is trying to trick the homeless and mistreated of the very city she was betrayed by in order to run it into the ground.


She uses her lascivious demeanor to lure victims and then slaughter them meaning she is very flirtatious. She loves inflicting pain on her opponents,She is cruel, cunning and a sadistic, unforgiving fighter with a strong urge to cause havoc and destruction. She is a cold and calculating villain, callous to others, and treats her allies as pawns.


She had long black hair and bright yellow eyes and she wore a small, purple breastplate, supported with black straps that fastened to form a spider pattern on her back, black sleeveless shirt that exposes the mid-riff with a closed collar, long flowing sleeves and a purple mask that covered the lower half of her face. She wears long, baggy, off-white colored trousers and purple tights with no shoes, and long, fingerless gloves.

Abilities & Equipment

Her Earthbending is one of the best in the world, as she is able to form complex forms from the earth like a dragon, hands and whatever else her imagination.


She is based off Juri from Street Fighter 4 and Mileena from Mortal Kombat.

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