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Xin Fung A
Xin Fung
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Earth Kingdom


Earth Kingdom



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Twining Legs Method


Ban Zhengyi, Heung Chu, Ying Su, Mother Superior of the Bixia Abbey


One-Eyed Wu, Shuurai, Aguta, Bi Junren, Dr. Teng, The Ban Clan

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Nun, Warrior


Novitiate Nun, Avataric Companion, Warrior


Bixia Abbey, Avatar Zhengyi

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Chapter 2: The Godfather

Xin Fung was a traveling companion and friend to Avatar Zhengyi. Raised by her aunt at the Bixia Abbey, Fung had been planning to become a nun until she joined Zhengyi on his journey. Fung initially joined Zhengyi to learn about her father--who had been a good friend of Zhengyi's father, Ban Ti Xi-- and because she felt a spiritual obligation to help the Avatar. Fung disliked Zhengyi's violent and thuggish attitude at first, but over time they became better friends and Zhengyi began to embrace his role as the Avatar. Fung learned to use a grappling martial art called Twining Legs Method at the abbey, which she used on many occasions against her and the Avatar's enemies. Fung came to see herself as a protectress, and eventually became the most martially-focused of the Avatar's companions.



Xin Fung was the second child of Xin Kao, also called Kao the Claw, who was the Deputy of the Ban clan. Kao and his wife had a second child after his son died as a result of clan violence. Kao's wife died shortly after giving birth. Kao himself was assassinated only two years later by Er Shi Wu during the latter's takeover of the Ban clan. Ying Su, a friend of both Kao and Ban Ti Xi who survived Wu's coup, took Fung out of the Ban compound at the first opportunity. She left Fung with Kao's sister, the Mother Superior of the nearby Bixia Abbey. The Abbey took in orphans often, and Fung had a normal childhood there with the nuns and the other children. Being raised by nuns, Fung was given a strong spiritual background. She began a track of training to become a nun herself. In order to train their bodies and develop focus, the nuns there trained in an unarmed grappling martial art called Twining Legs Method. Fung was particularly talented at this art, and won some tournaments for it as a young teenager.

Joining Avatar Zhengyi

After Avatar Zhengyi discovered Er Shi Wu had murdered his father, he and Ying Su were forced to flee the Ban compound. They went immediately to the Bixia Abbey because it was the closest building that wasn't controlled by the clan. Fung helped care for the injured Zhengyi, and when Wu's men attacked the abbey she helped hold them off. After explaining that she felt that her destiny was tied to his, Fung was charged by her aunt with getting the Avatar out of the fight and safely away. Fung led Zhengyi and Ying Su to an underground tunnel that lead to the heart of Ba Sing Se. The group made camp in the crystal catacombs under the city that night, and Fung witnessed Zhengyi enter the Avatar State in a rage.

Fung joined Zhengyi and Su in an attempt to obtain exit documents from Ba Sing Se by disguising themselves as members of the Tong clan. Fung shed her nun's outfit and bought civilian clothes. Since Zhengyi and Fung passed the trial by combat that constituted the Tong clan initiation, they were assigned to a group of Tongs, lead by a man named Guxi, which collected gambling debts owed to the clan. Fung was very conflicted about having to beat up rivals gang members her group fought with, but was able to stomach it because she knew they were criminals too, and because she was able to avoid seriously hurting anyone. Fung also met Heung Chu, whose father worked for the Tong clan leader, during this time.

However, after only a few days undercover with the Tongs, Fung was asked to kidnap a debtor's daughter as collateral. Fung, having a strong sense of morality, refused outright. She tried to help the daughter escape from the other Tongs, but failed. It was actually Zhengyi who, concerned with maintaining his disguise, recaptured the debtor's daughter. Disobedience in the Hei Chaoliu meant death, so Fung was brought back to the Tong clan headquarters to await execution. Zhengyi wanted to leave Fung and escape while they could, but Su reminded him of how Fung had helped him escape the Ban clan and Zhengyi relented.

During the escape attempt, Zhengyi, Su, Fung, and the debtor's daughter were all captured and brought before Tong Suei Sing. Sing figured out that Zhengyi and his friends were from the Ban clan and sentenced them to death as spies, but before the sentence could be carried out Heung Chu challenged Sing to a game of Bing Jiu, where the stakes were the lives of Zhengyi and his friends, including Fung. Though Chu beat Sing and exposed him as a cheater, Sing ordered his men to kill them all anyway. In the ensuing fight, Fung fought of several Tong members to protect the debtor's daughter. Zhengyi knocked out Guxi and another Tong retainer named Tsi in the escape, though not before Tsi injured Fung by dislocating her shoulder. Zhengyi managed to seize Sing's exit documents, and they all fled the city.


XinFung B

Fung had been very sure she was going to become a nun devoted to Jian Lao for her entire childhood. Therefore, she had a strong sense of morality and faith. As Avatar Zhengyi's companion, Fung often did her best to make him see things as she did, to prevent him from behaving too cold-heartedly. On the other hand, though, Fung had a tendency to see everything in terms of black-and-white morality, and almost left the Avatar's company more than once because she argued with him or became fed up with his thuggishness. Eventually Fung and Zhengyi became close friends though, and she saw protecting him as part of her spiritual duties as a nun of Jian Lao. As she accompanied Zhengyi, Fung came to understand the complexities of the real world, and saw that sometimes using her martial art was the only way to protect her friends, but she always retained a core of idealism that Zhengyi, Heung Chu, and her other friends came to rely on.


Fung had brown eyes and black hair. She had a heavy build, which was an advantage while using Twining Legs Method to throw an enemy, but it also made her self-conscious at times. Being raised by nuns, she did not put a premium on appearance, but she was a sixteen-year-old girl and was sensitive about her looks at times.

Fung left her nun's vestments behind when she joined Zhengyi. From then on she wore simple traveler's clothing: an olive green yi with the sleeves cut off and brown ku tucked into military-surplus ankle bracers. She tied the yi with a sash. She also always wore a pendant with the symbol of Jian Lao, an earth spirit who was the patron spirit of the Bixia Abbey. She wore the pendant tied to her sash, and always liked to keep it on her person because it had been her father's. She liked to wear her hair in a simple, messy ponytail.


Fung was a non-bender, but was a very capable fighter in her own right. She was an expert in her chosen martial art, Twining Legs Method, and was not afraid to use it against her and Zhengyi's powerful enemies, whether they were benders or not.


Xin Fung's name is Chinese for "vanguard," which is a title in the Hong Kong Triads for an officer who oversees operations for the Triad leader. Like Heung Chu, her name is a Triad title. Vanguards are in charge of keeping the organizations running and oversee all the matters involving fighting and controlling territory. This name was given to the character because she becomes part of Zhengyi's group of friends and is the one who is best able to fight and defend the others from their enemies.

Xin Fung's grappling martial art is based on shuai jiao, an ancient Chinese martial art that is still practiced today. It resembles the more widely-known judo.

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