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By King Bumis Heir Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan continuity.
Xin the Delivery Boy
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Book 1: Air Chapter 2: Identity of the Avatar

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Book 1: Air Chapter 2: Identity of the Avatar

Xin is a minor character in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan, and is the delivery boy at the groceries merchant stand, who helped Rong Yan take his groceries up the hill to his house.

Xin, is the delivery boy who gets scolded by the merchant a lot. Xin, hates his job but he has to stay there, because, his father demands it. Xin, helps support his family. As his father is currently unemployed, and handicapped. He at times wishes that his boss dies of a terrible cause.

Xin, also wishes that he could be the boss and boss around his boss, and make him do more things and make him work until he faints. This delivery boy, is one bad kid. Wait until he's older..Nothing the Avatar can't stop.

Xin, might not be a bender but, he has dreams of being a master swordsman, and teach young boys and girls from all nations that visit his estate, in the art of the swords. When he achieves that goal, he hopes that in time he will be recognized as a famous master swordsman around the world.


Xin, was born a non-bender but, there is no known information that he can defend himself. But, he dreams of being a master swordsman, and swordsman instructor when he grows up. So that he can teach other Fire Nation children the art of swords combat.

He often practices with his father's broadswords, even though they're replicas. He might as well teach himself and train himself his way, before he is directed into the right way. Xin, is usually laughed at by the other kids, telling him that he would never be a master at anything, but being a loser. He'll show them!

Xin, also is like most non-benders who do not know how to use weapons. He uses the original weapons. His fists, and feet.



  • I used "Xin" from Xin Fu.
  • Another small spoiler, Xin's descendant is a master swordsman too.

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