This page lists the chapters of the Fanon series Xiaons.

First War


pr. The outbreak Part 1
Wybuch, część 1
Kazelians move from north to Stettin[1]. Xiao Generals move to defend the city. Reinforcements arrive.
1 The outbreak Part 2
Wybuch, część 2
The battle continues. Xiaons begin to have an advantage. Chris arrives. It is visually impaired. Maciek fights with Lord Veter. Jeremy, Chris and Aelita attack Xana.
2 Up the river
W górę rzeki
Some ships of the Kazelians' survivor. Instructed on an easier target. South of Bristles on the border between Germany and Poland is Gryfino. Veter moves to the city.
3 Beginning of treason
Początek zdrady
Yumi betrayed Ulrich. Xiao General looks for help from Kazelian Lord.
4 Battle of Greater Poland
Bitwa o Wielkopolskę
Xiaons abilities are put to the test. Kazelians attack city after city in Greater Poland.
5 Friend or enemy
Przyjaciel albo wróg
Ulrich thought what to him Fearden said in Gryfino. Chris was right about Poznan.
6 Family site
Rodzinne strony
Battle of Łobez. Jake and the other Xiao Knights visiting family sites.
7 The May Coup d'Etat
Przewrót majowy
Kazelians attack Berlin. Jake wants to save Poland. It remains only to repeat the act of Pilsudski.
ep. The second decision
Druga decyzja
Time for a second decision of head of State Toporski.

Journey to the Capitals

pr. From Quebec
Z Quebec
Campaign Bydgoszcz continues. Jake meets a Canadian Airbender.
1 The Report
Xiaons preparing to attack the Kalisz. Meanwhile Kazelians planning to attack the small Grand Duchy. In Luxembourg Jeremy fight with Beran.
2 Kuczawola
Second Battle of Kalisz. Kazelians in Luxembourg have an equal chance with Xiaons.
3 Nowhere Part 1
Donikąd, część 1
A difficult journey Xiao officers.
4 Nowhere Part 2
Donikąd, część 2
After the Battle of Luxembourg many Xiaons were taken to Kazelian prison.
5 Jean
Kazelians prepare another blitzkrieg, they want to get Przemyśl - capital of Poland. Comes to the battle of Wroclaw.
ep. Prince Olerik
Książę Olerik
Alexa breaks up with Jake. In Kazelians appears successor number two.

Time Machine


  1. Szczecin

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