Maxnascie By Len Poles Part of the Xiaons (series) continuity.
Xiaons (Xiao Army)
General information

Jakub Toporski
Ulrich Knoten (former)
Jeremi Fukser
Adam Robbia


Alexandra, Adam, Ulrich, Jeremi, Daria, Pierre


Xiao base in Szczecin


Rzeczpospolita Polska


Learn how to control the bending
Defence of Poland




Jeremi, Adam, Ulrich and Daria before the escape.

ier Ksana founded in 1996 the Kazelians and appointed himself Lord Xarloman. He kidnapped the children, who trained under his own army. Among other things, kidnapped a daughter of his archenemy Pierre Scheaffer. Five children escaped and they met with the group's boy founded Xiao Knights. Xiao Knights so they decided to fight the Kazelians. After seven months Jake killed Lord Xarloman.

Army formed

Xarloman dead. Chris came. Xiao Knights turned into Xiaons. Bending offered composure. Many teenagers have been Xiaons (the war in 1200 in Szczecin, and as many in the rest of Poland).

First Xiaons War


Ulrich Knoten

The war broke out. Xiaons from all Poland are transferred on Western Pomerania. There are already two and a half thousand. In Poznan, Ulrich Knoten betrayed Xiaons.

Methods, Equipment and Abilities

Uniforms Xiaons an ordinary T-shirts or sweaters and special fire-resistant suits (for Firebenders), or those with rubber (for Lightbenders). Their goal is to rapidly transit soldier and he could do the most advanced body movements. The right arm is a red stripe, and on his chest a red "X". Above the bar is shown denoting a sign that has the rank of the Xiaon. There are signs for:

  • Private
  • Corporal and sergeant
  • Sergeant
  • Inferior officers
  • Senior officers
  • General

Xiaons have a lighter weapon. Typical rifle weighs about 1.5 kilograms. As the only army in the world (not counting the Kazelians) has a lightsaber. Typical equipment Xiaon's are:

  • 2 lightsabers
  • gun
  • In special operations and battles rifle

Until the battle of Luxembourg tests were gradual. After a time tested science Xiaon's efficiency and broadcasted his military rank. Most degrees fall out corporal and sergeant. Serial at that time were only gradually Xiaons before the test.


At the beginning

First there were the so-called banners, that units measuring from 40 to 100 soldiers. They were subject to one officer, who listened to the orders of Jake.

After the reform

Canceled banners. The resulting new structure of the army.

  • Squad - from 3 to 15 people, corporal or sergeant shows
  • platoon - from 2 to 5 teams, shows Sergeant
  • Company - from 3 to 4 platoons, shows a lower officer
  • Battalion - nearly three companions, shows a higher officer
  • Regiment - nearly three battalions, shows the general
  • A special group - depending only on the main leadership Squad, does not say how many have them be.

Council of Xiaons

These are the chief supreme commanders of all Xiaons. Since April 2009 sit there the three commanders Xiaons and strongest representatives of each bending.


Former members

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