Fire Nation emblem
Fire Nation emblem By The Bos Part of the Avatar: Guardian continuity.
Flooded Gaipan
Xian Village
Physical information

Outer Fire Nation


Small village

Form of Government
  • Local democracy
  • Loyal to the Fire Nation central government
Head of State



Fire Nation gold coin

First appearance

The Last Stronghold

Xian Village on the outskirts of the Fire Nation. Little happened in the small town until it was overrun by the Firefighters in 101 AG.


Not much is known about the history of Xian Village due to the Firefighters destroying the records of the city when they captured it. It had a modest population, but is currently abandoned due to the Firefighters taking over the town.


Xian was one of the first cities to be conquered by the Firefighters when they came to the Fire Nation. The Firefighters wanted to make sure no one would be able to escape to tell the government about the fall of the town, so they killed everyone immediately. When Mitros and Katas were forced back by Team Avatar, Mitros was taken to this town to recuperate.


Team Avatar ran out of food the day after Mitros was wounded, and needed to find a town to buy more supplies. As they entered the town, they were attacked by the Firefighters stationed in the city. After they were pushed back, they Firefighters alerted Mitros and Katas, who quickly went to the front lines. The two battled against Team Avatar fiercely, but were ultimately pushed back and forced to abandon the city.


After the battle, the town was brought back into Fire Nation control. Unfortunately, the town still has no population, and will remain as such until it is repopulated.

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