By Gingalover Part of the Book Six: Shadow continuity.
Biographical information

"Killer Walrus" (by Desna)


174 AG

Physical description

82 feet


1,010 tons

Hair color


Skin color


Eye color


Chronological and political information


First appearance

Ep.6: Polar Barring

Xevadr (Ze-vad-Ar) is one of the remaining Voronon that has survived up to present times. Xevadr resembles a giant walrus.


Xevadr was one of the guardians for an ancient race, the Shadow Nation, until the race was beginning to get wiped out. Upon such, it was put in suspended animation. Where and how it was reanimated is unknown.

It first appeared swimming through the northern ocean, heading towards a cruise ship Desna was taking refuge on. It swam aside the ship, until it took out the ship's propellers. It breached the water and attempted to kill everyone on board by capsizing the ship, landing on one side and using its weight to drag the ship downward. After a bit, it landed on top of the ship, smashing the ship into pieces until nothing was left. The attack resulted in half of the employees and various family members missing.

Five more ships entered its territory, each time unable to defeat Xevadr. The giant stopped every single attempt, killing hundreds. Eventually, Xevadr moved to the shore of the Earth Kingdom, where it found Desna once more. It tried to attack, but its tusks ended up stuck in Desna's ice shield, thus loosing its tusks. It launched Desna out towards deep water. As it tried to finish him off, Xevadr ended up caught in Desna's whirlpool. It fell towards the center, and it was stabbed through its head by one of its own tusks, being defeating by it.



Xevadr is shown to be extremely powerful, easily capable of capsizing a cruise ship.

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