By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe, Avatar: New Universe II and Avatar: New Universe III continuity.
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Xerneas is the leader of the Spirit Council. He himself is a very powerful godly creature, just one of few of the beings that can create a universe. The universe he's most proud of is the Avatar universe.

Avatar: New Universe

Colossi Arc

His first appearance was when Cobalion and Virizion got him. He had known where they were thanks to the Team Avatar pet Momo, and the teen titans pet, Silkie. He said he'll explain everything later but Magmus grabs him by the antler, disappearing afterwards.

He shows up later at the Spirit Council with some other spirits.

He opens up a portal after finally giving the teams a reason why they are here and tells a few of them to go home, since the few were thrown in mistakenly.

After traveling to the universe where the groups originally needed to be, he went on ahead to the castle to talk to Yveltal. Through much explaining (and some help from Marage), he had managed.

In the end, after the fight with Raviente, he keeps him in a jar as he opens the portal and sends the Avatar and titans team home.

Avatar: New Universe II

Sadly, during the traveling, somehow Xerneas got killed and his head was seen in the S.C.P Foundation, mounted on a wall. It was never clear how he was killed but the reason is to keep him outta the way so Slenderman can continue his studies in peace. However, since he is a spirit, this only meant he lost his physical form and appears as a true ghost from here on after.

Arc 3

Through the story he was only ever seen again in arc3. Ty saw his head mounted on a wall inside one of the chambers. The main time he does appear is as a ghost seen by Azula. He tells her about a plan so she can find and locate the core of the foundation so she can destroy the foundation once and for all. Sometime later, he appears as a silhouette in their prison cell, and explains about the escape plan formed outside.

Avatar: New Universe III

Xerneas appears as a vision given to Katara during her meditation as a minor appearance.

His official return came in when the teams saw him looking back at his past creations. He was pleased to see them, although they thought he died. He went on explaining that he only lost his physical body, his soul and spirit still alive and well. He gives them some insight on what they can do to create a world yet he suggests for them to wait until Zuko comes in.

After explaining some things to the others on how to create a world, he was informed that Zygarde has returned, and immediately goes off to see him with Yveltal. He wanted to make sure his return was professional and good so Zygarde wouldn't be insulted with the return. Luckily for him Zygarde is more open then that, and he calms down.

When the Triforce went missing, he was looking around for clues when Lezu manages to locate them in Kyouga. He insists on going himself but was convinced otherwise by Terra, whom like the others, wanted to get them themselves. He didn't have much choice and agrees but insists on a spirit to go with them, but in the end didn't sent anybody.

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