By The malefic Part of the Avatar: Bridge to Infinity continuity.
Xercxes Profile
Biographical information

Fire Nation




Infinity Order Member 100BG- Serving


Still in power

Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Infinity Sword , Firebending

Fighting style(s)



Josik, Malefic, Luccaino, Infinity Order


All none Infinity Order members.

Chronological and political information

Member of Infinity Order


Unknown, Most likely higher up.

First appearance

Friend or Foe?

Xercxes is a character in Avatar: Bridge to Infinity by The malefic


Not much is known about Xercxes' past and he rarely speaks about it. However, certain documents detail a similar looking man, less devilish, with the same name who lived over 200 Years ago. That man however, was one of the most feared warriors of his time.

Bridge to Infinity

Xercxes arrives early after the Three Emperor's 'failed' attempts in their still unknown mission. He quickly takes charge and revives the long-dead warlord who fails to kill a weakened Aang in the Southern Arctic due the efforts of Pakku and Sokka.

Xercxes later reflects on the order's actions with Josik and Malefic and comes to the conclusion that they are simply repeating actions that lead to nothing. He also reveals that when Mai was brainwashed the effect was temporary and that she may not have killed Zuko.



Xercxes is a masterful Firebender who is almost unmatched, he uses unseen techniques and has even go as far to invent his own style, a style that only he knows. As a result, his attacks are unpredictable and with his Firebending he can perform feats even the greatest Fire Lords could only dream of.

Infinity Sword

Xercxes like most of his fellow Infinity Order members use the signature Infinity Sword, Xercxes uses it to enhance his Firebending or as Josik put it, to push it's power stupidly high.


Xercxes has a dry and sarcastic personality and openly insults people with even intention of his words hurting them. He is often cocky in battle and will insult his opponent, which usually works. Although this can be seen a childish the logic behind it is very brilliant, Xercxes uses insults to distract his opponent by criticizing their every attack and then responding with a killing blow.

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