X.A.N.A Gets Dirty
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Sector 5

Five weeks after the war, Aang and his friends are flying around.

"Aang! I am gonna throw up! Slow down and take it easy!", Sokka screamed as Aang goes for a nose dive, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"

"I hope he knows what he is doing! Twinkle Toes please, Slow down! If you go any faster I am going to fall out of the saddle!", Toph said hanging on to the saddle terrified. Aang lands Appa and everyone gets off.

"Please... don't... do... that... again...", Zuko says then runs for a nearby bush to puke. Everyone cringes in disgust as Zuko throws up.

"Oh dear.", Katara says trying to look away, "So what should we be doing now?"

"I don't know.", Aang says with an embarrassed look for making the gang wanting to puke from the wild ride on Appa.

"Take it easy next time Twinkle Toes. Where you trying to reenact the times we were being chased?!", Toph said.

All of the sudden a worm hole appears with an eerie growl.

"What is that thing?!", Aang said trying to back away, but no use.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!", Everyone screams as they get sucked in.

At the factory, Jeremie is looking on the supercomputer to see if any new X.A.N.A attacks have occurred. As he was taking a look a worm hole opens in the Mountain Sector Lyoko and the gang falls out of it.

"Were are we?"

"Were's Appa?!"

"Is everyone okay?"

"If that was you Twinkle Toes I am so gonna give pay back one day!"

"It wasn't me!"

"At least we have Momo"

"Sokka! We need to find away out of here not play with Momo!"

"Who are you guys and how did you get in there?", Jeremie asks.

"Who said that! Come out and face my boomerang!", Sokka says drawing out his boomerang.

"Uh, Sokka. We are the only ones here...", Aang says.

"You guys. I am Jeremie you guys are inside Lyoko. I am communicating through the supercomputer."

"Through a what now?", Toph says.

"I am not sure how you got into Lyoko without the scanners. Let me check the data base to see if there is anything helpful for explaining it.", Jeremie says searching the data base, "Not again! X.A.N.A did this. But how?! And why? I guess it was playing with the prototype portal technology.", Jeremie says in shock.

Jeremie continues searching and finds profiles on the gang.

"What's this? Interesting...", Jeremie says reading them.

Sokka's profile says:

Profession: Warrior

Weapons: A boomerang/a sword made from a meteorite.

Powers: None

Age: 15

Katara's profile says:

Profession: Master

Weapons: Water

Powers: Water

Age: 14

Toph's profile says:

Profession: Master (Blind)

Weapons: Earth

Powers: Earth

Age: 12

Zuko's profile says:

Profession: Master, royalty

Weapon: Fire

Powers: Fire

Age: 16

"Wow. I never imagined such power types in Lyoko! I wonder what those little symbols next to their power types mean...", Jeremie says in awe and continues to read.

Momo's profile reads:

Type: Lemur Bat mix

Power: Air

Age: ??

"You have to be kidding me. How could a Lemur and a Bat have an offspring?!", Jeremie says in shock. He continues on to read Aang's profile.

Profession: Master/??

Weapons: Air/Earth/Fire/Water/??

Powers: Air/Earth/Fire/Water/??

Age: 112/12

Jeremie does a spit take upon seeing his age. "112?! You don't look 112! You look 12!", Jeremie says in confusion, "And another thing I don't get is he is the only one with more than one power type. That's different. I wonder what goes in the ?? spaces."

Soon the gang is ambushed by several Krabs and Kankralats.

"AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!", The gang screams and makes a run for it.

"Stay back! I'm warning you crab like thingies!", Sokka says drawing his boomerang.

"Sokka! Watch out!", Katara yells as a Kankralat charges at him.

"Get away from me you creepy things! I have boomerang and I am not afraid to use it!", Sokka says while aiming.

"Odd! Thank goodness your here! There is a group of kids that X.A.N.A teleported in. I have no idea how it got access to portal technology but their in need of help.", Jeremie says.

"Okay! On my way!", Odd says saluting then running into the scanner room and enters a scanner.




Odd then appears in front of the gang. The group get's startled and get in defensive positions.

"Stand back if you it's good for you!", Sokka says raising his boomerang.

"Nice pony tail!", Odd says trying to hold in his laugh.


"Maybe it's because you made up the name Snoozles!", Toph says punching Sokka in the arm.

"Relax. I am here to help.", Odd says hoping to calm down the stressed out gang.

Odd uses his Laser Arrows to take down five of the monsters. Aang Airbends the remaining one into a tree. Zuko Firebends the monster to a crisp.

"Wow! That was awesome! That was wicked!", Odd says in amazement, "You gotta teach me those wicked moves!"

"Ughhh... We're not sure if you can bend or not...", Zuko says with not amused look.

Odd looks confused and his tail moves side to side.

"I guess he can't...", Sokka says whispering.

"And why on earth do you have an ACTUAL tail? Is you mom a cat?", Sokka says teasing Odd. Odd gets an offended look.

"Sokka, quit it!", Katara says hitting Sokka in the head with a chunk of ice.


"My mom is not a cat! This is the form I get when I enter Lyoko. And I like it.", Odd says posing. Aang starts giggling at the ridiculous pose.

"Now how do we get out?", Katara asks.

Jeremie starts the Devirtualization program to devirtualize the gang and Odd. After everyone is out they breath hard.

"I hope I never have to go back in there!", Aang says pointing to the scanners.

"You've said it.", Zuko says.

"Agreed.", Katara says.

Momo chirps.

"I would rather eat fireballs than go into that nightmare!", Sokka shouts but his mouth is slapped by Toph.

"Learn to keep that mouth shut Sokka.", Toph says in a not amused tone.

"I go in there everyday.", Odd says with a smile pointing to the scanners.

"Are you nuts!? We almost got killed!", Sokka says gesturing to the scanners.

"You don't technically die in there. You get devirtualized back here instead.", Odd says with a happy tone.

"Boy my feet are hot! I am gonna take off my shoes not", Odd says as he starts taking off his shoes.

"Odd no! Not in here!", Jeremie yells in disgust.

Odd however has alreay gotten them off.

"Ugh!", everyone except Odd says in disgust.

"Those things are worse than Sokka's!", Toph says plugging her nose.

"Oh you think so? Want a smell off!?", Sokka says with a challenging look and takes off his shoes making the room far smellier.

"UGGGHHH!!!", Everyone except Sokka and Odd yells an flees the factory.

"Don't go in there! Odd and his new friend have taken off their shoes and it stinks severally bad. I may have even smelled sewage and swamp water too on the other guy's feet!", Jeremie says with a disgusted look.

"Hey! Why did you run guys?", Sokka says with his feet bare along with Odd who's feet are also bare.

"Oh my!", Yumi says, "Another smelly pair of feet! It was bad enough with Odd's alone!"

"You said it Yumi!", Ulrich says with a green face and sticking out his tongue.

"Hey their not that bad!", Odd says.

"Maybe it's because you live in your own filth!", Yumi says turning green.

"Who are those guys?", Ulrich says pointing to the gang.

"That I am not sure. When I pulled up their profiles on the supercomputer it didn't give any names.", Jeremie, "Would you mind telling us?"

"This is Sokka AKA Snoozles, Katara AKA Sugar Queen, Zuko and from what I have heard from his crazy sister Zuzu, Momo our Flying Lemur, Aang AKA Twinkle Toes, and I am Toph AKA The Blind Bandit."

Everyone tries to hold back the laughter at the nicknames Toph had given the others.

"Twinkle Toes?! You've got to be kidding me! That's named after girl shoes! Ha ha ha ha!!!", Odd says breaking into uncontrollable laughter.

"I told you not to respond to it! It wasn't manly!", Sokka whispers to Aang. Aang blushes and laughs a little in embarrassment.

"Aren't you a little too young for tattoos?", Odd says with an eyebrow raised.

"We shouldn't be asking those kind of questions Odd.", Ulrich says slapping him in the back of the head.

"Hey! Your gonna ruin my Lyoko style!", Odd says fixing it, "It took a ton of gel to get it this way!"

"Well it took me nothing to do my Wolf-Tail Knot.", Sokka brags pointing to his Wolf-Tail. Odd groans.

"Please excuse my brother. He can be a jerk sometimes.", Katara says elbowing Sokka.

Aelita comes running to the groups.

"What's going on and who are these people?", Aelita asks.

Jeremie explains the situation and how they ended up here.

"This is bad. This has to be X.A.N.A's lamest attempts...", Ulrich says from what he knows about Sokka.

"What or who is X.A.N.A?" Zuko asks with a short temper.

"X.A.N.A is a Multi agent program that has been terrorizing various people for awhile. It wants to take over the world as we know it. We have been trying to stop it.", Jeremie explains.

Everyone in the gang has confused looks.

"Oh right.", Jeremie says remembering they don't have that kind of technology.

"I sensed it as another attack.", Aelita says.

"What would it want with these guys!? Look one is blind, one is grumpy, one is possibly thinking of something to insult me again, one is an ANIMAL, one is playing with the animal, one is... I am not sure what to say.", Odd says in a loud tone, "I mean really! What can these guys do damage wise already?!"

"Oh you little smart mouth!", Zuko says finally losing it and Firebends at Odd.

"Oh man! Please tell me I am seeing things!", Odd says in defeat.

"Oh your not seeing anything! Have another fire ball!", Zuko says launching another fire ball at Odd.

"Zuko! Calm down! You said you were going to learn to control your Firebending but here you are Firebending at a CHILD! Again!", Sokka yells at Zuko.

Zuko groans. "Your one lucky boy this time. Trust me. Don't pull that trick again.", Zuko says pointing to Odd.

"If I heard you correctly, you said Zuko was Firebending.", Jeremie said.

"Yes. He was. He has a habit of blowing up over every little thing like a small beach party.", Sokka says.

"At the time Sozin's Comet was only three days away! That was a bad time to have one Sokka!", Zuko yelled.

"It appears the powers category on their profile is actually a type of bending. I still don't understand how it got transferred here with you.

"Bending is something your born with.", Katara says with a matter of fact tone.

"Born with?", Jeremie says rubbing his eyes.

"I guess X.A.N.A's latest attack was not as lame as I thought.", Odd says whispering in Jeremie's ear to avoid being pelted by Zuko again.

Zuko rubs his eyes as his eye go twords Yumi.

"You remind me of someone.", Zuko says pointing at Yumi.

"Me? Oh please.", Yumi says rolling her eyes.

"I literally mean it!", Zuko says, "You remind me of Mai. She wore black and has the same tone as well."

"Really?", Yumi says unimpressed.

"Now we too figure out who is staying with who. I will be working on something that might get you guys home.", Jeremie says.

"Oh! Oh! I will take Sokka and Aang home with me!", Odd says in a childish manner.

"Okay...", Sokka and Aang say simultaneously.

"I guess I will take Zuko.", Ulrich says motioning to come.

"This better not be another smart mouthed guy.", Zuko says crossing his arms and pouting.

"I will take Toph", Yumi says.

"I will take Katara", Aelita says.

"Hopefully our time here won't be an absolute mess.", Toph says in a snarky attitude.

At Odd's house...

"Well this is my room.", Odd says.

"Don't you ever clean it?", Aang asks.

"Only when my parents tell me to.", Odd says flopping down on his bed.

"What's this?", Sokka says picking up a green device.

"That's my fork.", Odd says, "I use it if there's an emergency like when I am forced to use chopsticks. And I am terrible with them."

Odd puts his arms underneath his head and kicks off his shoes.

"Not again!", Aang says plugging his nose and runs out by enhancing his speed with Airbending.

"Oh please. Your gonna have to do better than that!", Sokka says kicking off his shoes.

"Odd dinner is ready... Ugh! Odd and Sokka please wash those feet of yours before eating if your going to have your shoes off!", Odd's mother says plugging her nose.

In the kitchen Aang wonders around looking around being nosy. He spots coffee. He sniffs it and takes a sip and goes wild like the time he had Chi Enhancing Tea and makes an Air Scooter and goes all over the house.

"What on earth!? Get down from there!", Odd's mother says spotting Aang who is speeding past her on the ceiling.

"Not again...", Sokka says with a sigh, "What can I used to get him to stop before he hurts himself?"

"A broom may work.", Odd says getting the broom and whacks Aang off the ceiling. Aang falls down from the ceiling with a thud.

"What was that for?", Aang says rubbing his head.

"You got into the coffee didn't ya?", Odd says with a raised eyebrow.

Aang looks embarrassed and see what he did. "Oops. Sorry."

"Apology excepted. Please don't get into the coffee again.", Odd says as he goes to examine the damage.

At Yumi's house...

"Please don't do anything stupid, eat with chopsticks, and please have manners.", Yumi says.

"Not a problem. Unlike my friends I have manners but I choose to leave it. They never learned anything.", Toph says.

At dinner Yumi is surprised that Toph could pull it off. She was surprised because Odd who was once over could never pull it off.

At Kadic Academy outside Aelita's room...

"Odd normally is here but his parents wanted him home for a while to spend quality time together.", Aelita explains.

"So this is where I will be?", Katara says.

"Yes.", Aelita says, "Jim is coming hurry get in!"

"Wow this room is so nice. It is kinda small.", Katara says.

At Ulrich's room...

"Odd would be in here but his parents want him at home for a bit to spend time together.", Ulrich says.

"Good thing cause I don't think I can live with that guy.", Zuko says.

Zuko spots the room littered with Chinese Takeouts.

"What happened here?", Zuko says in shock.

"Odd... Before he left he had several Takeouts and forgot to clean them up. He is quite the big eater and is always hitting on the cafeteria lady for extras.", Ulrich says face palming.

Zuko face palms as well as this reminds him of Sokka who made food jokes like the one that involved the fish hook.

Back at Odd's house during dinner...

"Ugh...", Aang says sticking out his tongue and pushes his plate away.

"Something wrong?", Odd's dad says.

"I don't eat meat.", Aang says pushing it farther away.

"Oh. Sorry. Let me go get something else.", Odd's mother says.

Sokka and Odd start fighting over the plate Aang pushed away. Aang gets even more disgusted.

After dinner the kids go back too Odd's room.

"So what is it like where you are from?", Odd asks.

Sokka and Aang explain everything to odd which fascinates him. Sokka even talks about life at the South Pole and how he and Aang meet. Odd and Aang laughed when he mentioned the Blubber Incident and the little prank that Sokka's dad Hakoda, did with Bato to convince Gran Gran that he was a Water Spirit. Odd laughed even more when he heard Sokka's misfortunes like the time he got soaked by Katara the day they meet Aang. Then the two talk about their adventures.

"Sounds like you two had some wild adventures. I wish I was there.", Odd says in enjoyment.

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