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Wuoyan is the one of the main protagonists in MightyBrit's Child of Destiny fanon.

Before the story

Flashbacks have revealed that Wuoyan was born to a commoner couple in the Fire Nation called Yano and Ami. His parents were protesters of Ozai's War and hid Wuoyan's Firebending abilities from birth in order to prevent the Fire Nation Army from taking him to special camps where they raised Firebenders to be soldiers.

Forbidden to use his powers by his parents, Wuoyan remained untrained in his early life, resulting in an accident that cause a small fire in his backyard when he was four, just before the end of the War. An eager young military man called Shaoshang demanded Wuoyan be shipped off to the camps and his parents tried for treason, but Wuoyan's father, Yano, lied and told everyone he was the Firebender and had disguised his abilities because of his hatred of Ozai and the War. Shaoshang forced Yano into service aboard his airship which resulted in his death.

Wuoyan's mother, grief-stricken, lost interest in raising Wuoyan and remained an absent parent for the majority of his childhood until her own death, implied by Wuoyan to be at her own hands. Wuoyan left for Ba Sing Se shortly afterwards to get revenge on the people he blamed for his father's death, including Sokka and Suki, the people responsible for destroying the airship his father was stationed on.

During the story

Leaving Ba Sing Se

Wuoyan met up with Liang as he was leaving the city. Since he was already en route to Kyoshi Island, Wuoyan agreed to take Liang there and protect him until they reached their destination for a large sum of money. Liang promised him he'd get paid when they arrived at the Island by a rich uncle.

On Kyoshi Island

Wuoyan quickly discovered Liang had lied about the money, but didn't really mind. He defended Liang against the Unagi in Kyoshi Bay and the two soldiers from the Cult of Sozin that attacked him when he learned Liang was unable to defend himself. After escaping them, he met with the Kyoshi Warriors and their leader, Suki, who took him to the swordmaster of Kyoshi Island, Sokka. Sokka was about to accept Wuoyan as his newest student, but he was interrupted by Liang, who revealed he had a message for Sokka from the moon.

Traveling to the North Pole

After hearing Yue's message, Sokka immediately went to the Northern Water Tribe, taking Liang, Wuoyan, Suki, and unknowingly, Shaoshang, who had stowed away on board Sokka's ship. En route, Wuoyan began his training with Sokka. They were attacked by a Water Tribe shipped captained by Hydros, who believed they were Cult of Sozin soldiers. Wuoyan attempted to defend Liang during the attack, but was hit by a large chunk of ice on the head and fell unconscious. When he came to, he arrived at the North Pole and intended to go with Liang and Sokka to meet Yue, but was attacked by Shaoshang and thrown into the canal.

After learning of Yue's kidnapping, Wuoyan was instrumental in her rescue by coming up with the plan to get onto Zhao's skyship by tapping into his own experiences against the Unagi. Once on the skyship, he battled the cultists on board the deck using his unique Firebending abilities as his master, Sokka, dueled Zhao. He witnessed Shaoshang escape over the side of the skyship, then after seeing a flash of red feathers followed them to Zhao's cabin.

After Zhao murdered Yue, Wuoyan threw the knife that killed Zhao's current host. Zhao's spirit, however, escaped.

Attack on the South Pole

Wuoyan was instrumental during the attack on the South Pole and was a key part of Sokka's plan to defeat the Cult of Sozin there. He engaged Shaoshang directly, burning his face with his bending and got him to reveal the full extent of the Cult's attack as Sokka had planned, despite the fact that Shaoshang continuously taunted him over his parents. He later escaped the South Pole along with the rest of the Southern Water Tribe on board the skyship that Sokka had stolen from the Cult.

On board the ship, Sokka revealed his past to Suki, though he demanded that she never tell anyone else, especially Liang as he worried that they would all think less of him because of it. After Hydros went rogue and kidnapped Liang, Wuoyan was the first to discover the kidnapping and fought desperately to get his friend back although ultimately failed as Hydros escaped the ship with Liang in tow.


Wuoyan is a practical, but good-hearted person, who likes his money more than most people do. He finds fun in dangerous situations, and will often laugh his trademark boisterous laugh when others would be screaming. He speaks more crudely than other people in the world do, often missing out syllables. He also affectionately nicknames most people he meets or just addresses them by what they are - for example, he calls Liang 'kid', Suki 'girl' and Sokka 'boss'.

Wuoyan has also proven to be very emotional and loyal when it comes to people he cares about, due to the loss of both of his parents. He refuses to go through with his plan of revenge against Sokka and Suki after accepting that they were good people that his father would have loved, also admitting that he loved them too as surrogate parents. He's also proved very protective of Liang, almost going rabid when Liang was kidnapped by Hydros and refusing to let Suki tell him about his original sketchy motives.

He hates being called 'Wu' as he claims that is what his mother calls him. This hasn't stopped Sokka and Liang from frequently using the nickname to which Wuoyan always yells back what has become his catchphrase - "Don't call me Wu! My mother calls me Wu!" This has been revealed to be another reaction to his father's death, as the nickname was his father's last word before he died.


The guilt he felt for his own role in his father's death led Wuoyan to ignore his ability to Firebend, focusing instead on his martial abilities and his ability to produce and control heat. He proves unable to produce even a basic blast of flame to start an engine in Sharks and Sea Serpents. He can, however, produce waves of heat from all around him to create a form of heat distortion. This gives him the appearance of a moving blur, makes him more difficult to see when he's fighting and gives him an extra edge in combat.

Martially, his skills in combat are very high, utilizing two long knives while fighting. He is able to impress Sokka enough for the Water Tribe member to take him as his student during their first meeting. Under Sokka's training, these abilities have only improved and he is able to go toe-to-toe with powerful benders like Shaoshang and Hydros.

Sokka's training has improved his bending abilities as well, using them more creatively and intuitively. He has now used his control over heat to create parachutes, melt ice and burn people with his hands, rather than just using it for the distortion effect as he did early on in the series.

Non-canon Appearances

Wuoyan briefly appears in part 2 of Clash of Worlds 3, written by Vaznock. He is among the heroes who attend an IHOP and retains his bad speech pattern and his love of fighting.


Wuoyan has been greeted positively by the fanon community with Vaznock saying he is his favorite character in the series. Evatar114 has frequently compared him to a character from one of her favorite books (and her own crossover with the Avatar world) because of his brash attitude and bad speech patterns.


  • The name Wuoyan comes from the romanised form of a Chinese word meaning 'flameless'. It refers to his inability to produce flame despite the fact he is a Firebender.
  • Wuoyan's past was revealed in a flashback chapter during book 2 of Child of Destiny. The chapter is called Distortion.

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