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"Even in the wake of destruction, the fools still can't see that they're eating up their own hearts"
— Wu Huan to himself about the military's actions.
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Wu Huan (了解幻想, wū huān; Chinese for "understanding illusions") is an ancient Earth Kingdom citizen loyal to the king in the first peasant revolt of Ba Sing Se, only a few years after it's foundation. He was noted as an immensely powerful warrior, standing above all the other Royal Earthbenders in terms of both intelligence and skill. He prevented it's first fall, gaining him the moniker Zhaoyao Jing (照妖鏡, zhào​yāo​jìng; Chinese for "seeing through a conspiracy"). He was a wanderer at heart, having spent much time between the monks of the Air Nomads.

After this, he abandoned the Royal Guards of the Earth Kingdom, moving to the Fire Nation where he tutored at a local school. He later became affiliated with an assassination attempt on the Fire Lord, and was executed for betrayal. I the meantime, it's rumored he had contacts in the Spirit World, although this is unproven. His story has become a numerous-told tale in Ba Sing Se, Wu Huan himself being a legend.


"The lotus stands for purity and wisdom, but after all is still a flower. Flower wither and pass away. You should concentrate on the strength in your soul, not on some kind of religious symbol"
— Wu Huan instructing Qimeng.

Wu Huan is a man who believes in aspects of materialism, and he has shown little respect for religious believes and orders. He's someone who "lives in the present", and doesn't like to be reminded of the past, nor does he think much about destiny and his fate. This doesn't apply to his attitude in battle however where he's always two steps ahead of his opponent. He's a calm, serious man who enjoys restful things such as drinking tea or watching sunsets. He teaches his students to be always prepared and eager, but also to not let this be visible on the outside. He's not really someone to get angered easily and manages to always keep his cool, no matter how shocking or troublesome the information he gets it.

To his allies, he's known as someone who doesn't take the lead unless explicitly asked to, which happens a lot. He doesn't like to be placed in the center of attention and will mostly stay in the shadows, but will not hesitate to sacrifice himself for his loved ones. To his enemies, he's known as a man of decimating strength, earning him the nickname "He who cuts down God" (他谁减少了神, tāshuí jiǎnshǎo leshén). He has a sense of pride he always follows, such as not harming or fighting women or children, and will always follow what his higher court has decided, evident from the fact that he agreed with his execution.



Wu Huan was noted as one of the greatest warriors to ever exist, both on mental and physical terms. During his time as a Royal Earthbender Guard, he was rumored to be stronger than all of the others combined, and his immense skill was shown in the battle for Ba Sing Se, taking down hundreds of rebels in a few minutes without killing anyone of them.

One of Wu Huan's most defining powers that set him apart from other soldiers, was his great insight and genius intellect. He was able to come up with a strategy to defeat the rebel army that was vastly greater in number and strength in seconds, as well as see through their own strategy a few moments later. Wu Huan's was repeatedly demonstrated mental acuity throughout his life; ranging from his extraordinary skill in playing Pai Sho, to being able to easily confuse even the most intelligent opponents to play by his rules. He was able to convince the Earth King, the Council of Five and a big number of other nobles into believing he was just leaving for a few days on a mission, while he was actually abandoning the Earth Kingdom, preparing to settle in the Fire Nation. He has shown great understanding into the workings of the human mind, being able to make allies fight each other through lies and deceiving.

Swordsmanship Specialist

During his lifetime, Wu Huan's swordsmanship skills where unrivaled by anyone else in the world, earning him the moniker "He who cuts down God" (他谁减少了神, tāshuí jiǎnshǎo leshén). He wielded a unique type of sword named Shashen (殺神, Shāshén; Literally "Deicide"), which was a cross between a chines jian and a Japanese katana. IN battle, Wu Huan has shown the ability to hold his own against dozins of opponents, many of these considered great masters of the sword. During the first coup d'état and the revolt, Wu Huan has shown the ability to defeat hundreds of opponents, without killing them and receiving as much as a scratch himself. In his battle with the Royal Guard Captain, he was able to instantly draw, attack and resheath his blade when the latter attacked him in the back after Wu Huan had declared the battle over and himself victorious. This movement was able to completely cut through the captain's midsection, shattering his heavy armor and helmet in the process, despite it appearing if Wu Huan hadn't moved at all.

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  • Wu Huan's name means understanding illusions, referring to his genius intellect and his capability to see through the conspiracy of Ba Sing Se.

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